The One & Only

Chapter: 529

Ningda Group chose to hold a product release meeting at the Pearl Hotel!
Song Pingting personally directed the employees of Ningda Group to arrange the release meeting in an orderly manner.
Chen Ning is more laid-back, and his task is to receive Mr. Tang.
At this time, Dian Chu appeared beside him and said in a low voice, “Master, things are not good.”
Chen Ning frowned slightly: “What happened again?”
Dian Chu said: “I just got the message that Elder Tang has arrived in Shanghang City an hour ago.”
Chen Ning said in surprise: “Old Tang is here, why didn’t he notify me in advance?”
Dian Chu smiled bitterly: “Probably Tang Elder thinks that Young Master is honorable and it is not appropriate for you to welcome him, and he has a low-key personality, so he plans to come to see you in a low-key manner!”
“What I didn’t expect was that he was forcibly taken away as soon as he walked out of the airport.”
Chen Ning’s face instantly sank when he heard this, and said angrily: “Who is so bold and dare to kidnap Elder Don?”
Dian Chu said: “The Zhang family in the capital, Zhang Chaocheng did it.”
“This guy took Elder Tang abducted and forced Elder Tang to heal his son Zhang Shaodong.”
Chen Ning said angrily: “It’s the Zhang Family again!”
“These people from the Zhang family really owe it to you, Zhang Shaodong is like this, and his old son Zhang Chaocheng is like this too.”
Dian Chu said, “Master, what should we do now?”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Prepare the car, I’m going to pick up Elder Don!”
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

Shanghang People’s Hospital!
In the pavilion of the inpatient department, Zhang Chaocheng is playing Go with an old man in a white cloth.
This old man in commoner is the master of Cheng Qian Cheng Kun, Han Zongyuan.
If Qin Qingping and Tang Songming are the masters of the medical circle, then Han Zongyuan is the master of the Chinese martial arts circle.
Han Zongyuan was born in the ancient martial arts family. He practiced ancient martial arts since he was a child. After he grew up, he joined the army for several years. After retiring, he devoted himself to studying the fighting skills of Chinese ancient martial arts with countries around the world.
In the end, he gathered the best of all his family members to create a set of Tiantian Baihe Quan.
Many famous fighters in Sanda world and underground boxing match are his students!
After he was thirty years old, he had fought for more than a thousand battles and never failed.
People in the arena: God of War!
In recent years, he has seldom shot himself personally, because there are not many people who are qualified to be his opponents. Moreover, he has cultivated his mind and nature in these years, and his murderous intentions are not as strong as in his earlier years.
However, when he learned that his two lovers, Chengqian Chengkun brothers, had died under Chen Ning’s hands, he immediately went to Shanghang City to avenge his two lovers.
Han Zongyuan knocked a black chess piece on the chessboard, squinted his eyes, and said calmly: “Dead chess, Master Zhang, you lose.”
Zhang Chaocheng opened his eyes, then smiled and complimented: “Old Han’s chess skill is the same as your martial arts, invincible in the world!”
Han Zongyuan smiled, noncommittal, and only asked faintly: “I heard someone say just now that you kidnapped Mr. Tang from the yard of the Jiangnan Military Region General Hospital to treat Linglang?”
Zhang Chaocheng nodded: “Yes!”
“But the old guy doesn’t know what’s good or bad. Even if I promised sky-high rewards, he just refused to treat my son.”
“The old man uttered wild words, saying that he was invited by Chen Ning to Shanghang City. Chen Ning came, and I was finished.”
Chen Ning!
When Han Zongyuan heard Chen Ning’s name, a sharp murderous look flashed in his eyes.
Zhang Chaocheng glanced at Han Zongyuan and said carefully, “Old Han, Chen Ning abolished my son and killed your two lovers.”
“If this guy dares to come, I hope you will do it yourself and kill him.”
Han Zongyuan just wanted to talk when two sparrows flew up on the branch outside the pavilion. The two sparrows were chirping and calling, and it was annoying to hear.
Han Zongyuan’s eyes were cold, he picked up a chess piece and flicked his finger!
Chess pieces shot out like bullets, directly blasting the two sparrows on the branch.
Feathers and blood splattered to the ground!
one stone two bird!
In Zhang Chaocheng’s shocking gaze, Han Zongyuan slowly said: “Chen Ning killed my beloved disciple, and he will end up like this.”
As soon as the voice fell, a subordinate in a black suit hurried over.
The suit’s subordinate respectfully said to Zhang Chaocheng: “Master, Chen Ning is here, and I want to pick up Elder Don.”
Zhang Chaocheng had just seen Han Zongyuan’s terrifying power. At this time, he heard that Chen Ning was coming. He opened his eyes and smiled grinningly: “There is really a way to heaven and he will not go, hell has no way to enter.”
“Old Han is here, he came to die.”
“Go, let’s go and take a look!”
Soon, they came to the downstairs of the inpatient department, and then saw dozens of his subordinates confronting Chen Ning, Dian Chu, and Bahuwei who were coming to pick up Mr. Tang.
Chen Ning and his entourage took Elder Tang and wanted to leave, but they were stopped by the Zhang family.
Chen Ning said coldly: “I don’t want to beat you up, just get out of here.”
Zhang Chaocheng came over and sneered: “You are Chen Ning, the lunatic who hurt my son?”
“Hey, we are about to seek revenge from you, but we came to the door automatically when we thought of you.”
“Since you are here, stay here forever!”
Chen Ning heard the words, looked at Zhang Chaocheng, and said coldly: “With you?”
Zhang Chaocheng and Chen Ning looked at each other, Chen Ning’s eyes were like cold stars at two points, and his eyes shuddered.
at this time!
Han Zongyuan next to Zhang Chaocheng slowly said, “With the old man!”
Chen Ning’s gaze fell on Han Zongyuan. In fact, he just noticed that this old man in white cloth was not simple. The old man had a long and restrained aura, his steps were as steady as Mount Tai, and his eyes were like electricity.
Chen Ning frowned slightly: “Who are you?”
Zhang Chaocheng sneered and sneered: “Boy, scared your dog’s eyes, this is the master of the ancient martial arts, Han Zongyuan, who has the reputation of God of War in the arena, old Han!”
“Old Han’s two apprentices were killed by you. He personally came out this time to make an exception for you.”
“It is an honor for you to die under the hands of Old Han!”
Han Zongyuan held his face slightly high, squinted his narrow eyes, and looked at Chen Ning arrogantly. At first glance, he looked a bit like God of War Guan Yu.
Chen Ning glanced at each other with Dianchu, Bahuwei, and Elder Tang next to him, and everyone’s lips showed a playful smile.
It’s really interesting!
In front of Chen Ning, the marshal of the North, and the God of War of China, some people dared to call themselves the God of War.
Chen Ning looked at Han Zongyuan and smiled and said, “It’s really interesting. Anyone who has practiced two rough tricks will dare to claim to be a god of war.”
When Han Zongyuan heard that Danfeng’s eyes opened, he furiously said, “What did you say?”
Chen Ning still didn’t have a word, and the Dian Chu beside him snorted coldly: “You old man, our young master is the true God of War in China. What are you worthy of being called the God of War?”
Han Zongyuan looked at Chen Ning in surprise, and immediately sneered: “Ho ho, the old man learned martial arts since he was a child, and he created a pale white crane fist at the age of 30. After that, he experienced thousands of battles without fail. Everyone respected me as the god of war.”
“What kind of thing do you mean, you dare to call yourself a god of war?”
Zhang Chaocheng grinned and said: “Old Han, this is how Li Gui met Li Kui, and the fake God of War met the real God of War.”
“You always send him on the road casually, so that everyone can see the true strength of God of War.”
Han Zongyuan nodded and looked at Chen Ning: “Boy, if you can take my ten moves, I will spare you not to die.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Ten strokes are too many. I only have one stroke. If you can catch it, you can live.”
Zhang Chaocheng and others were shocked when they heard this.
It was the first time they saw someone like Chen Ning who was dead.
Han Zongyuan’s face was green: “You seek death, and the old man will perfect you!”

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