The One & Only

Chapter: 598

“who are you?”
Long Haiping looked at Chen Ning and asked the question in his heart in horror.
Chen Ning walked up to Long Haiping unhurriedly, looked down at Long Haiping who was injured and fell on the ground, and said coldly: “It doesn’t matter who I am. The important thing is that you are a scumbag who doesn’t deserve to live. ”
“If you weren’t going to hand you over to the relevant departments, or let the news broadcast your embarrassed appearance when you were arrested, and let the people who hated you for a long time witness the arrival of justice, you are now a corpse.”
Long Haiping was shocked and angry when he heard this!
He glared at Chen Ning, and said inwardly, “Boy, don’t be proud.”
“Although I overturned the ship this time, my hand was under a typhoon. He led thousands of demon’s men and supported me at any time.”
“If you dare to move me, just wait for the typhoon and they will kill all your family!”
Long Haiping waited for Chen Ning to speak, and immediately said again: “Also, don’t think you can put me to death by handing me over to the judicial department. I have a fateful friendship with the newly retired Rear Admiral Wu Zhongtang.”
“Mr. Wu will definitely try to get me out. Then the nightmare between you and your family and friends will come, and I will definitely have the cruelest means to retaliate against you.”
“Hey, kid, do you feel cold in your hands and feet, are you scared?”
Long Haiping looked at Chen Ning triumphantly at this time.
However, Chen Ning’s face was still calm, and even the corners of his mouth rose slightly, adding a smile that seemed like nothing.
Chen Ning looked at Long Haiping, and said playfully: “You are not bad, you have left behind so that your typhoon will bring a bunch of pirates to support you at any time.”
“And you also know that you moved Wuzhongtang out to scare me.”
“It’s a pity that your typhoon has now been wiped out, and Wu Zhongtang is about to suffer a catastrophe. They can’t help you.”
Chen Ning’s words, heard in Long Haiping’s ears, it was like thunder billowing in the sky.
Chen Ning actually said that the typhoon was overthrown by their entire army?
Wuzhongtang is also about to face disaster?
This, this, what is going on?
Long Haiping looked at Chen Ning suspiciously, and said loudly, “What are you talking about? My typhoon led thousands of elite men and secretly entered the Jiangnan waters. How could the entire army be overthrown?”
“And you said that Mr. Wu’s catastrophe is imminent, it is also alarmist, right?”
At this time, the battle between Dianchu and Long Haiping’s subordinates around Dianchu and Long Haiping was almost over.
Dian Chu, they are all standing still!
And Long Haiping’s nearly a hundred subordinates, at this time, have all fallen in a pool of blood, dead and wounded.
Chen Ning looked at Long Haiping and said faintly: “When I just arrived here, the Jiangnan Navy dispatched a large fleet according to my instructions to encircle and suppress your typhoon and others. Now the typhoon should have been wiped out.”
Long Haiping said angrily: “You lied, the typhoon secretly sneaked into the Jiangnan waters according to my instructions, how could you grasp our whereabouts in advance?”
“And who do you think you are? You can mobilize a large number of fleets to attack. What do you think you are?”
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “A few days ago, when you ransacked our Ningda Group’s goods for the first time, I noticed you pirates and determined to destroy you.”
“I have sent someone to follow you for a few days, and I will keep track of the whereabouts of you and the typhoon and others.”
“As for who I am, I don’t need to explain more to you!”
Long Haiping still couldn’t believe Chen Ning’s words, he felt that Chen Ning must be lying.
What did he just want to say?
But at this time, there was a clattering sound of neat army boots stepping on the ground.
I also heard someone sternly shout: “Quick, quick, surround me completely, no bird can fly out from here.”
I saw the special soldiers of the brigade brigade with live ammunition, like a torrent of steel, coming in murderously from the door.
These special fighters with submachine guns blocked the scene as soon as they came in, and a handful of submachine guns, black hole muzzles, aimed at Long Haiping and his men.
Long Haiping, and his injured subordinates, were completely dumbfounded.
If it were the police, Long Haiping felt that it was normal, but now the army was dispatched, and looking at the signs of these army soldiers, it seemed that they came from the Raptors Special Forces regiment.
Long Haiping realized that it was abnormal, and an ominous premonition rose in his heart.
At this moment, a man in the uniform of a lieutenant colonel stepped forward.
The lieutenant colonel brought several officers and subordinates to Chen Ning and Dianchu, and they saluted Chen Ning together.
“Zhang Bao, the deputy commander of the Raptors Special Forces of the Northern Territory Army, has led two thousand soldiers of the Raptors Corps to completely surround the Dragon King Resort. Please the marshal for the next step.”
Little Marshal of the North!
When Long Haiping heard Lieutenant Colonel Zhang Bao’s words, his face instantly turned pale, and his eyes were full of hopelessness.
His heart was sinking, regretting, and bleeding.
It turned out that Chen Ning turned out to be the young marshal of the North.
No wonder Chen Ning was able to kill Tiance Ye Jiandong and destroy the Palace of the King of Yan.
No wonder, even Wu Zhongtang, who was once Rear Admiral, couldn’t help Chen Ning.
No wonder, Chen Ning said that he could mobilize the navy fleet to attack his men.
No wonder, Chen Ning said that Wu Zhongtang was about to face disaster.
It turned out that Chen Ning was the young marshal of the North and the God of War in China. No wonder Chen Ning was so confident and confident.
Oh my!
He offended some heavenly figures!
Long Haiping regretted his death, but at the same time he thought of Wu Zhongtang.
If it hadn’t been for Wu Zhongtang to call him and ask him to pay back the favor, he would not come to provoke Chen Ning anyway.
He hates Wu Zhongtang now in his heart!
At this time, Chen Ning did not give instructions to the soldiers of the Raptors Special Forces regiment.
He only asked calmly: “The Jiangnan naval fleet is dispatched to eliminate the pirates in the Devil Palace. How is the mission going?”
Zhang Bao straightened his waist and said loudly: “Report to the marshal. Five minutes ago, the Jiangnan Navy sent a message that the pirates of the Devil Palace have been wiped out by them, and the first typhoon has also been arrested.”
Zhang Bao turned around and waved to his hands, and someone immediately brought a military handheld computer.
Zhang Bao turned on his handheld computer and handed it to Chen Ning.
On the screen is a set of photos. In the vast sea, several warships surrounded the pirate ship, and a large number of navies were arresting pirates on the ship and saving the hostages.
Long Haiping was able to get under the typhoon and was handcuffed with blood on his face, and was held by the navy soldiers.
Chen Ning signaled the soldiers to show Long Haiping the handheld computer!
Long Haiping looked at it, his face gray and desperate.
He knew that he was completely finished.
Chen Ning turned out to be a young marshal. Not only did he fall into Chen Ning’s hands, but even his foundation, his pirates, were uprooted by Chen Ning.
Chen Ning looked at Long Haiping: “Are you going to kill me now?”
Long Haiping trembled all over, and recovered from the shock. He struggled to get up, knelt in front of Chen Ning, and begged for mercy while kowtow: “Marshal, I am wrong. I surrender and confess my guilt. Please bring me together. Opportunity, let go of it lightly.”
“Marshal, I am willing to confess my guilt and go to jail, please save me a life!”
Chen Ning said coldly: “I heard that when you ransacked the merchant ship, you didn’t leave anything except women.”
“You kill people like hemp. When you killed those innocent businessmen and boatmen, you spared them. Did you save their lives?”
Hearing this, Long Haiping’s body stiffened and his hands and feet were cold. From Chen Ning’s attitude, he saw his fate.
Chen Ning waved his hand: “Take them all away, hand them over to the judicial department, and deal with them strictly.”
“Yes, marshal!”
Soon, the soldiers arrested Long Haiping Ping Ren and escorted them out in an orderly manner.
Outside, reporters from countless TV stations and newspapers have already gathered.
Everyone saw that the soldiers came out grabbing the infamous pirate Long Haiping, and what they snapped up immediately was a video and photo shoot. This will be the hottest news in the country today.

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