The One & Only

Chapter: 565

Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao lay on the ground, shaking.
They finally understood why Chen Ning would not put the Ji family and Jiang family in their eyes, and even dared to kill the children of the two families.
They finally understood why these men around Chen Ning were so strong.
They finally understood why even Zhonglou was not Chen Ning’s opponent.
It turns out that everything is because Chen Ning is the young marshal of the North, the God of War of China!
Although the Ji family and the Jiang family are great, they really are nothing in front of the marshal.
Both Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao are not stupid. Offending the young marshal, who can reach the sky, an apology is the only choice.
The thousand-year royal family is not stupid, especially in the aspect of the desire to survive, otherwise they would have been wiped out long ago, and they would not be spread today.
Chen Ning looked at Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao who were kneeling in front of him, and said coldly: “Didn’t you just say that you are going to kill my whole family? Why are you two now begging for mercy?”
When Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao heard this, their faces were pale, their heads sweating profusely, and they were unable to speak.
Chen Ning said coldly: “Look up and answer my words!”
The two of them had no choice but to raise their heads with difficulty.
Jiang Tianqiao shivered and said: “You, young handsome, there are many misunderstandings in this matter. Our Jiang family was wrong.”
Chen Ning snorted: “Where is the mistake?”
Jiang Tianqiao hurriedly said: “My cousin Jiang Tao, he should not covet the beauty of the young marshal’s wife, let alone provoke the young marshal. He was beaten to death by the young marshal for his own sake!”
Ji Shaodian also sneaked a glance at Ji Shaohao’s body on the ground not far away. He also hurriedly expressed his position: “My brother Ji Shaohao, he ran into the marshal, and he also killed him.
Jiang Tianqiao immediately added: “Our junior in the Jiang family did something wrong. The elders in the family should come and apologize to the young marshal. I will personally report my grandfather and let him lead the crowd to apologize to the young marshal.”
Ji Shaodian quickly followed: “Our Ji family is also, I will report to my grandfather truthfully when I go back, and let my grandfather bring Ji family up and down to make amends to the young marshal.”
After learning about Chen Ning’s identity, Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao’s attitude of admitting their mistakes has become very good.
Chen Ning said coldly: “Within three days, I hope you two elders will come and apologize to me personally!”
Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao heard the words like an amnesty, and said in excitement: “Yes, yes, we will definitely come to the door to apologize when we look back!”
The two said, taking the seriously injured building and Ji Shaohao’s body, they drove away dingyly.
“Master, let’s go too, the car is over there!”
Dian Chu brought the Eight Tigers over and said respectfully to Chen Ning.
Chen Ning did not speak, turned his head and looked at a skyscraper in the distance, squinting at the top of the skyscraper.
Dianchu and the Eight Tigers looked at each other, Dianchu also looked at the skyscraper, and said in surprise, “Master, what’s the matter?”
Chen Ning said calmly: “I feel like being stared at by someone secretly!”
Dian Chu said nervously, “Could the Ji family and Jiang family also arrange a sniper?”
When the Eight Tigers heard this, his face changed drastically, and all of them were cautiously guarded, for fear that some sniper would be unfavorable to the young marshal.
Chen Ning said lightly: “It shouldn’t be, and now that the feeling of being stalked is gone, I guess they have already left.”
Chen Ning walked out of a pile of corpses in a sea of ​​blood after a long battlefield, and had a very sensitive sense of danger.
If a sniper aimed at him, he would definitely feel like a man on his back.
Therefore, he judged that he was not a sniper, but someone was stalking him in secret.
Dian Chu cast a look at Ah Qi and Old Bay among the Eight Tigers, and signaled them to leave the team quietly and go to the skyscraper to check.
He and six other Tiger Guards escorted Chen Ning away.

Ji Shaodian and Jiang Tianqiao, as well as the seriously injured building, drove a Maybach in the direction of the airport.
The car has just arrived at the ring road in the neighboring suburbs!
Suddenly a truck dashed out from the intersection and slammed into the body of their Maybach.
A loud noise!
The Maybach car was hit by a truck and rolled twice in the air before it slammed into the ground.
The glass of the car was all shattered, and all the airbags popped out.
The driver died on the spot!
Jiang Tianqiao was squeezed into the car and snorted desperately.
Both Ji Shaodian and Chonglou were covered in blood, and they trembled slightly and crawled out of the car.
They had just climbed out of the abandoned vehicle, and then heard a crisp sound of footsteps.
Then a pair of exquisite high heels appeared in front of Ji Shaodian!
Ji Shaodian couldn’t help but raised his head, and then saw the beautiful owner in high heels, who turned out to be a tall foreign beauty.
This foreign beauty is of course Princess Joanna!
Joanna was also followed by Zhao Yingming, and a bunch of murderous men.
Zhao Yingming and several of his men, apart from anything else, took out their pistols and pointed them at the heavy building covered in blood. It was just a few shots, and the heavy building became a blood sieve!
Poor generation master rebuilds!
In the case of injuries and a car accident, he was aggrieved and was shot to death.
With a cigarette in his mouth, Zhao Yingming held a pistol and banged his gun twice, killing Jiang Tianqiao who was caught in the car and was screaming.
In addition, he also made a shot on the driver’s body and Ji Shaohao’s body.
When Ji Shaodian saw this scene, he was frustrated with grief and anger. He raised his blood-filled face and glared at Joanna, Zhao Yingming and others, and said bitterly: “Who are you guys, why are you killing us?”
Joanna squatted down and looked at Ji Shaodian, who was covered in blood, and said indifferently: “We have no grievances with you, and Chen Ning is to blame!”
Ji Shaodian was shocked: “Are you the enemies of Mr. Chen?”
Joanna gave a sneer: “You are very smart!”
Ji Shaodian said angrily: “But we have no grievances with you, why do you want to kill us?”
Joanna said coldly: “Because we just saw you kneeling down and begging Chen Ning for mercy!”
Ji Shaodian was stunned upon hearing the words: “I don’t understand what you mean…”
Joanna smiled and said: “You don’t need to understand, you just need to die, that’s it.”
After she finished speaking, she stood up and cast a look at Zhao Yingming next to her.
Zhao Yingming raised his hand at Ji Shaodian with a shot, and with a bang, Ji Shaodian’s life was ended.
Zhao Yingming turned his head to look at Joanna, his eyes drooling, and asked with a smile: “Princess Joanna, what should we do next?”
Joanna said coldly: “Send someone to release a message, saying that Chen Ning killed Ji Shaohao, Ji Shaodian, Jiang Tianqiao, and Chonglou.”
Zhao Yingming’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he said excitedly: “So, Princess Joanna, you are killing someone with a knife!”
“The Jiang family and the Ji family thought that these people were killed by Chen Ning. With their temperament, Chen Ning would definitely not be spared, and they would definitely do their best to avenge Chen Ning.”
“Princess Joanna, you don’t have to do anything, you can watch Chen Ning be killed by the Ji family and the Jiang family with your own eyes!”
Joanna’s beautiful face showed a smug expression.
Zhao Yingming glanced at her greedily, and couldn’t bear to ask: “Princess Joanna, you see that I took such a big risk for you and did so many things for you. Do you think I should be rewarded…”
Joanna looked at Zhao Yingming and said lukewarmly, “I know you want to take me off and put me on the bed!”
Zhao Yingming’s face flushed, and he said nonchalantly: “I didn’t mean that, I just adore you Princess Joanna…”
Joanna interrupted coldly: “You help me deal with Chen Ning. On the day Chen Ning died, you can do anything to me. Don’t even think about it before.”
Zhao Yingming was stunned when he heard the words, and immediately he became excited and also became anticipating.
He said excitedly: “Yes!”
“I will send someone to release a message, saying that Chen Ning has killed Ji Shaodian and others, angering the Ji family and the Jiang family.”
Joanna nodded: “Very good!”

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