The One & Only

Chapter: 590

“court death!”
Ximen said coldly.
Zhong Hai Shizun knew that the Ximen family was not easy to mess with, so they chose to be neutral and did not dare to interfere with it.
One of Chen Ning’s little men dared to jump out to challenge him. He was really stealing a confession from the table of the king and looking for death!
Dian Chu had no nonsense, and strode straight towards Ximen Heng.
Ximen Heng sneered and stepped forward to meet him.
Dian Chu is a typical combat style in the army, and striding is a punch, the most basic move.
Seeing Dianchu’s fist howling, Ximen Heng couldn’t help but let out a soft hey, obviously a little surprised by the power of Dianchu’s fist.
Ximen Heng didn’t avoid it, and raised his hand with a punch.
The two fists collided, and both of them took two steps back.
Both of them are tempted, and neither have to go all out.
Dian Chu found that the old man was not as weak as he thought, and his fighting spirit came up instantly. He let go of his hands and feet and said loudly, “Come again!”
Ximen said coldly, “Looking for death!”
The two are like two tigers, fighting close together, launching a storm-like offensive against each other.
Ximen Heng used the exclusive secret combat technique of the Ximen family, Blowing Snow Fist!
The fist looks light and fluttering, but it contains terrifying power, and the attack angle is extremely tricky, and the fist trajectory is erratic and elusive.
On the other hand, Dian Chu uses the textbook-like military fighting technique, which is open and close, without fancy, and is completely crushed by strength and speed to win.
This battle is extremely fierce!
Everyone at the scene shouted wonderful!
Ximen Yu and the others frowned slightly. Chen Ning’s subordinate was able to draw a tie with the second master of the Ximen family, one of the top ten ancient martial arts families, which is simply unthinkable.
Just now!
Dianchu Lightning made three cannon punches and forcibly broke through Ximen Heng’s defenses, causing Ximen Heng’s chest to open wide.
Dian Chu flew a kick, banged Xi Men Heng in the heart, and directly kicked Xi Men Heng out of it.
In addition to practicing snow blow boxing, Ximen Heng also practiced the golden bell iron jersey since childhood.
Therefore, although Dianchu kicked him so that his internal organs were tumbling, he still took it abruptly.
Moreover, he was kicked backwards by Dian Chu and came right in front of Chen Ning.
So he didn’t hesitate to turn around and rush towards Chen Ning, grinning and said: “Boy, I am impatient with your ink, I will take your life first.”
When the words fell, he had already killed Chen Ning like a ghost, with a right fist like a pig iron, and slammed into Chen Ning’s face with a fierce punch.
When Wang Daofang and others around Chen Ning saw this, they stood up together and shouted, “Old stuff, dare you!”
Seeing Ximen Heng’s punch, it was about to land on Chen Ning’s face.
Chen Ning raised his hand and directly wrapped the other party’s fist with his palm.
Ximen Heng opened his eyes wide in disbelief. Chen Ning caught his sharp punch?
Xi Men Yu, who was sitting in a wheelchair not far away, was also dumbfounded. Chen Ning was able to catch his second uncle’s fist?
The shocked eyes of Ximen Heng’s men flew out.
Because Ximen Heng can beat a cow to death with one punch!
Every time Ximen Heng punches his apprentice or enemy into the air, the most frequently said sentence is: take it? My punch is fifty years of work, can you catch it?
But now!
Ximen Heng gave a powerful punch, but Chen Ning in front of him lightly said the next step.
The people of the Simon family were stunned!
When Dianchu, Wang Daofang and others saw this scene, they all had an expression of “old man, you are asking for your own interest”.
Ximenheng himself looked at Chen Ning in horror.
Chen Ning said indifferently: “This is the style of your Ximen family. If you like to cause trouble, you will kill people?”
“Who gave you this power, kneel down!”
As Chen Ning said, his palms pressed slightly, his five fingers tightened, and he instantly grasped Ximen Heng’s fists and the skull screamed!
Ximen Heng couldn’t help groaning miserably.
Unwilling to admit defeat, he raised his foot to attack Chen Ning.
It’s just that Chen Ning also took a kick, faster and more powerful.
Chen Ning directly kicked off the shin bone of Ximenheng’s right foot!
This time, Ximen Heng couldn’t help screaming, he couldn’t stand steady, and he knelt directly in front of Chen Ning on one knee.
“Let go of my second uncle!”
“Let go of our master!”
When Xi Men Yu and the group of apprentices of Xi Men Heng saw this, they roared together.
Even these people are ready to do something against Chen Ning.
But Dian Chu already coldly shouted: “Who dares to mess around!”
Eight tiger guards, as well as the plainclothes security personnel on the scene responsible for protecting the safety of the chiefs, all guarded around Chen Ning.
For a time!
Ximen Yu and Ximen Heng’s men didn’t dare to mess around, they could only go around in a hurry.
At this moment, there was a woman’s sneer outside the door: “Tsk tsk, tonight is really hot.”
Everyone at the scene looked towards the door, and then saw a woman wearing a cyan embroidered cheongsam with a few entourages, walking in unhurriedly.
Ximen Yu saw the woman in the cyan embroidered cheongsam and couldn’t help but said in surprise: “Miss Wu!”
It turned out that it was Wu Yueyue, no one else was here.
Wu Yueyue saw Xi Men Yu sitting in a wheelchair and shook her head sneerly: “I thought how good your Ximen family is. I didn’t think you were a straw bag, even your second uncle is a straw bag.”
“The Guwu family can’t even deal with ordinary people. It’s really useless.”
“Wu Yueyue, I’m really confused by lard, so I will find you to help me deal with Chen Ning.”
Wu Yueyue never thought of herself as a chaste woman, she felt that her appearance was a resource that could be used in exchange for what she wanted.
But she worked so hard to accompany Ximen Yu for one night. Ximen Yu’s performance was so pussies, she really angered her.
Ximen Yu was embarrassed and angry: “You–”
Wu Yueyue said coldly: “You can go aside, and deal with Chen Ning. I have to do it myself!”
After she finished speaking, she looked at Chen Ning.
Chen Ning was also looking at her with a slight frown. Chen Ning was sure she didn’t know this woman. Why did she find someone to deal with her?
Chen Ning calmly said: “We have enmity between us?”
Wu Yueyue said indifferently: “You shouldn’t kill Ye Jiandong, the master of the Palace of the Yan King. He is my half-brother from the same father.”
Chen Ning understood: “It turns out that you sent Ximen Yu and others to trouble me!”
“Your brother’s death is to blame. I don’t want to care about it with you. Now I give you a chance to leave.”
Wu Yueyue laughed: “You give me a chance? Now is my chance not to give you alive!”
Chen Ning glanced at Dianchu Wang Daofang and the others, then smiled and said, “It’s up to you?”
“By me!”
A loud and powerful man’s voice came from outside the door!
Then, a tall, bald-headed man in uniform came in with a large number of soldiers with live ammunition.
These soldiers with live ammunition, holding submachine guns, aimed at Chen Ning and others together, shouting: “Don’t move all of them.”
The man in the military uniform of the colonel was naturally Chen Ba.
Wu Yueyue respectfully yelled Uncle Chen, and then looked at Chen Ning triumphantly: “I know you are very skilled, but look at my Uncle Chen and his soldiers, as well as the guns in their hands. Did you die a hundred times?”
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly, and he glanced at Chen Ba’s colonel’s badge and the mark of the Navy’s Special Forces.
He sneered: “Who I thought it was? It turned out to be the Jiaolong Special Forces under the East China Sea Fleet Headquarters commanding Chen Ba. You don’t take Chen Ba in your own defense zone. You led the team to the south of the Yangtze River without permission. You are so powerful! ”
Chen Ba was defeated by Chen Ning!
His eyes showed an expression of uncertainty, and he shouted: “Who are you, how can you know my identity so clearly?”
Chen Ning sneered: “You don’t deserve to know my identity, but if they don’t mind, the subordinates around me can report their identity to you.”
You know, Wang Daofang and other leaders, many of them are a bit higher than Chen Ba. Just because Wang Daofang and the others reported their identity, it was enough to scare Chen Ba and the others to lay down their weapons and beg for mercy.

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