The One & Only

Chapter: 597

The corner of Long Haiping’s mouth rose slightly, and he looked at Chen Ning and others mockingly: “Ho ho, since you are seeking death, then I will fulfill you.”
“Four Sea Kings, all go together and kill them all.”
Long Haiping’s voice fell, and the four kings of the sea, killer whale, octopus, sea lion, and crocodile, immediately responded in unison: “Yes, boss.”
Whoosh whoosh!
The Four Great Sea Kings, like four shadows, shot towards Chen Ning and others.
“Presumptuous, stop them!”
Dian Chu gave a low cry, and among the eight tiger guards, four tiger guards immediately moved out like lightning and stepped forward to intercept.
The four sea kings and the four tiger guards met like beasts on a narrow road, and fierce battle broke out in an instant.
I have to say that the four guys, the killer whale, octopus, sea lion, and crocodile, are really strong.
Wherever they are placed, they can be regarded as top masters.
It’s a pity that what they met today was the ace guard next to the North Marshal.
Tiger Guards are the best soldiers in the Northern Territory Army. It is conceivable that the pirate leader will end up with the soldiers.
Boom boom boom!
The Four Great Sea Kings were almost immediately beaten into flight by four tiger guards at the same time.
All four guys flew out and fell heavily to the ground.
He vomited blood in his mouth and was seriously injured.
Upon seeing his men, Long Haiping opened his eyes involuntarily, showing shocked expressions.
At this time, Long Haiping was so shocked that his eyes almost fell to the ground!
The four sea kings are all powerful and powerful under his command. They fight fiercely on weekdays and rarely encounter opponents.
How come the four of them today were all knocked down by Chen Ning’s men in a simple and easy way?
Chen Ning’s men are too terrifying!
Long Haiping’s eyes looking at Chen Ning at this time had changed drastically, becoming extremely solemn and dignified. He had already begun to take it seriously and doubted Chen Ning’s identity.
Who is Chen Ning and how could he have such a powerful subordinate?
Chen Ning looked at Long Haiping indifferently at this time, and said coldly: “Now, Long Haiping, do you want to surrender and confess?”
Long Haiping knew the crimes he had committed over the years, even if he was shot a hundred times would not be enough, surrendering would definitely be a dead end.
He is absolutely impossible to surrender!
Even the mainstays of the Demon Palace around him had the same idea as Long Haiping.
There is only a dead end to surrender!
Desperately, there are so many of them that they may not be able to defeat Chen Ning and his party.
Besides, they are working for Mr. Wu this time. Mr. Wu has connections in the military and may help them return to the sea.
In addition, in the waters near the south of the Yangtze River, the typhoon also brought more than 800 brothers from the Demon Temple, ready to support them!
Long Haiping had already recovered from the shock at this time. He looked at Chen Ning with a sneer: “The most elite subordinates in my Devil Palace are here. We are ten times as many as you. You want us to Surrender, dream!”
“All the brethren work together, kill them all at all costs.”
Long Haiping’s words fell, and nearly a hundred members of the Demon Palace around them pulled out their weapons and screamed and killed them.
Dian Chu said coldly: “Fight against!”
Dian Chu, the violent wind and the waves, as well as the eight tiger guards, all attacked and intercepted the ferocious pirates.
The pirates swept in like a black tide.
Dian Chu and his party immediately collided with the pirates and launched a fierce battle.
The pirates have various weapons, including short forks, hand axes, swords, and even pistols.
Dian Chu is the king of soldiers in the north, and he is also the king of guns in the north.
He noticed that many pirates rushed towards them, but if a few pirates stood still and made guns, they knew that the other people had guns.
So he took a few very small steps and quickly retreated a few steps, avoided a gang of pirates with axes and hacks, then drew a pistol, bang bang bang bang, and shot the pirates who took the guns in the distance.
The pirates who stood in place and took out their guns didn’t understand what was going on. They were shot in their eyebrows, and they all fell with their heads up.
The Eight Tigers fought with the violent wind and waves, and the pirates.
The strength of the Eight Tigers is obviously higher than that of the pirates. From the beginning of the battle between the two sides, the pirates have been screaming and falling.
However, the pirates are fierce guys, they are not afraid of death.
The companions fell down, and the pirates behind stepped on their companions’ blood, stepped on their corpses, and rushed up with red eyes, desperately fighting the Eight Tigers.
The battle became more intense.
Long Haiping saw that although the number of his men was large, their combat effectiveness was not of the same level as Chen Ning’s men. His men kept screaming and falling down.
He knows that if this continues, his men will soon be knocked down.
Must find a way to break the game!
His gaze fell on Chen Ning, who had been standing with his hand holding his hand, without any shots.
His eyes lit up!
Shoot the man first, shoot the horse, and capture the thieves first.
Like being able to kill Chen Ning, or take Chen Ning hostage, Chen Ning’s men will be messy no matter how powerful they are.
At this moment, from the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the magazine in Dian Chu’s pistol not far away.
He did not hesitate to take out a retro-style revolver, pointed at Chen Ning, strode over, and pulled the trigger: “Chen Ning, go to hell!”
Bang bang bang…
Long Haiping strode over, shooting at the same time, shooting out all the six bullets of the revolver in one go.
He boasted that his marksmanship was not bad, and this time he aimed at Chen Ning’s head.
But what made him stunned was that at the moment he fired the shot, Chen Ning’s body floated and swayed like catkins in the wind, and all the bullets passed through Chen Ning’s brain, and they all missed.
He lost his voice: “You are faster than a bullet!”
The figure flashed in front of him, and Chen Ning had already appeared in front of the plane of Longhai.
Chen Ning said indifferently: “I may not be as fast as a bullet, but I can pull the trigger faster than you.”
Long Haiping was frightened and directly used the bullet-free revolver as a weapon and slammed into Chen Ning’s face.
Chen Ning raised his hand, grabbed Long Haiping’s wrist, and caught Long Haiping’s move.
Long Haiping’s eyes appeared horrified!
Chen Ning didn’t wait for the other party to come back to his senses, and broke the other party’s wrist with a bang.
Long Haiping couldn’t help letting out a miserable hum, swinging his left fist, and smashing at Chen Ning.
Chen Ning caught the opponent’s fist, and snapped his opponent’s left hand.
Long Haiping snorted again, his arms were broken, and his head was sweaty and his face was distorted in pain.
Chen Ning raised his foot and knocked the guy over with one kick.
This was Chen Ning’s pity and deliberately leaving Long Haiping to live, otherwise, Chen Ning would be able to directly kick this famous pirate king to death.
Long Haiping was bleeding from the corner of his mouth, fell to the ground, looked at Chen Ning in horror, and said with a trembling voice, “Who are you?”
Judging by Chen Ning’s terrifying skills and Chen Ning’s powerful subordinates, Chen Ning is definitely not as simple as a businessman.

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