The One & Only

Chapter: 545

It is simply unreasonable!
Everyone in the Li family looked at Chen Ning and couldn’t help but sneer.
The old lady said with a sneer: “Chen Ning, you can live by doing evil in heaven, you can’t live by doing evil by yourself. If you dare to sit in the special seat of the young marshal, you are really looking for death!”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Since this is a seat for me, why can’t I sit?”
Hearing the words with Li Huaiping, Li Huaishun, Li Cangfeng, and Li Cangzhuo, the old lady couldn’t help gasping in air.
Not because of shock, but because of Chen Ning’s bragging ability.
Chen Ning, this kid, actually said that this was a chair for him, and he actually regarded himself as the young commander of the North?
At this time, many guests at the scene had already noticed the situation here, and many guests immediately came over with wine glasses.
Many people at the scene only saw Chen Ning in the marshal’s military uniform on TV. They really couldn’t recognize Chen Ning in ordinary clothes.
But since Chen Ning is sitting at the table dedicated to the marshal, it shows that Chen Ning is the God of War of China and the marshal of the North.
So many dignitaries came over with wine glasses, trying to please Chen Ning.
Li Zangfeng stopped everyone at this time, pointing at Chen Ning and shouting loudly: “Don’t get me wrong, this guy is not a North Marshal at all, so don’t be fooled by him.”
Everyone at the scene was stunned when they heard the words, and looked at Chen Ning dubiously. They couldn’t tell whether Chen Ning was a young commander or not?
Someone couldn’t help but said, “Li Cangfeng, this gentleman has a great attitude. Since he is sitting in this seat, he must be the young marshal deity. Why do you vowed to say that he is not a young marshal?”
Many people at the scene looked at everyone in the Li family together!
Even Chen Ning looked at the Li family with interest. He also wanted to hear. Why did the Li family decide that he was not a young commander?
The old lady of the Li family said slowly: “Speaking of which, this madman who dared to pretend to be a young marshal has a little connection with our Li family, and it can even be said that he is a stain on our Li family.”
“Huaiping, come and explain to everyone!”
Li Huaiping, who was sitting in a wheelchair, heard the words and immediately said to everyone on the spot: “You are dissatisfied with saying that this guy is called Chen Ning. He is a bastard born to my sister and a nouveau riche named Chen Xiong. Seen as a shame at home.”
“This little bastard is arrogant and arrogant, and our Li family hates it. How could he be a marshal?”
“In addition, our Li family hereby declares that any behavior of this little bastard that offends the marshal has nothing to do with our Li family. Even if he is dragged out and shot by the marshal later, our Li family will not look at him too much! ”
Everyone at the scene opened their eyes wide!
Many people actually think that Chen Ning may be the marshal, but hearing what the Li family said, the Li family seems to know Chen Ning thoroughly and is also related to Chen Ning.
In this way, is it possible that the person in front of him is really not a young man?
Looking at Chen Ning again, his face has already sunk!
He slowly said: “Li Huaiping, you insulted me three times as a bastard with just a few words.”
“Words are even more disrespectful to my dead parents. It seems that the lessons you took two days ago will not make you remember!”
Li Huaiping, who was sitting in a wheelchair, looked at Chen Ning with a grin: “Hey, so what? This is the scene of Mrs. Wang’s reception. Don’t you dare to beat me here?”
“Come on, you try to touch me?”
Try it!
As soon as Li Huaiping’s provocative voice fell, Chen Ning had already stood up and slapped his right hand.
Li Huaiping’s eyes widened, his face was full of disbelief, and he watched Chen Ning’s palms keep approaching and zooming in front of him…
A loud noise!
Chen Ning directly took Li Huaiping with a wheelchair and flew away!
Li Huaiping flew several meters away with the wheelchair and fell heavily to the ground.
A dozen of his teeth were taken away, his cheeks were swollen, and his mouth was full of blood.
The wheelchair hit his old broken leg, and the pain made him scream, “Ah–ah–”
Everyone at the scene was stunned!
Even the bands playing live stopped.
The surroundings were quiet, with only Li Huaiping’s wailing in his ears.
The old lady of the Li family was the first to recover from the shock. She kept hitting the ground with her crutches angrily, glaring at Chen Ning, and scolded angrily: “You hit someone again, you dare to hit my son again… ”
Li Huaishun, Li Cangfeng and Li Zangzhuo quickly helped Li Huaiping up and glared at Chen Ning.
Li Zangfeng said bitterly: “Chen Ning, you pretend to be a marshal, and you dare to beat someone at Mrs. Wang’s birthday party, you are dead.”
Chen Ning stood with his hands behind and sneered: “Really?”
At this moment, a large number of security guards in black suits and a large number of soldiers with live ammunition arrived at the scene.
Everyone in the Li family saw these security guards and soldiers. If they saw the rescuers, they would greet them immediately, pointing to Chen Ning and saying, “You security guards and soldiers came at the right time. people!”
“Hurry up and grab him, grab him and shoot him!”
The security guards and the soldiers who rushed to look at Chen Ning together. When they saw Chen Ning, they couldn’t help but shocked all over.
At the same time, a loud and powerful voice rang out at the scene: “Someone pretends to be a young commander, who is so courageous to pretend to be a young commander here?”
The crowd separates!
Then I saw a middle-aged mighty man wearing a major general’s uniform, walking over with several subordinates.
When the people around saw the major general man, they hurriedly shouted respectfully: “General Tian!”
It turned out that it was not someone else who came here, it was the command of the capital garrison, Major General Tian Weilong!
The old lady and others saw Tian Weilong coming.
They rushed up!
Li Zangfeng yelled to General Tian to please, then pointed at Chen Ning, and said with a flattering smile: “General Tian, ​​you see, this is this little bastard, who dared to pretend to be a marshal, you should have someone arrest him!”
When Tian Weilong saw Chen Ning, his eyes suddenly widened, showing a frightened expression.
He turned around, slapped Li Cangfeng’s face with a slap!
Tian Weilong slapped Li Zangfeng and flew out, his teeth were broken, and his face was full of blood.
This one!
Everyone in the Li family, as well as many people on the scene, were stunned.
The old lady of the Li family was shocked and aggrieved. He felt sorry for his grandson. He couldn’t help but yelled: “General Tian, ​​it is him who pretends to be a marshal, how can you beat my grandson…”
“shut up!”
Tian Weilong roared and pointed at Chen Ning and said, “Who told you he was impersonating?”
“He is our God of War in China, the young commander of the North, who once killed the corpses of the masters of the Eighteen Nations and the blood flowed in rivers, and was hailed as the god of war by all our soldiers!”
“You Li family, who exist like ants, dare to insult our army god!”
Tian Weilong’s words sounded like thunder in the ears of everyone in the Li family, and everyone in the Li family was stunned and their faces pale.
The old princes looked at Chen Ning in horror, and they were so scared that they were unable to speak. They trembled and said, “He, he, he is a young marshal, can you make a mistake about General Tian…”
at this time!
The first lady of Huaxia appeared surrounded by a large number of entourage.
She looked at everyone in the Li family indifferently, and said coldly: “Chinese Jade Bi is unparalleled in the world, you can’t recognize a young handsome man if you have eyes and no beads, we won’t recognize it!”
The old lady and others looked at Wang Yun in shock.
The last hope in their hearts was completely extinguished by Wang Yun’s words.
It turned out that Chen Ning, who was regarded as a shame by their Li family, turned out to be a young marshal.
No wonder, Chen Ning once said that the Li family was nothing in his eyes!
No wonder, Chen Ning does not have an invitation letter, and he can also come in to attend Mrs. Wang’s birthday party!
No wonder, Chen Ning was able to destroy the Li family with just a word of him!
It turns out that Chen Ning is the God of War of China, the young marshal in the North!
The old lady trembled all over, her face was full of horror, her blood pressure soared, and she almost spewed a mouthful of blood. She knelt in public with a plop, and cried with remorse: “Oh my God, the old man is guilty…”

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