The One & Only

Chapter: 531

Oriental Pearl Hotel!
Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge, along with a group of senior executives from Ningda Group, arranged the product release meeting for the command staff!
Although the release meeting took place a day after tomorrow, the release meeting had to set up a stage and conduct various lighting tests, so everyone got busy early in order to ensure that the product release would be foolproof.
At this time, Chen Ning accompanied Tang Yuanming, who was wearing a Chinese tunic, to the scene.
Song Pingting and the others, all at once surrounded them.
Song Pingting said excitedly: “Mr. Tang, it is really you. It is a great honor for you to be a guest of our Ningda Group Product Release Conference!”
Chen Ning introduced with a smile: “Old Tang, this is my wife, Song Pingting, who is also the chairman and president of Ningda Group.”
Elder Don smiled and nodded: “Hello, Mrs. Chen!”
Song Pingting heard this, her pretty face flushed slightly.
On weekdays, in formal occasions, many people call her Mr. Song, and fewer people call her Mrs. Chen. She is a bit embarrassed.
However, she also got some information from Tang Yuanming’s name.
Elder Tang called her Mrs. Chen, but did not call her Mr. Song.
This is a side note. He was able to participate in the Ningda Group’s product release meeting to a large extent because of his friendship with Chen Ning.
Otherwise, if the general pharmaceutical group invites him to participate in any commercial activities, he will not come.
Song Pingting couldn’t help looking at Chen Ning, and she was proud of Chen Ning: Chen Ning was able to invite Mr. Tang to participate in the product release meeting.
At this time, Chen Ning introduced another important figure, Qin Chaoge, to Tang Lao: “This is Dr. Qin, our company‚Äôs Qingning liver cancer drug was developed by her team, and she is a major contributor to our company.”
Qin Chaoge saw the idol like a little fan, and bowed and said, “Hello, Mr. Tang!”
Old Tang nodded slightly: “The back waves of the Yangtze River will push the front waves. In the future, the Chinese medical community will rely on you, a new generation of medical leaders.”
Qin Chaoge said with trepidation: “No, no, we still have to be led by your old masters.”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “You call it an orderly inheritance. Don’t be humble and don’t praise each other. Anyway, everyone is very good.”
When everyone heard Chen Ning’s words, they couldn’t help but laugh.
At this moment, there was a loud noise of footsteps outside.
Then I heard someone shouting arrogantly: “Get out of the way, good dogs don’t block the way, don’t block our young master’s path!”
Chen Ning and others frowned slightly!
In the direction of the door, a group of proud bodyguards in suits came in, and these bodyguards pushed the staff aside in a domineering manner.
Then, a young man wearing a white suit and golden glasses, with one hand in the pocket of his trousers, came in very smartly.
The young man was very well-dressed, as meticulously as a small brooch on his suit.
He has fair skin and an air of grace and nobility exudes from all over his body.
And this noble breath is natural and innate, and it is definitely not something that ordinary nouveau riche can disguise.
The people around couldn’t help but speculate, what is the origin of this noble man?
The noble man came in front of Chen Ning and Song Pingting. He saw Song Pingting and couldn’t help showing a slightly amazing expression, but soon his eyes moved away from Song Pingting and fell on Chen Ning.
The corners of his mouth rose slightly: “You are Chen Ning!”
Chen Ning calmly said, “I’m Chen Ning, are you?”
The noble man raised his hand to support the gold glasses on the bridge of his nose, and said in a gentle manner: “Li Cangfeng in the capital.”
Li’s house in Beijing!
Li Cangfeng!
Many people at the scene showed shocked expressions when they heard the words.
The Li family in the capital has an extraordinary status, even more prominent than the Li sect of the eight great families.
The Li family has countless talents, and the business, political, and military all have their children!
Li Zangfeng is the leader of the new generation of Li family. It is said that he will have the opportunity to be trained as the successor of the Li family.
Chen Ning has naturally heard of the existence of the Li family!
But, he looked at Li Cangfeng in front of him in wonder, what is his relationship with the Li family, why did Li Cangfeng come to him?
Li Cangfeng said high up: “I came to you for one thing!”
Chen Ning frowned: “What’s the matter?”
Li Zangfeng said: “Our Li family asks you to change your surname. You can’t change your surname to Chen, you have to change your surname to Li!”
Everyone at the scene was shocked!
As the saying goes, if a big man does not change his name, he does not change his surname, but Li Zangfeng asked Chen Ning to change his surname. This is too much!
Chen Ning’s face sank: “What do you mean?”
Li Zangfeng said arrogantly: “Your mother, that is, my aunt Li Xiuning, has she ever told you?”
“She turned out to belong to our Li family in Beijing, but she insisted on marrying your dad on her own. This caused our Li family to completely coax her and cut off relations. There will be no contacts in 20 or 30 years!”
“Recently, our old lady of the Li family remembered your mother and learned that your mother was expelled from the house by Chen Xiong and died in a bleak manner. I was very emotional.
“The old lady said, you are Li Xiuning’s son, you can follow our Li family name, not Chen.”
Chen Ning sneered: “Hey, I never heard my mother talk about the relationship with your Li family!”
“My mother and I were expelled from the Chen family. When we were living on the streets, there was no one from your Li family to come to help.”
“In my opinion, your Li family is more cold-blooded than my father Chen Xiong, at least my father Chen Xiong later learned that he was wrong.”
“You can roll now. I will not change my surname, nor will I cling to your Li family.”
Li Cangfeng opened his eyes when he heard this!
The Li family in the capital, what a prominent family!
Countless people are proud to be attached to the Li family!
If the Li family gives some resources casually, it will be infinitely useful to others.
Chen Ning refused the Li family’s request and would rather continue to be named Chen than Li after the Li family?
Li Cangfeng snorted coldly: “Chen Ning, this is an opportunity you can’t even ask for. Don’t regret it.”
Chen Ning sneered: “It’s weird, my mother has severed ties with your family. Your family watched my mother die of illness and didn’t help my mother from beginning to end. Now I’m running to let me follow your Li family name. What’s in this picture?”
Li Zangfeng proudly said: “It is often said that a tiger girl does not marry a dog, your mother married your dad, that is the most embarrassing thing about our Li family!
“Now your mother is dead, and Chen Xiong is also dead. But you have half the blood of our Li family. We can’t watch you take Chen Xiong’s surname Chen, you must change your last name to Li.
“And your daughter, you have to change the surname, and the surname is Li!”
Chen Ning snorted: “What if I refuse?”
Li Zangfeng glanced at Chen Ning and sneered: “Our Li family’s request has never been rejected by anyone, and neither can you.”
“As far as I know, you have offended the Zhang Family in the capital.”
“Zhang Chaocheng has already spoken before and wants to kill your family.”
“If you change your surname to Li and have our Li family asylum, Zhang Chaocheng won’t dare to let you fart when he sees you.”
“If you insist on telling our Li family’s shameful Chen Xiong’s surname Chen, then your family will wait for Zhang Chaocheng to come to you to settle accounts!”
After listening to Chen Ning, she said coldly: “You don’t need to worry about it!”
“I won’t change my surname, and I won’t need your Li family as an asylum.”
“As for Zhang Chaocheng, he will take the initiative to kneel and apologize to me tonight.”
Li Cangfeng laughed: “The Zhang family is a wealthy family in the capital. Although it is far behind our Li family, it is definitely not something you can provoke Chen Ning.”
“It’s so funny that you brag that Zhang Chaocheng will come to the door and kneel and beg for mercy!”
“I have to wait and see if Zhang Chaocheng kneels down to apologize to you, or if you are suppressed by Zhang Chaocheng and come to our Li family for help, ho ho!”

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