The One & Only

Chapter: 560

Qiu Fuhong looked at Chen Ning in horror!
He was already uncertain that Chen Ning did all of this or a coincidence.
At this time, Song Pingting saw that Qiu Fuhong had learned a lesson, so she stood up and said, “Let’s just go over this matter!”
When Qiu Fuhong heard Song Pingting’s words, he looked at Song Pingting, who was extremely graceful, and his heart moved: Could it be that Miss Song did it?
Song Pingting is the chairman and president of Ningda Group. Song Pingting is worth hundreds of billions and knows countless group bosses!
If Song Pingting wants him to go bankrupt, it would really be a matter of minutes!
And Chen Ning is Song Pingting’s husband now, and Song Pingting has reasons to defend her husband’s dignity.
The more Qiu Fuhong thinks about it, the more he feels that his idea is right. It must be Song Pingting who just tried to teach him. Chen Ning is just a fake tiger.
After figuring it out, he was so angry!
As if he could pursue Song Pingting, then this beautiful and wealthy beauty is him!
After the lesson just now, he no longer dared to be rude to Chen Ning, for fear of angering Song Pingting again.
He regretted in his heart, and thought that if he had the opportunity to perform in front of Song Pingting, it would be good for Song Pingting to see his awe, and it is very likely that Song Pingting would change his outlook and even embrace him.
Just as he was thinking about it, the door of the box was suddenly banged and kicked open.
The huge movement shocked all the parents and children in the box.
Just saw a few men in suits walk in with a calm face!
The man in suit headed by him is a middle-aged man with a small flat head.
He squinted around the scene and said coldly: “Who are Chen Ning and Song Pingting, our young master wants to see you two, get out and follow us!”
Upon hearing this, the parents at the scene changed their faces slightly.
Everyone can see that the people like Xiaopingtou are coming aggressively. Since they are coming for Chen Ning and Song Pingting, then Chen Ning and Song Pingting are in danger.
Everyone couldn’t help but look at Chen Ning and Song Pingting!
But Qiu Fuhong’s eyes lit up, and his heart was excited. Someone came to find Song Pingting’s moldy temperament. Isn’t this a chance to give him performance!
He used to be a scout in the army for a few years. Although he has been retired for many years, he is not bad at being able to fight ten or eight opponents.
Moreover, he and the boss of this dream KTV are also buddies. He is fighting with others here, and the boss of the dream KTV will definitely bring someone to help him.
He couldn’t help thinking at this time, he showed his skill to save Song Pingting, Song Pingting admired his shots.
Xiaoping saw everyone at the scene, looked at Chen Ning and Song Pingting together, and then seeing Song Pingting’s beautiful appearance, he guessed the identity of the two.
He looked at Chen Ning and Song Pingting coldly, and said indifferently: “Are you two going with us by yourself, or are we pulling you two out of here?”
Chen Ning and Song Pingting still have nothing to say!
Qiu Fuhong, who was next to him, had already stepped forward and shouted angrily: “Presumptuous!”
“I don’t care who your young master is, and no matter what your holidays are, but don’t want to touch Miss Song if you are here.”
“You can take this Chen Ning away, but you must stay, Miss Song, and I won’t be able to touch her when I come!”
The voice just fell!
A calm man’s voice came from the door: “Hey, the toad is yawning, what a big tone!”
Then, everyone saw two men coming in with a group of men.
The man who spoke was Ji Shaohao!
Next to Ji Shaohao was Jiang Tianqiao, who looked at Chen Ning with hatred.
Qiu Fuhong was determined to behave in front of Song Pingting. At this time, seeing Ji Shaohao and others come in, Ji Shaohao even laughed at him as a toad!
He was shocked and angry, staring at Ji Shaohao and said, “Who the hell are you?”
Ji Shaohao’s face sank, and he said coldly: “Ji Family in Jingcheng, Ji Shaohao!”
Ji family!
The first royal family of China!
The anger on Qiu Fuhong’s face instantly froze. His eyes were full of fear, his hands and feet were cold, and his speech was uncomfortable. He trembled and said: “You…you are a member of the Ji family, the first royal family in China!”
Ji Shaohao stood with his hand in his hand, proudly silent.
Jiang Tianqiao next to him sneered to Qiu Fuhong and said, “I scared your dog eyes, you don’t even recognize Shao Ji!”
“To deal with a dog like you, it takes Ji Shao to take a shot, come, come, I will play with you.”
Qiu Fuhong looked at Jiang Tianqiao and said with a trembling voice: “Who are you again?”
Jiang Tianqiao sneered: “I am the child of the Jiang family in Jingcheng, Jiang Tianqiao!”
Qiu Fuhong’s body shook wildly again, and the sons of the first and second royal families of China were all here.
How can he deal with these people!
People who move a finger casually can break him into pieces.
He was too frightened at this time, he could no longer stand unsteadily, and fell directly on his knees with a plop.
Ji Shaohao and Jiang Tianqiao looked at Qiu Fuhong who was kneeling in front of them with fright, both showing triumphant expressions.
This, the strength of the Ji family and the Jiang family!
Qiu Fuhong, who had also vowed to say that the Heavenly King Lao Tzu came and was useless, after knowing the identity of the two of them, he knelt in fright on the spot.
Jiang Tianqiao looked at Ji Shaohao and said respectfully: “Ji Shao, what do you think this guy will do?”
Ji Shaohao looked at Qiu Fuhong aloft, and said coldly: “This person is rude to me, it’s a death crime!”
Qiu Fuhong was cold and horrified when he heard this!
Song Pingting and the rest of the parents also showed horrified expressions. The young master of the Ji family was really terrifying, and he would kill if he didn’t agree with him.
Jiang Tianqiao immediately said to the men around him: “Have you heard what Shao Ji said? Don’t do it yet and send this bastard on the road.”
Immediately, a man in a suit drew a sharp dagger, swish close, and slashed at Qiu Fuhong who was kneeling on the ground with a lightning bolt, trying to cut off Qiu Fuhong’s head directly.
Many parents at the scene screamed in surprise, Song Pingting also panicked and quickly reached out and covered her daughter’s eyes.
Qiu Fuhong looked desperate and watched the opponent’s dagger cut off without time to escape.
Just when he thought he was dead!
Chen Ning, who had been sitting beside him smoking a cigarette with a full face, suddenly shot.
Chen Ning flicked the remaining cigarette butt in his hand!
The cigarette butt whizzed out like a bullet and hit the dagger in the hand of the man in the suit.
The man in the suit felt like a bullet hit his dagger, making his hands numb.
The dagger came out, flying towards Ji Shaohao!
“Master, be careful!”
“Be careful, Shao Ji!”
Ji Shaohao’s subordinates exclaimed in exclamation with Jiang Tianqiao.
Ji Shaohao stood still, raised his left hand, caught the flying dagger like a hand, and then snapped the dagger directly and threw it under his feet.
The people around looked at Ji Shaohao in shock, who turned out to be a master!
And Ji Shaohao looked at Chen Ning with interest!
The cigarette butt that Chen Ning protruded casually was able to knock off his weapons, and the strength can be seen.
The corner of Ji Shaohao’s mouth rose slightly: “No wonder you dare not put the Jiang family in your eyes. It turns out to be a little capable. It’s a pity that you met me. Tonight is your death date. Any last words?”

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