The One & Only

Chapter: 568

“Kill them and avenge Jiang Shao!”
“Yes, kill their family and avenge our two sons of the Ji family!”
The capable men behind Jiang Ping and Ji Chang did not notice the strange expressions of the two of them, and they all yelled and wanted to do something to Chen Ning’s family.
Jiang Ping hurriedly stopped everyone: “Wait everyone!”
Everyone at the scene was stunned, looking at Jiang Ping for unknown reasons. Didn’t you just say that you want to send Chen Ning’s family on the road?
Ji Chang was also looking at Chen Ning with suspicion at this time. He pointed to the fruit plate on the coffee table in front of Chen Ning, and said with a trembling, “Chen Ning, how did you get this plate?”
Chen Ning looked at the frightened Ji Chang and Jiang Ping, and said with a smile: “This jade plate?”
“Wang Daofang, Zhonghai City Military Region, sent someone to send it to me!”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping seemed to hear a thunder explosion, and both of them couldn’t help but tremble.
This emperor’s green jade plate is a gift they gave to the marshal. There is nothing wrong with it.
Since Chen Ning can tell that this jade plate was sent by General Wang, then Chen Ning must be the young commander of the North, the Chinese God of War.
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping couldn’t help being dizzy, their blood surged, and they almost couldn’t help vomiting blood on the spot.
Oh my!
They prepared five coffins, and the enemy they wanted to wipe out with thunder means turned out to be a young man!
After Ji Chang discovered Chen Ning’s true identity, his words became uncomfortable, and he tremblingly said, “You…you are…”
When Chen Ning waited for Ji Chang to say the word marshal, he already interrupted: “Kneel down!”
When Ji Chang and Jiang Ping heard the words, they trembled all over, and they knelt on Chen Ning involuntarily.
When Song Pingting’s family saw this, their eyes widened, and their faces were full of disbelief.
what’s the situation?
The Patriarch of China’s First Royal Family and the Patriarch of China’s Second Royal Family actually knelt in front of Chen Ning. Is this a dream?
The Ji family and Jiang family’s subordinates almost flew out their eyes in shock.
They all looked dumbfounded at Ji Chang and Jiang Ping who were kneeling on the ground, and said silently: “Old Jiang, Old Ji, what’s the matter with you two?”
Jiang Ping turned around and yelled at his hands: “Shut up all of you!”
Ji Chang also turned around and cursed loudly at his hands: “Why are you still standing? Kneel all to me!”
The Jiang family and Ji family’s subordinates looked at each other like a ghost in the day, and they were shocked to speak.
Everyone didn’t understand what was going on. Why did Mr. Ji and Mr. Jiang, who were screaming for death just now, suddenly fear Chen Ning like a ghost?
Ji Yan’s subordinates did not immediately kneel down, and he was furious: “I made you all kneel down, did you hear what I said?”
Jiang Ping also scolded: “The Jiang family all knelt down and confessed their mistakes!”
Although the Ji family and Jiang family didn’t know what was going on, they could only do what the two patrons asked them to do.
Dozens of men in the room knelt down one after another.
Soon, even the 8,000 disciples of the Ji family and the Jiang family outside all knelt down.
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping trembled together: “Mr. Chen, our two families have eyes and no beads, and we ran into you. Please post it.”
The Ji family and the Jiang family all knelt down and begged Chen Ning for mercy.
This stunned the Song Pingting family!
Song Pingting turned to ask Tong Ke, “Xiao Ke, are we dreaming?”
Tong Ke knew Chen Ning’s identity, and she smiled and said to Song Pingting: “Sister, you are not dreaming now. These people are now so scared that they kneel down to admit their mistakes to brother-in-law and beg for mercy!”
Song Pingting’s family couldn’t help but cast their eyes on Chen Ning again. Everyone was thinking: How did he do it?
Chen Ning was sitting on the sofa, and the afterglow of the setting sun projected in from the window, shining on him, making him mixed with light and shadow, looking very mysterious.
He coldly looked at Ji Chang and Jiang Ping, who were kneeling in front of him, and said coldly: “Being the bachelor must be tough to the end. Aren’t you very bullish just now? Why are you now?”
“I just came here with five coffins to kill my whole family. Where is it now?”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping fell on the ground, shaking.
They all had the desire to die. They knew that Chen Ning was the young marshal of the Northern Territory, so they would not dare to provoke Chen Ning to death.
Chen Ning was trembling all over when seeing the two guys crawling on the ground, and did not dare to speak.
He said coldly: “Look up and answer my question.”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping were forced to raise their heads. Their expressions were both awe and fear, and their heads were sweating profusely.
Ji Chang tremblingly said: “Mr. Chen, we knew we were wrong. We knew your identity a long time ago. We wouldn’t dare to come to you to make trouble after we were killed!”
Jiang Ping also quickly said: “Yes, yes!”
“We were wrong in this matter. We don’t have a good education for the children of the family. They offended Mr. Chen and they deserve to die. We should not come to Mr. Chen for revenge. Please Mr. Chen to punish.
Chen Ning said coldly: “I just said that I was going to kill my family. If you don’t know my identity, you might admit your mistake and beg for mercy?”
Ji Chang and Jiang Ping were so scared that they were so scared that they banged their heads to the ground begging for mercy, crying: “Mr. Chen, we know we were wrong, please forgive us once…”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “Don’t cry in my house, crying dirty the floor of my house.”
“Get all out of my house, take your five coffins, and kneel at the gate of the community!”
When Ji Chang and Jiang Ping heard the words, they didn’t dare to defy the slightest, and said quickly: “Yes, yes, we will get out of the community with five coffins.”
“We knelt at the gate of the community until you forgive us, Mr. Chen.”
Both Ji Chang and Jiang Ping greeted the men around them and left Chen Ning’s house in embarrassment.
Soon, they removed the five coffins from Chen Ning’s yard.
Moreover, the two of them actually knelt down at the gate of Jiangbin Community, planning to kneel down and Chen Ning to spare the two of them.
on the street!
A Bentley imported from Eagle Country in champagne gold, followed by a few Land Rover cars, quietly came to the gate of Jiangbin Community.
In the back seat of the Bentley, Princess Joanna and Zhao Yingming were seated.
It turned out that after the two had killed Ji Shaodian and others and laid the blame on Chen Ning, they had been waiting for the Ji family and the Jiang family to seek revenge on Chen Ning.
They are quietly appearing here now, just to watch the Ji family and the Jiang family destroy Chen Ning.
At this time, Zhao Yingming pleased Joanna and said: “Your Royal Highness, no matter how powerful Chen Ning is, it is impossible to resist the Ji family and the Jiang family.”
“It is estimated that Ji Chang and Jiang Ping have already killed Chen Ning’s family. What you promised me before can be realized tonight?”
Zhao Yingming looked at Joanna covetedly. He had wanted to sleep with this princess of Eagle Country for a long time.
Joanna promised him that when Chen Ning died, she could let him do whatever she wanted.
Chen Ning must be inevitable today, and his dream will come true today!
Zhao Yingming looked at Joanna expectantly, but found that Joanna was looking out the car window with shock.
Zhao Yingming was stunned, thinking what was outside the car window that shocked Princess Joanna?
He couldn’t help but look out of the car window, and then saw a scene that made him dumbfounded:
Ji Chang, the family of China’s first royal family, and Jiang Ping, the head of China’s second royal family, the two men who came to Zhonghai to kill Chen Ning aggressively, both bowed their heads and knelt at the gate of the community where Chen Ning lived.
Zhao Yingming said without losing his voice: “Damn, didn’t they come to kill Chen Ning? Why are you kneeling here?”

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