The One & Only

Chapter: 528

Shanghang City, Pearl Hotel.
Chen Ning is discussing how to hold a product release meeting with Song Pingting, Qin Chaoge, and a group of senior executives from the Ningda Group.
Song Pingting said that she has invited many well-known celebrities as guests to expand her publicity efforts.
However, she feels that the appeal of these stars is not strong enough, and it is best to invite important figures or stars who think they are important to be the finale guests.
After she finished speaking, she couldn’t help looking at Chen Ning and said, “Chen Ning, you said that the finale guest was the finale, you can handle it.”
“Our product release conference will be held in two days. Have you invited the finale guest?”
Qin Chaoge and others also looked at Chen Ning curiously!
Everyone wants to know who Chen Ning invited as the finale guest?
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve done the heavyweight guest. He is already on his way.”
“Hurry up this afternoon, if it’s late, tomorrow morning, he will arrive here.”
Song Pingting couldn’t help asking: “Chen Ning, who is the guest you invited?”
Qin Chaoge couldn’t help but said: “Yes, tell us quickly, we can’t wait to find out, are you still betraying us?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “It’s not that it’s selling off, it’s because there is no certainty before, and it’s not easy for me to disclose it casually.”
“Now that the other party has agreed to be a guest at our product launch meeting, I might as well tell everyone.”
“In fact, he is the dean of the Jiangnan Military Region, Tang Songming.”
Tang Songming!
Song Pingting and others exclaimed after hearing this!
There are two leading figures in the Chinese medical field, one is Qin Qingping, the dean of the Beijing Military General Hospital, and the other is Tang Songming, the dean of the Jiangnan Military Region General Hospital.
Known as the North Qin Nan Tang in the medical field!
The two old academicians have a pivotal position in the Chinese medical community.
Like Mrs Qin, Mr. Tang is also very difficult to invite.
Especially for this kind of commercial product release meeting, in principle, Mr. Tang will not mix it up.
It’s not something that really benefits the country and the people, and he will never help propaganda.
If Chen Ning can invite Mr. Tang to participate in the Ningda Group’s liver cancer release meeting, the effect will definitely burst!
Song Pingting and others were all excited!
Everyone said one after another: “Great, Mr. Tang is here to participate in our product release meeting. Our liver cancer drug products will be widely known all at once.”
Shanghang People’s Hospital, ICU ward.
Zhang Shaodong was lying on, wrapped in bandages, wearing an oxygen mask, and dripping.
Zhang Chaocheng led a group of men and stood by the hospital bed.
He looked at his sleeping son and asked the doctor next to him: “How is my son’s condition, please tell the truth.”
The doctor said: “It’s mainly the injury of the lumbar vertebrae. The doctors in our hospital are helpless…”
Zhang Chaocheng snorted coldly: “Then it seems that I want to change hospitals and arrange for my son to be transferred to a large hospital in the north?”
The doctor said embarrassingly: “In fact, even if it is transferred to the hospital, it is not easy to handle it. There are not many masters who can handle Zhang Shao’s injury.”
“But I know of one person. If he is willing to take action, Zhang Shao’s injury should not be in serious trouble.”
Upon hearing this, Zhang Chaocheng quickly asked: “Who?”
The doctor said: “The dean of the Jiangnan Military Region Hospital, the leading figure in the medical field, Tang Songming, Tang Lao!”
Zhang Chaocheng’s eyes lit up when he heard this: “Old Tang!”
“I’ve long heard that he has excellent medical skills and a brilliant rejuvenation, which can be called an old national treasure of our Chinese medical community.”
“If he heals my son, my son will definitely be saved.”
“Come on, go to the General Hospital of Jiangnan Military Region and ask Mr. Tang to rescue my son.”
The doctor smiled and said, “You don’t have to go to Zhonghai Hospital. I have a friend in the Jiangnan Military Region General Hospital. I heard him say that Mr. Tang came to our Shanghang city today for something, and he will arrive in the afternoon.”
Zhang Chaocheng happily said: “That’s just right!”
After he finished speaking, he ordered his men to prepare vehicles. He would personally meet Elder Don at the airport and pick him up to treat his son.
Shanghang city, airport.
Mr. Tang in a tunic suit, with two male assistants, came out of the airport exit in a low-key manner.
Although he is a leader in the medical field, he is extremely low-key and pragmatic. He never likes publicity and hates extravagance and waste.
Even when he came to Chen Ning’s invitation this time to participate in the Ningda Group’s liver cancer drug product release meeting, he did not notify Chen Ning to pick up the plane.
However, they just walked out of the airport.
They found two rows of men in black suits standing at the exit of the airport, with a black Maybach and more than twenty black Mercedes-Benzs parked in front of them.
“Welcome to Elder Don!”
Dozens of men in suits all bowed towards Elder Tang.
When Elder Tang and his two assistants saw this, they were both stunned.
Immediately, he smiled bitterly and whispered: “I wanted to see the young marshal in a low-key manner, but he didn’t expect that he would know whereabouts by the young marshal and sent someone to greet him grandly.”
at this time!
Zhang Chaocheng brought a few capable men over and said with a smile: “Old Tang, my name is Zhang Chaocheng, I am here to welcome you.”
Old Tang smiled and said, “Mr. Chen sent you to pick me up, right?”
Mr. Chen?
Zhang Chaocheng heard a flash of surprise in his eyes, but he immediately reacted and said with a smile: “Yes, please get in the car, Mr. Don.”
Elder Tang didn’t doubt that he was there, and smiled and stretched out his hand: “Mr. Zhang, please!”
Soon, Elder Don and his two assistants got into the car.
Zhang Chaocheng smiled triumphantly, and led his men into the car one after another, and the convoy drove straight towards the People’s Hospital.
Upon arriving at the hospital, a large number of doctors and nurses stood at the door and raised banners to greet them.
Elder Tang got out of the car with his two assistants and frowned involuntarily when he saw this scene, and finally realized something was wrong.
He looked at Zhang Chaocheng suspiciously: “Mr. Zhang, what is going on, Mr. Chen?”
Zhang Chaocheng smiled and said, “Mr. Chen, which Mr. Chen?”
Old Tang was even more wrinkled, and he remained silent, and said solemnly, “Of course it is Chen Ning!”
When Zhang Chaocheng heard the words, his eyes flashed suddenly. It was really Yuan Jia Lu Zhai. It turned out that Elder Tang was invited by Chen Ning, but he was cut off by him.
He said with a faint smile: “There is no Chen Ning here, and there is no Mr. Chen!”
“Only me, Zhang Family in Beijing, Zhang Chaocheng!”
Elder Tang was shocked and angry when he heard this: “You weren’t sent by Mr. Chen to pick me up, so what do you want to bring me here?”
Zhang Chaocheng squinted his eyes and said, “My son was injured by Chen Ning and his lumbar spine was severely injured. The doctors were helpless.”
“Zhang took the liberty to invite you, Tang, just to let you treat my son.”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Tang, after the treatment of my son, our Zhang family will thank you heavily.”
When Elder Tang heard this, he knew that he had gotten into the wrong car and had been cheated.
Zhang Chaocheng deliberately trapped him here, and he was already very angry.
When he heard that Zhang Chaocheng’s son was injured by Chen Ning, he was even more unwilling to help him.
The guy who was injured by the marshal personally must be a heinous man. Why did you save him?
Elder Tang immediately sank his face and said coldly: “I’m sorry, I came to Shanghang City this time at the invitation of Mr. Chen. It is not my job to treat Linglang. You can find another doctor.”
After talking, Elder Tang took his two assistants and prepared to leave with an angry expression on his face.
However, as soon as they turned around, they were stopped by Zhang Chaocheng’s hands: “I’m sorry, our master still didn’t say you can go!”
When Elder Tang was furious, he turned around and glared at Zhang Chaocheng: “Do you dare not let me go?”
Zhang Chaocheng smiled and said, “Don’t dare, I naturally want to let Elder Tang you go. Don’t dare to leave after I have saved my son.”
Old Tang blowing his beard and staring: “I was invited by Mr. Chen, you dare to stop me.”
“When Mr. Chen blames it, your Zhang family will be out of luck!”
The corners of Zhang Chaocheng’s mouth rose slightly, and he sneered: “Hey, I will detain you for a month when you say this to Elder Tang. I will not let you go until you treat my son’s injury to the same extent.”
“I want to see someone Zhang, how can Chen Ning make our Zhang family unlucky!”
Elder Tang was trembling with anger when he heard the words: “Unreasonable, you will soon regret it.”

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