The One & Only

Chapter: 553

Several entourages around Lin Haiping were all irritated by Chen Ning’s attitude.
It’s really unreasonable for this kid from outside to dare not take Lin Ya Nei seriously!
The few guys, all angry, were about to attack Chen Ning.
However, Lin Haiping stretched out his hand to stop a few entourages, and he smiled: “Don’t hit him yet, lest I leave a bad impression in Tong Ke’s mind.”
Lin Haiping re-examined Chen Ning with interest.
In Taining City, everyone saw him with their heads down and did not dare to speak loudly, fearing him.
It was the first time he saw someone like Chen Ning who was so direct and didn’t put him in the eyes.
This is fresh!
Lin Haiping sneered and said, “Ho ho, you don’t see that you are still a tough boy.”
“Nothing, what I like most to clean up is your hard bones, let’s wait and see!”
Lin Haiping took a few of his entourages and turned and left.
Several of his entourages couldn’t help asking: “Lin Ya Nei, that guy from outside dared not put you in his eyes, why didn’t we let us beat him up just now?”
Lin Haiping smiled and said: “Today is my small wedding, and I don’t want to leave a bad impression on Tong Ke.”
“Besides, murder and condemnation, to deal with him such a hard bone to beat him.”
“I want to trample and humiliate him in his dignity and spirit!”
Several entourages heard the words and said happily, “Lin Ya Nei, do you have a way to deal with him?”
Lin Haiping smiled and said: “Tong Ke is a bridesmaid, and I am the best man. You don’t know the customs of coaxing bridesmaids here. I will just strip them for Tong Ke when I coax the bridesmaids and play it in front of everyone Ruthless.”
Several entourages all showed wretched smiles, and said one by one: “Then this time it’s exciting to coax the bridesmaids!”
“Moreover, coaxing bridesmaids is a custom here, and Tong Ke can’t resist. As for the kid Chen Ning, he can only watch Lin Yannei you play with his woman, hahaha!”
Lin Haiping squinted his eyes and said with a sneer: “At that time, I played with Tong Ke and trampled Chen Ning’s dignity severely. Then send someone to interrupt him to let him know that I am not annoying.”
Several entourage flattered: “Good idea!”
After a while, the bridegroom Guo Jiayong brought a group of best men to meet him.
The bride Zhang Jie and Tong Ke are a group of brides, and go to the groom’s house with Guo Jiayong and others.
Chen Ning was naturally accompanied by the Zhang family!
When they came to Zhang’s house, the bride and bridegroom paid a visit, and then a banquet.
At the banquet, the bride and groom were toasted a lot of wine, and even Tong Ke’s bridesmaids were toasted a lot of wine.
Tong Ke had a fair amount of alcohol, and soon his pretty face was red, and his drunkenness appeared.
When the banquet is about to go on when the banquet is about to be filled with lust and lust!
The custom of coaxing the bridal chamber and coaxing the bridesmaids began.
In the wedding room!
The bride, Zhang Jie, was sitting on the wedding bed, accompanied by Tong Ke and her bridesmaids.
The bridegroom Guo Jiayong was already drunk, and he was lying next to the bed at this time!
Lin Haiping took a group of best man and a group of his entourage, and said grinningly: “Coax the bride, coax the bridesmaid!”
Coaxing the bridal chamber and coaxing the bridesmaids is a custom here, and there are many people watching at the door and windows.
Zhang Jie’s face flushed, looking at Lin Haiping, she said delicately: “Mr. Lin, you are a distinguished person, and we were classmates before, and my husband is still your little one.”
“You coax the bridal chamber and coax the bridesmaids, don’t play too hard!”
Lin Haiping smiled and said: “Don’t worry, everyone will be happy and happy. Who doesn’t want to be hot when they get married, right?”
Lin Haiping coaxed the bride first. He asked a best man to hang a grape in front of him and Zhang Jie, and then smiled: “Zhang Jie, you are not allowed to use your hands, you can only use your mouth. You can eat grapes. , Let’s end it.”
Zhang Jie: “Good!”
When she finished speaking, she leaned forward, opening her mouth and leaning toward the grapes.
However, the best man took the grapes away all of a sudden, causing Zhang Jie to rush to the air, and red lips snapped a kiss on the mouth standing in front of her, and the two kissed directly!
The men at the scene couldn’t help being wretched.
Lin Haiping said ambiguously: “Wow, Zhang Jie, you are too enthusiastic!”
Zhang Jie’s face flushed!
The people around booed: “Come on again, the bride doesn’t have to eat grapes, but it’s not finished!”
Zhang Jie has nothing but to continue.
She tried more than a dozen times, but she didn’t have any grapes. She kissed Lin Haiping’s mouth or face, so that Lin Haiping took advantage of it.
The laughter of the surrounding audience is even greater.
Tong Ke and the bridesmaids began to feel a little worried.
The game of coaxing the bride and coaxing the bridesmaids here is really too good!
Tong Ke’s bridesmaids are already worried!
When it’s their turn to coax them, what can they do?
at last!
Zhang Jie finally ate grapes!
Lin Haiping’s group of guys let Zhang Jie go. Another reason is that Lin Haiping’s main goal today is Tong Ke.
He didn’t have much interest in Zhang Jie, the ordinary-looking bride, so he didn’t coax Zhang Jie hard.
“Let’s let the bride go, and now we are starting to coax the bridesmaid, let’s start with Tong Ke!”
Tong Ke was anxious when she heard this, she hurriedly said: “No!”
Lin Haiping smiled but didn’t smile: “Tong Ke, this is our custom here, and today is the happy day of your good sister Zhang Jie, you must not be disappointed, let the good wedding day be unpleasant.”
Zhang Jie didn’t know that Lin Yanei fell in love with Tong Ke. Lin Yanei’s father was Taining Shizun. Zhang Jie and the others would ask Lin Yanei to help with affairs in many places, so she also wanted to please Lin Yanei.
Therefore, at this time she could not care about selling her sisters.
She deliberately persuaded Tong Ke: “Yes, Tong Ke, today is my big day, you go to the countryside and do what you like, don’t be so conservative!”
“Moreover, just play a game, and there will be no less meat!”
The best man around and the men onlookers all booed: “Yes! You are a bridesmaid on a happy day, so don’t be disappointed!”
Lin Haiping looked at Tong Ke’s beautiful red lips and said with a smile: “Tong Ke, let’s play the game of eating grapes?”
Tong Ke decisively refused: “No, I won’t play, you can play, I’ll go now.”
Tong Ke is ready to leave after speaking!
However, Lin Haiping reached out and grabbed Tong Ke’s wrist, and said with a smile, “Tong Ke, you can’t go if you want to.”
“You are disappointed like this. Our custom here is that the bride is not happy on the day of her wedding, and her married life will not be happy in the future.”
“Do you want to make Zhang Jie unhappy in her future marriage?”
Tong Ke said anxiously: “I didn’t mean that…”
Lin Haiping: “Then you can play games with us!”
Tong Ke said while struggling: “I don’t play vulgar games like yours!”
Lin Haiping coldly snorted: “We are vulgar, but you are elegant. Let’s talk about it. According to our customs and habits. If you coax the bridesmaid and don’t cooperate, how should you punish?
Someone immediately booed: “Strip her!”
One person made a booze, and everyone made a booze.
Tong Ke’s pretty face is pale!
Lin Haiping smirked: “Tong Ke, if you don’t cooperate, then it’s no surprise to me!”
After he finished speaking, he stretched out his hand and prepared to pull on Tong Ke’s dress.
However, at this moment, the person blocking the door was suddenly pushed away, and Chen Ning walked in with a cold face and shouted, “Stop!”
Lin Haiping was all stunned and looked at Chen Ning together.
Tong Ke took the opportunity to escape and fled to Chen Ning, hiding behind Chen Ning.
Next to Lin Haiping, a full-faced subordinate walked towards Chen Ning with an unkind expression, reaching out to pull Chen Ning’s collar.
He cursed and said: “Boy, we are coaxing the bridesmaids. This is our custom. Do you dare to make trouble and find death!”
Chen Ning raised his hand with a punch, and knocked the man with a face full of blood on his back.
Everyone at the scene exclaimed!
Chen Ning looked at Lin Haiping coldly: “You are coaxing the bridesmaids? Go home and coax your mother!”
When Tong Ke and several bridesmaids heard the words, they couldn’t help but cheer for Chen Ning. Chen Ning said their aspirations. The people here are really too much.

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