The One & Only

Chapter: 596

A group of senior executives of Ningda Group recovered from their shock after a while.
Immediately, someone couldn’t help but said to Chen Ning: “Chen Ning, Long Haiping is known as the sea god. His Demon Temple is the largest pirate in the Asian waters. Everyone under his command is a murderous demon.”
“Even the navies of Asian countries are not able to wipe out the pirates like Long Haiping. Why do you say that you can deal with him?”
Immediately someone said, “Yes, Long Haiping has already let us know that Ningda Group will make a payment to him before 12 noon tomorrow.”
“Otherwise, starting tomorrow afternoon, he will be cruel to the senior executives of our Ningda Group.”
“If we don’t pay him now, all of us will be in danger!”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “Don’t worry, no one will be in danger. I will get rid of him before 12 noon tomorrow.”
“Don’t worry, everyone, wait and see.”
Seeing that everyone had different opinions, Song Pingting felt that arguing like this was not the answer, so she directly declared: “Our Ningda Group will not succumb to One Piece’s intimidation, and will definitely not give the so-called road money.”
“I will call the police to deal with this later!”
“In addition, our group’s recent shipments to overseas will be shipped by air for the time being.”
Song Pingting is the chairman and president of Ningda Group. She has the absolute right to make decisions.
After she made this decision, the other executives had nothing to say and could only do it according to her decision.
Soon, a group of senior executives from Ningda Group dispersed.
In the meeting room, only Chen Ning and Song Pingting were left.
Song Pingting rubbed her forehead and temple tiredly. She actually knew that the police could not solve the problem, and the police could not deal with the pirates like Long Haiping.
Moreover, air freight also increases costs, and all goods shipped overseas are air freighted, which is also a stopgap measure.
Chen Ning saw Song Pingting’s worries!
He sat down next to Song Pingting, took Song Pingting’s hand, and smiled and said, “Why, they don’t believe me, and you don’t believe your husband that I can get rid of the pirate Wang Long Haiping?”
Song Pingting directly gave Chen Ning a very feminine big eye!
She said happily, “Chen Ning, I know that you are very skilled, and you don’t even look at pirates.”
“But, this Long Haiping is a pirate king who has a headache even for the military of many Asian countries. How can you do something that the military of so many countries can’t do!”
Chen Ning raised an eyebrow: “Other Asian countries can’t do it, probably because their navy is not strong enough.”
“If our China Navy really wants to wipe out Long Haiping, it will only be a matter of minutes, but it has always been paid attention to.”
“I said that if you want to kill the pirates like Long Haiping, they will definitely not survive.”
“If you don’t believe me, let’s make a bet.”
Song Pingting opened her eyes wide and looked at Chen Ning curiously: “What are you betting on?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “I bet on whether Long Haiping and the pirates will be destroyed before 12 noon tomorrow.”
Song Pingting couldn’t help asking: “What is the bet?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “If I get these pirates done before 12 noon tomorrow, you can kiss me.”
Song Pingting’s pretty face flushed instantly, her eyes were full of shyness, and she tweeted: “Not serious.”
But think about it, Chen Ning is her husband, and she is Chen Ning’s wife. Isn’t it serious to kiss between husband and wife?
Thinking about this, she quickly turned off the topic, blushing and said: “Then you lose?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Then I will kiss you, it’s fair.”
Song Pingting was angry and funny: “It’s not fair at all, okay!”

After Chen Ning made a little joke with his wife, he came out of the Ningda Group.
Dianchu and Bahuwei, as well as violent winds and raging waves, had prepared their vehicles and were waiting for him at the gate of Ningda Group.
He got in the front black SUV!
The convoy of several vehicles moved forward without hurriedly.
Inside the car, Dian Chu was reporting to Chen Ning: “Marshal, his subordinates have already investigated clearly. The pirate Wang Long Haiping has arrived in Zhonghai City secretly with four powerful arms and a group of elite men.”
“Now they all live in the Dragon King Resort!”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “Our cargo ships used to fly the five-star red flag, even if they pass through the waters of Somalia, the most rampant pirates will not dare to ransack our cargo ships.”
“Long Haiping, these pirates, dare to looting the goods of our Ningda Group.”
“I even went ashore to blackmail the money to buy roads. This is the most deadly pirate I have ever seen.”
“Let’s go over now and see Long Haiping, a dead fellow.”
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”
Dragon King Resort!
This luxurious seaside resort has recently been directly booked by Long Haiping, and one package lasts for a week.
Now, in the entire resort, almost all people from Long Haiping.
At this time, Long Haiping was drinking and having fun with killer whales, octopuses, sea lions, and crocodiles, surrounded by a group of beautiful women.
Long Haiping smiled and asked the killer whale: “You send someone to the Ningda Group, what is their reaction?”
The killer whale smiled and said, “Everyone turned pale when they heard the name of your boss. It is estimated that they will send in money soon, 10 billion!”
Long Haiping sneered: “Ten billion is just a small amount of money for the Ningda Group. The White Shark and Cyclops are dead, and the Ningda Group will naturally release some blood.”
The killer whale asked, “Boss, what about Chen Ning, when shall we do it?”
Long Haiping sneered and said, “If we get the money tomorrow, we will kill Chen Ning. Then the typhoon will take us out to sea.”
The killer whale and others happily said: “Haha, then we will not only be able to accomplish what Mr. Wu gave us tomorrow, but we will also be able to make a fortune. This time we will not lose money when we land ashore.”
Long Haiping and a bunch of guys are happy!
Suddenly, a cold man’s voice came from outside: “You really do not lose, you planted in my hands, it can even be said to be your honor.”
Long Haiping was shocked and looked towards the door together.
Then I saw a man with a tall stature and star-like eyes, walking in unhurriedly with a bunch of men.
It is Chen Ning!
Long Haiping had seen Chen Ning’s information and photos of Chen Ning, so he recognized Chen Ning at first glance.
He was surprised: “It’s you, Chen Ning!”
At this time, a large number of people appeared around, all of them were the elite men brought by Long Haiping this time.
“Surround them, they hurt our people, don’t let them leave here.”
Soon, nearly a hundred of Long Haiping’s subordinates surrounded Chen Ning and his party impenetrable.
Long Haiping had already recovered from his surprise at this time, and he looked at Chen Ning without a smile: “Chen Ning, you actually found this place.”
“There is really a way to heaven, you don’t go, and there is no way to hell, you break in!”
“You killed my brother White Shark and Cyclops, and you just settled accounts with you today.”
Chen Ning looked at Long Haiping and said coldly: “It happens that I also want to settle accounts with you. I will give you the last chance. If anyone surrenders actively now, he can be regarded as surrendering.”
Long Haiping looked at each other with his men and laughed together.
Just relying on Chen Ning’s people, wanting them to surrender, this is crazy!

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