The One & Only

Chapter: 577

Ye Jianming was also particularly surprised to see Chen Ning!
He looked at Chen Ning suspiciously: “Didn’t you offend the Zhao family in the West, the Zhao family asked you to go in and be punished? Why did you come back?”
Chen Ning had no intention of answering Ye Jianming’s words, raising his hand was a slap!
Ye Jianming was directly slapped away by Chen Ning.
The slap was so cruel, Ye Jianming was directly drawn so that his cheeks were swollen, his mouth was full of blood, and his teeth fell in half.
Even Song Pingting looked dumbfounded!
Ye Jianming struggled to get up from the ground, and said bitterly, “Boy, do you know who I am?”
“You dare to beat me, you declare that you are dead, even if you send your wife to my bed to beg for mercy, you won’t be able to save your life…”
Chen Ning’s eyes were cold, and he raised his foot and kicked out, kicking Ye Jianming’s right knee.
Ye Jianming’s knee was kicked off by Chen Ning like dead wood.
Ye Jianming’s screams resounded throughout the office in an instant.
Chen Ning was still angry, and with a few clicks, he broke Ye Jianming’s left foot and both hands.
Ye Jianming started screaming screams, but slowly, even the screams became weak, and he was dying.
Chen Ning looked at Ye Jianming indifferently, and said coldly: “I don’t care who you are, if I dare to beat my wife, this is the end.”
At this time, Dian Chu and Eight Tigers had already entered.
Chen Ning told Dianchu and Bahuwei: “Throw this kid and all the doglegs outside on the street, and strengthen the security forces of the Ningda Group in the future.”
Dian Chu and others said in unison: “Yes!”
Soon, Ye Jianming was dragged out like a dead dog.
Song Pingting was still in shock at this time, she just held Chen Ning’s hand as if she was afraid that Chen Ning would disappear.
Chen Ning smiled and comforted: “My wife, it’s something wrong, this clown has been dismissed by me.”
Song Pingting couldn’t help being a little worried: “That guy is from the Ye Family in Beijing. You can actually teach him a little bit, my husband. There is no need to do such a heavy hand. This might offend the Ye Family.”
Chen Ning said lightly: “This is the result of bullying my wife. I only interrupted his hands and feet. This is already very restrained.”
Song Pingting shook her head with a wry smile. She didn’t think this was restraint!
She remembered the rumors from the outside and Chen Ning’s visit to the Western Territory today. She couldn’t help but ask: “Yes, husband, it is said that you have offended the Zhao family, and the Zhao family asks you to beg Jing.”
“You are going to the Western Region today. Zhao’s family is embarrassed, right?”
Chen Ning laughed and said, “I went to the Zhao family today, and I also saw Zhao Ruolong, the commander of the Western Territory Army. Zhao Ruolong was very polite, and the Zhao family was not unreasonable. We have already talked about the matter.
Song Pingting was overjoyed when she heard this!
She couldn’t help but gratefully said: “General Zhao, the commander-in-chief of the Western Territory Army, really is the prime minister who can hold a boat in his belly, so he doesn’t care about us like Star Dou citizens.”
“It’s great that the grievances between the Zhao family and us can be wiped out.”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “This time, the Zhao family did not do the right thing. It would be cheap to write off them. We are not sure that they will take the initiative to apologize tomorrow.”
Song Pingting couldn’t help but give Chen Ning a roll of eyes, and Yi Anyi said with joy: “Cheeky, it’s not bad for us to escape this catastrophe this time, you still think of the Zhao family to apologize for you, you are really whimsical.”
The next day, Zhao Ruolin, the son of the Zhao family, actually came to the Song family with a large number of gifts and apologized to the Chen Ning family on behalf of the Zhao family.
This made Song Pingting dumbfounded on the spot!
Beijing, Zijinhua Private Senior Hospital.
Inpatient department, ICU ward.
Ye Jianming, who was covered in white bandages, was lying on the hospital bed, getting a drip, and was falling asleep.
By the hospital bed, a man in a black suit was sitting on a chair with a gloomy face.
This gloomy man is Ye Jianming’s older brother, Ye Jiandong.
Ye Jiandong is the owner of Yan Wangdian, the largest mercenary organization in China, nicknamed Tiance.
There are ten superpowers under Ye Jiandong, known as the Ten Temple Yama, who are responsible for different tasks, some are responsible for training mercenaries, some are responsible for accepting employment tasks, and so on.
The Palace of Hades has an extraordinary position in the world of Eastern mercenaries.
Of course, in China, they claim to be a security company, and they will not admit that they are mercenaries, because according to China’s traditional tradition, no mercenaries are allowed in the country.
But in fact, it is undeniable that Yan Wangdian is a mercenary, and it is a world-class mercenary organization.
The reason why Ye Jiandong was able to create such a large mercenary organization in the capital, in addition to his strong strength and a group of top-notch men, thought that he was closely related to the second generation of Miao Zhenggenhong in the capital.
He usually mingle with the top powerful princes in the capital, and he has the same origin, so he has a good time in the capital.
His Hades Palace is also famous in China and even in East Asia.
Ye Jiandong’s mother died early, and his father took his stepmother. When he was a child, his stepmother beat and scolded him all day long.
However, the son of his stepmother, his younger brother Ye Jianming, has always treated him well.
The stepmother beat and scolded him and refused to feed him.
The younger brother Ye Jianming secretly hid the food and brought it to him with his stepmother on his back.
Therefore, after Ye Jiandong grew up, he was very indifferent to everyone, and he especially spoiled his brother.
This time, his brother was interrupted by someone, which completely annoyed him.
He sat on the edge of the bed, smoking a cigarette while looking at his brother on the bed, and then slowly said, “Who is it that beat my brother like this?”
Behind him, a brawny man with a short beard and a black face replied in a voice like Shen Lei: “Reporting Tiance, it is said that a guy named Chen Ning in Zhonghai City did it. The second youngster molested Chen Ning’s wife and Chen Ning…”
Ye Jiandong raised his hand and interrupted the black-faced brawny man.
He said indifferently: “I just need to know who did it. As for why I hurt my brother, it’s not in the scope of my concern.”
Hearing this, the black-faced brawny man lowered his head and said, “Yes, Tiance!”
Ye Jiandong said coldly: “Dare to beat my brother like this, this guy named Chen Ning, I want him to regret coming to this world.”
The black-faced strong man whispered: “Tiance, do you want to check the origin of Chen Ning’s identity first, and dare to hurt the second young master, this guy is afraid that he is a little capable.”
Ye Jiandong said indifferently: “No need to check, even if he is the king of heaven, he will kill my brother if he hurts my brother.”
The black-faced strong man said: “Yes!”
Ye Jiandong took a cigarette and spewed out smoke. His sharply angular and extremely gloomy facial features looked very mysterious and strange in the smoke.
He spoke again and coldly ordered: “Assemble the Ten Yamas, I want to come to Zhonghai to avenge my brother.”
The black-faced strong man was completely stunned and lost his voice: “Tiance, Chen Ning may be just a small businessman in Zhonghai City. Does he need such a big fight to deal with him?”
“You actually want to do it yourself, and you have to dispatch the top ten Yamas of the Palace of the Yamas. I think it’s fine to pick one of the ten Yamas to take Chen Ning’s life!”
Ye Jiandong said indifferently: “No!”
“Chen Ning beat my brother so badly, I have to kill his whole family to vent my hatred!”
Hearing this, the black-faced brawny man hurriedly lowered his head and said, “Yes, Heavenly Strategy, I will do it now.”

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