The One & Only

Chapter: 574

Two days later!
The mansion of Zhao’s family in Xichuan City in the west.
Today is the 60th birthday of the Zhao family master Zhao Xuecheng. The Zhao Mansion is full of lanterns and festoons, and countless servants are busy preparing for Zhao’s banquet.
Master Zhao, wearing a Baifu Tang suit today, brought a bunch of family members and his men to greet the distinguished guests who came to celebrate their birthday.
“Liang Tianhong, Chairman of Tianhong Group, gave a jade coral plant. I wish Mr. Zhao have today and the present every year.”
“Xichuan City respects Pang Haichang and presents a picture of calligraphy. I wish Mr. Zhao a blessing in the East China Sea and a longevity.”
“Han Ziyang of the Han family in the west, send a ginseng ginseng for a thousand years, and wish Master Zhao a longevity.”
An endless stream of guests came to celebrate the birthday!
However, Mr. Zhao’s guests are not among these guests.
There are two people he wants to see most now, one is his eldest son, Zhao Ruolong, the commander of the Western Realm; the other is Chen Ning, the nearest enemy of the Zhao family.
I want to see Zhao Ruolong because Zhao Ruolong is the pride of the Zhao family!
I wanted to see Chen Ning because he couldn’t wait to teach Chen Ning, and he wanted to tidy up in public so that Chen Ning knelt down and begged for mercy. Only in this way could he dispel his anger towards Chen Ning.
Master Zhao looked through his eyes, and muttered to himself: “Why are you still here? Why are you still here…”
Zhao Ruolin, Zhao Ruobao and others beside him didn’t know that the old man couldn’t wait to see Chen Ning, and thought the old man missed his elder son eagerly!
Zhao Ruobao smiled and said, “My eldest brother just called back, so he can’t come back this afternoon.”
“But Big Brother also told us a great news!”
Master Zhao was stunned: “What good news?”
Zhao Ruobao said excitedly: “The eldest brother said, he invited the young marshal from the north to come to your dad on your birthday.”
“Dad, the four commanders of China, how glorious it is to have two people attending your birthday, dad!”
Master Zhao and others became excited when they heard this: “What? You said that the young marshal of the North will come to wish me birthday?”
Zhao Ruobao smiled and said: “Yes, my eldest brother told me personally on the phone just now, and he also told us to have a good hospitality.”
Hearing the words, Master Zhao quickly commanded: “Quickly, quickly, prepare another seat for the most distinguished guests, and wait for our most distinguished guest today, that is, the arrival of the Northern Marshal.”
“Yes, sir!”
Everyone in the Zhao family was busy for a while, and finally prepared a VIP seat for the young marshal.
Many of the guests who came to celebrate the birthday also knew that the young marshal came back to congratulate Mr. Zhao on his birthday. Everyone was very excited when they heard that they had the opportunity to see the spirit of God of War.
At the same time, everyone also complimented Master Zhao for his face, and even the marshal came to celebrate his birthday.
Master Zhao and others, listening to the compliments of the surrounding guests and looking at everyone’s envious expressions, couldn’t help but feel very proud.
At this moment, I suddenly heard the doorman outside the gate shouting loudly: “Chen Ning is here!”
Chen Ning!
Master Zhao’s face instantly sank.
Zhao Ruolin and others also showed anger, looking towards the door together.
Then, I saw Chen Ning, who was tall and tall, and walked in with Dianchu and Bahuwei.
Everyone at the scene talked quietly!
It turns out that many people know that the Zhao family recently clashed with a guy named Chen Ning, and everyone has also heard that Master Zhao ordered Chen Ning to receive the punishment today.
It’s just that everyone didn’t think that Chen Ning actually came.
“Tsk tusk, this kid has offended the Zhao family, and Commander Zhao will appear at Master Zhao’s birthday banquet today. Does this kid dare to come?”
“Ho ho, he probably can’t think about it, but the Zhao family has spoken. If he doesn’t come, then his whole family will be unlucky.”
“Hey, he dare to offend the Zhao family, he is dead.”
Everyone at the scene talked in whispers, and many people looked at Chen Ning with pity.
Chen Ning brought Dianchu and Eight Huwei straight to Master Zhao.
Chen Ning smiled and said, “I wish the old man of the Zhao family a long and happy life!”
Master Zhao sat in the chair of the imperial teacher, surrounded by a group of family members and his subordinates, despising Chen Ning from the top.
Zhao Ruolin said with a sneer: “Chen Ning, you actually came. I have to admire your courage now.”
Chen Ning smiled lightly: “Ho ho, your Zhao family invited me to the banquet, why didn’t I dare to come.”
Master Zhao took a sip of the tea on the coffee table and slowly said: “Chen Ning, our Zhao family asked you to receive the punishment, not for you to attend the banquet.”
Chen Ning looked at Master Zhao who was sitting on the chair, and then sat down on an empty chair next to him. As the young marshal of the North, he did not have the habit of others sitting and standing.
However, Chen Ning didn’t even sit down in this chair.
Everyone in the Zhao family became angry, and Zhao Ruolin shouted: “Presumptuous, this is the seat prepared for our most honorable guest of the Zhao family today, that is, the seat prepared by the Northern Marshal. What kind of thing do you dare to sit on?”
Everyone in the Zhao family looked at Chen Ning coldly. Everyone sneered: This is the seat for the young marshal. Are you brave enough to sit?
But what made everyone stunned was that Chen Ning smiled when he heard that this was the seat specially prepared by the Zhao family for the marshal.
Chen Ning said: “It seems that your Zhao family is not rude, at least you know to prepare a seat for me.”
A seat for you?
Zhao Ruolin was stunned!
Master Zhao and the Zhao family were stunned!
Even the countless guests at the scene were stunned!
The Zhao family made it clear that this was the seat for the young marshal, but Chen Ning actually said it was the seat for him?
The old man of the Zhao family was the first to get angry. He slapped the tea table with a slap, slapped the tea cup on the table.
He glared at Chen Ning: “Arrogant, this is our seat for the young marshal. You brazenly said that it was a seat for you. Don’t you want to pretend to be a young marshal?”
Chen Ning showed a dumbfounded expression upon hearing the words.
He was angry and funny: “I am the young commander of the North, why should I pretend to be myself?”
Master Zhao and others gasped at the same time.
It was not that Chen Ning was frightened, but that Chen Ning was so cruel that he would dare to blow this kind of cowhide.
Master Zhao looked at Chen Ning with a sneer: “I’ve never seen a brazen person like you, and I’ve never seen a person like you to die.”
“Stolen confession from the table of the king of Hades, you should be talking about someone like you who lives and lives.”
“Come here, take him down for me!”
Master Zhao’s words fell, and a large number of fierce and wicked servants of the Zhao family immediately appeared around them, and these people were murderous and ready to pounce on Chen Ning.
Dianchu and the Eight Tigers guarded Chen Ning, and Dianchu roared: “Who dares to be rude to the marshal?”
Zhao Ruolin sneered: “Hey, not only does this kid pretend to be a young commander, but even his subordinates pretend to be a young commander. People who don’t know really think he is a young commander!”
“It’s a pity that this is the Zhao family. The young man is a good friend of my eldest brother. If you dare to pretend to be young man here, you will die and win!”
The members of the Zhao family were about to move forward immediately.
It seems that the fighting between the two sides is about to break out.
But at this time, the doorman shouted from outside: “Western Province Zun Wanggeng, Major General Guance of the Western Military Region, the two leaders are here!”
Wang Shengzun and General Guan are here!
Master Zhao shouted to a group of men who were about to do it, and then looked at Chen Ning with a sneer: “Ho ho, Wang Shengzun and General Guan are here!”
“Now it’s okay, with their identities, you will definitely be able to prove your authenticity immediately.”
“Chen Ning, you pretend to be the chief, just wait to eat and walk around!”

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