The One & Only

Chapter: 566

On the benches under the boulevard in the Jiangbin Garden District.
Chen Ning sat on the bench, smoking a cigarette calmly, listening to Dian Chu’s report.
After listening to Dianchu’s report, he frowned slightly: “You said Ji Shaodian, Jiang Tianqiao and Zhonglou are all dead?”
Dian Chu smiled bitterly: “Yes, these guys were killed if they left Zhonghai City.”
Chen Ning wondered: “Who killed them?”
Dian Chu said: “I have sent someone to investigate, but the other party’s hands and feet are very clean, it seems to have come prepared, and there is no way to find out who did it for the time being.”
“In addition, I don’t know that there are still rumors flying in the sky.”
Chen Ning said: “What rumors?”
Dian Chu said: “I don’t know how the rumors spread outside, they are all saying that it was the young master you killed Ji Shaodian and the others!”
Chen Ning thoughtfully after hearing the words, and calmly said: “It doesn’t seem to be that simple. Someone should be doing things and calculating me!”
Dian Chu said: “The two elders of the Ji family and the Jiang family were furious when they learned of the death of Ji Shaodian and others.”
“They listened to the rumors and thought it was Young Master that you killed Ji Shaodian and the others.”
“The Ji family and the Jiang family are currently preparing to use the strength of the two families to come to Zhonghai City to seek revenge from the young master.”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “It seems that someone is calculating me, as well as the Ji family and Jiang family. This behind-the-scenes man wants to use Ji family and Jiang family to deal with me.”
When Chen Ning talked about this, he suddenly remembered that he was secretly watched before.
He asked: “By the way, you were asked to investigate the New Century Mansion yesterday. Have you found any suspicious characters?”
Dian Chu said: “I just wanted to report to you. When I asked Ah Qi and Lao Ba to investigate the New Century Mansion, I found two interesting characters!”
As Dian Chu said, he handed a photo to Chen Ning!
This photo was taken by the elevator camera of the New Century Building. In the photo, there is a woman and a man, the woman is Joanna, and the man is Zhao Yingming, followed by several subordinates.
Chen Ning did not know the person in the photo and frowned slightly.
Dian Chu immediately explained: “This woman has a great background. She is Princess Joanna of Eagle Country, and her father is Hisoso.”
Chen Ning heard the words, thoughtfully, and seemed to have understood something.
His eyes fell on Zhao Yingming!
Dian Chu explained: “This guy is called Zhao Yingming, the son of the Zhao family in the West, who seems to be Joanna’s admirer, doing things for Joanna.”
Zhao’s family?
Chen Ning immediately remembered Zhao Ruolong, the commander of the West!
He asked, “Does this person have anything to do with Zhao Ruolong?”
Dian Chu said: “This guy is Zhao Ruolong’s nephew!”
Chen Ning said calmly: “You find someone to check with Joanna and Zhao Yingming.”
“I have an intuition that these two people may be the murderers who killed Ji Shaodian and the others, and they are also the people behind the scenes who want to use the Ji family and the Jiang family to deal with me.”
Dian Chu: “Yes!”
At this moment!
Capital, Ji’s mansion.
Ji Chang, the head of the Ji family, is leading a group of important members of the Ji family to meet with Jiang Pingping and a group of important members of the Jiang family.
The parents of the first royal family of China and the second royal family are planning how to avenge Chen Ning.
Jiang Ping said: “Chen Ning is so rampant, if you don’t kill him, our two families will have no face, and we can no longer look up to see people.”
“Lao Ji, my suggestion is that we use all our personnel and strength to come to Zhonghai and smooth Chen Ning.”
Ji Chang nodded: “My thoughts are similar to yours. Chen Ning must use thunder means to suppress this young girl, so that the world will know how powerful our two families are.”
“Don’t let a dog and a cat jump out afterwards and dare to stroke our tiger’s whiskers.”
When Ji Chang said this, he showed a worried expression: “Our two families are really serious about Chen Ning, and it is a matter of course to destroy Chen Ning.”
“But I heard that our No. 1 military commander in China, the Marshal of the North, is keeping a low profile in the province of Zhonghai City.”
“We led a large number of disciples to bloodbath the Chen Ning family in Zhonghai. If the marshal is disturbed, then we will be over.”
Jiang Ping said, “This layer needs attention!”
“Well, I have a little friendship with the commander of the Zhonghai Military Region, Major General Wang Daofang. Our two families choose a valuable gift and ask Wang Daofang to give it to the young marshal.”
“In this way, you can indulge in the marshal and leave an impression in his mind.”
“Secondly, let’s fight in Zhonghai, causing a bloody storm, and the marshal will not say anything if he knows it.”
Ji Chang was overjoyed when he heard this, and praised: “Old Jiang is as thoughtful as you think!”
“I got a piece of emperor green jade material before, let people turn it into a jade plate, this emperor green jade plate, others bid 8.8 billion, I have not promised to sell it to him!”
“This kind of emperor green jade plate is just right for the young marshal as a gift.”
Jiang Ping heard this with a smile: “With this gift, it’s hard for the young marshal to not remember you, Mr. Ji, you really did not spare your money in order to impress the young marshal!”
Ji Chang smiled and said: “What is the worth of the mere billions of jade plans to make the marshal remember our Ji family.”
The Ji family and the Jiang family prepared a great gift, and five coffins, with countless disciples under them, heading to Zhonghai in mighty and murderous manner.
The emperor’s green jade plate is naturally going to be given to the young marshal.
The five coffins were prepared for Chen Ning’s family of five.
After the Ji family and Jiang family arrived in Zhonghai, they first settled in the villa of the Mountain Resort.
Immediately afterwards, Ji Chang and Jiang Tianqiao immediately took the emperor’s green jade plate and went to the base of the Zhonghai City Military Region without stopping to see Wang Daofang.
Wang Daofang knew that Ji Chang and Jiang Ping had a lot of background, and they were very polite to receive them.
Ji Chang told Jiang Ping that the two of them came to Zhonghai to do some private affairs. They learned that the marshal was in the province of Zhonghai. They brought a gift and asked General Wang to give it to the marshal.
After speaking, the two presented the emperor’s green jade plate.
Ji Chang smiled and said: “This jade plate is a small gift we prepared for the marshal!”
Jiang Ping also smiled and said: “Yes, we don’t know where the young marshal is, and we don’t dare to bother, so we want to ask General Wang to help us deliver the gifts to the young marshal’s mansion.”
Wang Daofang is a military commander, and he rarely touches jade antiques and the like. He knows that this jade plate should not be cheap, but he doesn’t know that it is worth several billions. He thought it was a gift of one hundred and eighty thousand!
So, he casually agreed: “Okay, I will definitely send your two gifts to the young marshal’s mansion.”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping opened their eyebrows and smiled and thanked them again and again before leaving.
Wang Daofang sent someone to take the jade plate to Chen Ning’s home in Jiangbin Community.
Chen Ning has learned from Dianchu that the Ji family and the Jiang family have come out and come to Zhong Hai to seek revenge on him. It is said that he has brought five coffins to his family.
At this time, I heard that this jade plate was dedicated to him by the Jiang family and the Ji family.
The corners of his mouth rose slightly, showing a playful smile.
He knew that this jade plate was made by the emperor’s green material and was worth several billions.
The Ji family gave such a heavy gift to the Jiang family, naturally it was not clear that he was the young commander.
He thought to himself: If Ji Chang and Jiang Ping knew that their enemies and the young marshals they pleased were the same person, I wonder what their expressions would be?

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