The One & Only

Chapter: 576

The Zhao family received Chen Ning in a panic, and regarded Chen Ning as a guest for fear that Chen Ning might have any dissatisfaction.
Not long!
The commander-in-chief of the Western Border Army, Zhao Ruolong returned with a large number of subordinates.
Zhao Ruolong was not convinced with Chen Ning before, but since he had competed with Chen Ning once and knew that Chen Ning’s strength was far above him, he had become very admired for Chen Ning.
He saw that Chen Ning was invited to celebrate his father’s birthday. He was particularly happy, laughing and telling Chen Ning that he would not be drunk today.
At the banquet, Chen Ning and Zhao Ruolong exchanged cups, accompanied by a large number of generals of the Western Army and local leaders.
In the end, many people got drunk.
Even Zhao Ruolong is drunk!
Only Chen Ning, although he drank a lot of wine, Chen Ning’s face was not flushed or sweated, and his eyes were still sober.
Zhao Ruolong was frightened, and waved his hands again and again: “You have taken it, you are not only good at marching, young marshal, you are also good at drinking without drunk, Lao Zhao, I am completely convinced this time.”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “The ability to drink is not a good thing. Brother Zhao, you guard the West, you are invincible, and the enemy is frightened. These are the skills. I will learn more from you in the future.”
Zhao Ruolong smiled and said: “Run, these are your strengths, the young commander, you lack to learn from my old Zhao, this is definitely a run.”
The people around couldn’t help but laugh.
Master Zhao’s birthday banquet ended in cheerful laughter.
Chen Ning took Dianchu and Bahuwei to leave, took a special plane, and returned to Zhonghai.
After almost all the guests of the Zhao family left, the servants of the Zhao family brought hot water and towels to Zhao Ruolong to wash his face.
After Zhao Ruolong washed his face, his drunkenness disappeared.
In fact, he saw that his father and his younger brother and the others had different faces during the dinner, and he realized that something must have happened, but he was very patient and asked what was going on at the door of the banquet.
Now the guests are gone!
He only sat down with his father Zhao Xuecheng and Zhao Ruolin’s younger brothers to have tea.
He picked up the teacup and took a sip of his tea, and said calmly, “Dad, today is your 60th birthday, so I think you all seem to be very worried. Tell me what’s going on?”
Master Zhao heard the words and hesitated: “Actually…there is nothing…”
Zhao Ruolong frowned when he saw it, “I dare not say it, it seems that it is really a big deal.”
“Let’s talk about it, what’s the matter?”
Where can Master Zhao dare to say?
In the end, Zhao Ruolin couldn’t help it, stood up and lowered his head, and whispered: “Big brother, in fact, our family didn’t know the identity of the marshal before, and he had a little grudge with him…”
Zhao Ruolong didn’t realize that it was actually related to Chen Ning. He woke up completely from alcohol in an instant, his expression became serious and serious, and he said solemnly, “What’s the specific situation?”
Zhao Ruolin had no other way, so he could only tell the matter through one hundred and fifty-one, and he didn’t dare to conceal the slightest bit.
Zhao Ruolong was surprised and angry after listening, and cursed: “You idiots!”
“Chen Ning is the young marshal of the Northern Territory, the God of War of China, and was pulled up by the old country master with one hand, and she is also loved by the country master’s wife.”
“Chen Ning is our No. 1 general in China. He is higher than me in terms of military rank, he is stronger than me in terms of performance, and in terms of background, the old country master and the country master’s wife treat him like a son.”
“You idiots, you don’t provoke the disaster on the ground, but you provoke the disaster in the sky.”
“Chen Ning can you provoke?”
Master Zhao’s group of people paled, and said in fear: “We didn’t know the identity of Chen Ning before. If we knew that he was a young marshal in the North, who would dare to provoke him!”
Zhao Ruolong snorted coldly: “It’s all to blame for our Zhao family’s children who have been too arrogant and domineering in the past few years. They think they are the most powerful in the world and dare to break into any disaster.
“Fortunately, Chen Ning was offended this time. He has a firm and upright character and will not have the same knowledge as the Zhao family.”
“But tomorrow our Zhao family must send someone to Zhonghai to apologize to Chen Ning’s family again, and in the future, the Zhao family’s children must be strictly disciplined, be careful in words and deeds outside, and do not cause trouble, otherwise the family law will take care of them.”
Master Zhao and others said together: “Yes!”
Master Zhao was very embarrassed, his father, he still had to be taught by his eldest son.
Can’t be wrong!
Who told him to do something wrong, and his eldest son has the most prestige.
In the evening!
Zhonghai City, Ningda Group.
In the president’s office, Song Pingting stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking at the sunset glow outside the window, frowning, her pretty face unable to hide her worry.
It turned out that she heard some messages today.
There are rumors outside that Chen Ning has offended the Zhao family in the West.
It is said that the Zhao family in the Western Region had already spoken two days ago and asked Chen Ning to come to Zhao’s family today to beg Jing.
People outside were talking about Zhao Ruolong, the son of Zhao’s family, who was the commander-in-chief of the 300,000 soldiers of the Western Territory Army. Chen Ning had offended the Zhao family and was absolutely dead.
When Song Pingting heard these messages, she felt extremely nervous and worried.
Moreover, Chen Ning did leave Zhonghai today and went to the West, saying that he was going to a banquet.
When she thought that Chen Ning was going to Zhao’s family to beg Jing, and Zhao’s family wanted to punish Chen Ning, she was fidgeting and restless.
At this moment, she couldn’t help taking out her mobile phone and calling Chen Ning.
She wanted to ask clearly whether Chen Ning went to the banquet or went to Zhao’s house to be punished?
However, the call could not be connected, and the cell phone prompts: “The call cannot be made, and the other party’s cell phone is turned off.”
Could something really happen?
Song Pingting became more worried!
She was like an ant on a hot pot, when she was anxious.
Suddenly, female assistant Lin Wei knocked on the door and came in. Lin Wei said to Song Pingting: “Mr Song, there is a person named Ye Jianming who wants to see you.”
Ye Jianming!
Song Pingting frowned upon hearing this!
Ye Jianming was the student council president of the school when she was in college. This guy came from a wealthy capital in Beijing. He is handsome and has excellent academic performance, so he is very welcome in the school.
However, this guy is not a good thing, and he has a big belly for his non-girl students.
There was even a female classmate who was drunk and defiled by him, so she jumped off the building and died if she couldn’t think of it.
Ye Jianming’s family is rich and powerful, and he has settled all these things.
Ye Jianming had pursued Song Pingting frantically, but Song Pingting was especially contemptuous of him, so Ye Jianming did not pursue her until graduation.
Song Pingting thought that after many years of graduation, the two had never contacted. Why did Ye Jianming come here?
She is now worried about Chen Ning, and she has a crush on Ye Jianming, so she said to Lin Wei: “You just said I’m in a meeting, I don’t have time to see him, let him invite him back!”
Lin Wei said: “Yes, Mr. Song!”
How long did Lin Wei go out, someone knocked on the door and entered.
Song Pingting thought it was Lin Wei who had gone and returned, and said displeased: “Didn’t I ask you to tell him that I was in a meeting, so there is no time to see him?”
But when she said this, she suddenly realized that the person who knocked on the door and came in was not Lin Wei, but a handsome man with gold glasses, it was Ye Jianming.
When Ye Jianming saw Song Pingting, who was so charming and charming, he couldn’t help showing a stunning expression.
It was not the first time he saw Song Pingting, but every time he saw it, he was amazed because Song Pingting was so beautiful.
He looked at Song Pingting with a faint smile, “Pingting, are you treating your old classmates like this?”
“I came to see you from the capital not far away, but you deliberately avoided seeing you!”
Song Pingting looked at Ye Jianming in shock: “How did you get in?”
Ye Jianming smiled triumphantly: “Of course I walked in!”
At this time, Lin Wei hurried in and said anxiously: “Mr. Song, I said you were in a meeting, but this person’s men forcibly controlled our security guard, and he forcibly broke in…”
Song Pingting frowned when she heard the words, and she waved her hand: “There is something wrong, he is my former classmate, you can make a cup of tea and bring it in!”
Lin Wei glanced at Ye Jianming suspiciously and nodded: “Yes, Mr. Song.”
Song Pingting looked at Ye Jianming at this time, and said with a frosty face: “Let’s talk about it, what is it that you came to find me?”
Ye Jianming looked at Song Pingting, who was wearing a business uniform and a hip skirt, with a smile, and said with a smile: “I recently read a magazine and learned that you were rated as a national model worker. That’s why I remembered you, who I was. The lover of dreams!”
“When I came here, I naturally wanted to realize the wish that was not fulfilled. To tell you the truth, I like you more now than before.”
Song Pingting said coldly: “I’m sorry, I’m already married and have children. You can die.”
The corners of Ye Jianming’s mouth rose slightly: “Married?”
“But I got the message that your husband recently offended the Zhao family in the West, and the Zhao family is taking your old open knife. I think you will soon become a widow.”
Song Pingting’s face changed drastically: “What did you say?”
Ye Jianming smirked and said, “I said that your husband offended the Zhao family, and it is estimated that his life is about to die.”
“If you want to save your husband, I can intercede with the Zhao family and let the Zhao family keep your husband a dog.”
“But in exchange, you have to promise to sleep with me!”
Song Pingting’s face was pale: “Don’t think about it!”
Ye Jianming smiled sinisterly: “It doesn’t matter, if you don’t agree, your husband is dead and you will be a widow. I can still chase you openly at that time!”
Song Pingting’s face was gray when she heard this!
But at this moment, a man with a tall stature and star-like eyes opened the door and said coldly: “I won’t die, and my wife won’t be a widow, but you are going to be unlucky.”
Seeing this upright man, Song Pingting couldn’t help showing an expression of ecstasy, and shouted excitedly: “Husband!”
It turned out that this tall man was Chen Ning who had just returned to Zhonghai City.

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