The One & Only

Chapter: 589

Chen Ning finished the call!
Qin Fenghuang, the bodyguard and driver in charge of driving, couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Chen, Miss Song, where are we going now?”
Chen Ning said to Song Pingting: “Some friends in the army held a banquet at the guest house and said it was for me to celebrate my birthday. You should go there too, right?”
Song Pingting shook her head: “Since they are all friends in your army, then I will not go.”
“For those of you who are soldiers, it is estimated that celebrating birthdays are both smoking and drinking. If I go with you, you are embarrassed to smoke and drink.”
“I just won’t go, you can have fun.”
Chen Ning couldn’t laugh or cry when he heard the words, but think about the leaders of the gang, it is indeed either a cigarette or a wine jar, smoking and drinking are indispensable.
Moreover, the guys in the army gathered together in a rough style of big bowls of wine and big pieces of meat, which was not comparable to high-class cocktail parties.
Moreover, it is estimated that there are no female family members to participate, so if Song Pingting goes there, it will be more boring.
So Chen Ning nodded: “Well, Xiao Qin will send me to the city guest house first, and then you and your wife will go home.”
Qin Fenghuang said crisply: “Yes!”
Soon, Chen Ning came to the city guest house.
Although the city guest house is also open to the public, it is usually served by civil servants, and the decoration here is not luxurious. In addition, it is a public place, so most people seldom come to eat here.
It is generally used by city leaders to entertain foreign businessmen or superior leaders!
At this moment, the guest house looks a bit deserted as it used to be, and there are no guests.
It’s just that there are some more humble people around the guest house. In fact, these are security personnel protecting the chief.
The commander-in-chief of the Zhonghai Military Region Wang Daofang!
Li Zilong, commander-in-chief of the Tianhai Military Region!
Liang Wenjian, commander of Dongjiang City Sharp Sword Special Forces!
Zang Liang, commander-in-chief of the Tianhai Armed Police Brigade!
There are also Zhonghai City Zun Zhou Ruoshu, Dianchu Bahuwei and others, who have been waiting for Chen Ning for a long time.
In front of the marshal Chen Ning, no matter what they wear military uniforms, they all wear casual clothes or suits.
Everyone said in unison: “I have seen a young marshal!”
Chen Ning waved his hand and said faintly: “Everyone celebrates my birthday tonight, and treats me Chen Ning as a friend, so no one is allowed to raise the rank and position tonight. Everyone thinks that the name of a friend matches!”
Everyone is very excited when hearing the young marshal say this. The young marshal treats them as his own!
Everyone said in unison: “Yes!”
The banquet has been prepared at the scene, the dishes are some common banquet dishes, but the tobacco and alcohol are special for the military.
Chen Ning and everyone were seated according to their respective identities. Chen Ning picked up the wine glasses and made a toast with everyone. Thank you everyone for remembering his birthday during his busy schedule, and even traveling hundreds of miles away to celebrate his birthday.
Wang Daofang and others hurriedly served their cups and toasted to the marshal.
While Chen Ning was drinking with the leaders of Jiangnan Province, a special team from the Donghai Province Naval Base had also quietly arrived in Zhonghai City.
There are 120 people in this team!
Headed by a burly man with a bald head and no eyebrows, he is the commander of the Navy’s Special Brigade, Colonel Chen Ba.
The 120 men brought by Chen Ba, all wearing special combat uniforms with live ammunition, are majestic and majestic.
Wu Yueyue brought a few entourages and joined Chen Ba and others.
Wu Yueyue shook hands with Chen Ba and said Yanran: “Uncle Chen, here you are.”
Chen Ba is tall, bald, no eyebrows, full of flesh and blood, and his face is very ferocious. At this time, he smiled and said to Wu Yueyue: “Ho ho, Miss Wu, your father is my old boss. There is no help from Mr. Wu. , How can I be Chen Ba today?”
“Elder Wu’s son was killed by an adulterer. Miss Wu wants Chen to take revenge. How dare Chen not come!”
Wu Yueyue said with satisfaction: “Then I will have Uncle Chen to deal with Chen Ning this time.”
Chen Ba grinned and said: “The 120 men I brought are all the elite of the Navy’s Flood Dragon Special Forces. Even if they face a thousand enemies, they can easily kill them.”
“Chen Ning, what a footpath!”
Wu Yueyue smiled and said: “With Uncle Chen you fierce generals, I’m relieved.”

Zhonghai City, Guest House.
“Block the door of the guest house, Chen Ning is inside!”
A large number of guys wearing practice clothes with the word “Ximen” written on their clothes appeared at the door of the guest house and surrounded the guest house.
Ximen Yu, with a blue nose and swollen face, was sitting in a wheelchair and appeared at the door of the guest house with an old man in a black cloth.
Ximen Yu said to the old man with a look of aggrieved expression: “Second Uncle, the guy named Chen Ning who hurt me is inside.”
This old man was called Ximen Heng, a well-known master of the Ximen family of the Guwu family, and he happened to open a school in Zhonghai City to teach his apprentices.
After Ximen Yu was not good at learning skills and was interrupted by Chen Ning, he immediately summoned his second uncle, Ximen Heng, to avenge him.
He wants revenge not to stay overnight!
Upon hearing the words, Ximen Heng calmly walked into the guest house with Ximen Yu and a group of men.
In the Peony Hall of the guest house, Chen Ning, Wang Daofang and others are pushing cups for a change.
Unexpectedly, Ximen Heng and others broke in!
For a while, Chen Ning, Wang Daofang and others all stopped the cup, and Qi Qi coldly looked at the uninvited group of Xi Menheng.
Xi Men Yu, who was sitting in a wheelchair, saw Chen Ning and immediately grinned and said, “Boy, you probably didn’t expect Xiaoye to come to you for revenge so soon!”
Chen Ning said coldly: “It seems that the lessons you have learned are not enough.”
Ximen Yu’s face was green when he heard the words, and he opened his mouth to curse.
But at this time, the second uncle Xi Menheng beside him put a hand on his shoulder and motioned him not to speak.
Then, Ximen Heng looked around the crowd, and finally his gaze fell on Zhou Ruoshu, the veteran of the city.
With so many people at the scene, Ximenheng only knew Zhou Ruoshu.
He frowned slightly, then stretched out again, and politely said to Zhou Ruoshu: “Zhou Shizun is also here!”
Zhou Ruoshu naturally knew Ximen Heng who was born in the top ten ancient martial arts families, and intentionally or unintentionally said: “Hey, Mr. Ximen Heng, who are you?”
Ximen Heng clasped his fists carelessly, then pointed at Chen Ning and said, “This kid interrupted my nephew’s leg. We Ximen’s children have never suffered this kind of loss anywhere. I must please my nephew for justice.
Zhou Ruoshu said, “What do you want?”
Ximen Heng said arrogantly: “I don’t want to embarrass Zhou Shizun. I only ask to take Chen Ning away from here. This is not an excessive requirement. You have to give me Zhou Shizun with this little face!”
As the second master of the Ximen family, he really didn’t put a small Zhonghai Shizun in his eyes.
Zhou Ruoshu sneered in his heart, but faintly said: “Since it is your grievance with Mr. Chen, then I can’t mix it up.”
Ximen Heng showed a satisfied expression upon hearing this!
Zhou Shizun has to worry about the three points of the Simon family!
Ximen Yu looked at Chen Ning with a sneer, and thought: Even the lord dare not protect you, are you still alive tonight?
Ximenheng’s eyes fell on Chen Ning, and he said coldly: “Will you take the initiative to follow us, or should I knock you down and drag you out of here like a dead dog?”
When Ximen Heng’s words fell, everyone at the scene was angry.
Dian Chu even shouted angrily: “Presumptuous!”
Wang Daofang also said angrily: “You dare to be rude to Mr. Chen!”
Chen Ning raised his hand and signaled Wang Daofang and others to stay safe and stay calm.
Then, he sat on the chair, looked at Ximen Heng, Ximen Yu and the others playfully, and said with a smile: “Only you, want to threaten me to go with you?”
“I have a lot of people and friends here. You can pick one to fight and beat my people. I’ll leave it to your disposal.”
“If you are as unlearned and skillless as your nephew, and even my men can’t win, then you kneel at the door and think about it!”
When Ximen Heng and others heard this, they laughed haha.
The Ximen family is one of the top ten ancient martial arts families, and Ximen Heng is even a master of the Ximen family. Chen Ning actually said that he would send a subordinate to fight Ximen Heng. This is simply looking for death!
Ximen Heng grinned and sneered: “Ho ho, old man, see who dares to fight the old man?”
The voice just fell!
Dian Chu took the lead to stand up: “I will teach you a lesson!”

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