The One & Only

Chapter: 599

in the afternoon!
Chen Ning returned to the Jiangbin community home, at this time the mother-in-law Ma Xiaoli was ready to eat.
Song Zhongbin, Tong Ke and Song Qingqing are already sitting at the table, ready to have dinner.
Chen Ning had seen Song Pingting, so he frowned and asked, “Where is Pingting?”
Song Zhongbin smiled bitterly: “She worked overtime with a group of executives in the company. It seems that the company is in big trouble. She wants to discuss with everyone how to deal with it, so as not to be at a loss when the situation deteriorates.”
It turned out that although Song Pingting decided not to compromise with the Pirate King, she would not pay the so-called 10 billion to buy road money.
However, she also knew that refusing to blackmail the pirate king would definitely anger the pirate king Long Haiping, so she wanted to discuss with the company’s executives a follow-up response plan.
Chen Ning couldn’t laugh or cry: “I’ll take care of this little thing after I said it, but I don’t worry about her!”
“Forget it, you have dinner first, I’ll go to the company.”
After speaking, Chen Ning took the car key and went out.
At this time it was nightfall, and the lights in the city were already on.
When Chen Ning arrived at the Ningda Group, it was almost seven o’clock in the evening.
In the conference room, both sides of the long conference table were filled with a group of senior executives from Ningda Group. Song Pingting sat in the chair of the president and presided over the meeting.
The main thing discussed in this meeting was that the Ningda Group rejected the blackmail of the Pirate King. If the pirate King Long Haiping frantically retaliated against the Ningda Group and even murdered the top executives of the Ningda Group, what should we do?
At this time, many people who had previously proposed to spend money on disaster relief began to scream.
“I suggested that I give them money and spend money to buy peace.”
“Yes, we refuse to give the money. Long Haiping and the gang of pirates are bound to be ashamed and angry. Then they will retaliate against us frantically. We cannot guarantee our lives.”
“Mr. Song, I have long said that the police are not useful. The police can catch thieves and gangsters and deal with large-scale pirates. How can they have this ability!”
“Yes, Mr. Song, you are the one who is unwilling to spend money to buy peace, and you are also the one who puts everyone into danger and panic. What should you do?”
Song Pingting frowned her eyebrows, she was also a little embarrassed.
Giving money to pirates doesn’t fit her three views, and it’s still 10 billion. The Ningda Group’s money is also hard-earned. How can the pirates be threatened?
Without giving money, the pirates retaliated against the executives of the Ningda Group. If anyone was killed by the pirates, then she would not kill Boren, but Boren died because of her, and she would have to feel guilty for a lifetime.
She comforted everyone and said: “Everyone stays safe, I ask everyone to have a meeting, just to discuss this issue, and see how to hire more bodyguards to protect everyone’s safety…”
However, many people do not buy it.
Someone continued to shout: “Is the bodyguard useful?”
“They are the pirates of the Devil Palace. Long Haiping is called the Sea God, and the Seven Sea Kings under his command are very powerful pirates. Are our bodyguards their opponents?”
at this time!
Chen Ning opened the door and said coldly: “If you are afraid, you can resign and leave Ning University now, so that you are not from Ning University, and naturally you don’t have to be afraid of being retaliated.”
Everyone at the scene didn’t dare to speak anymore when they heard Chen Ning’s words.
They are really reluctant to ask them to resign, and Ning Da’s treatment is very good.
Song Pingting saw Chen Ning appear, her instinctive feeling became dominant, and she quietly breathed a sigh of relief. She stood up and whispered: “Husband, why are you here?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “If I don’t come, are you going to be in trouble?”
Song Pingting and others were stunned!
Chen Ning continued to laugh and said, “I said long ago that before noon tomorrow, I will deal with Long Haiping, these rampant pirates. Why don’t you believe me!”
Song Pingting couldn’t help but whispered: “Husband, Long Haiping is the pirate king. He is not as easy to deal with as you think…”
Song Pingting’s words are still not finished, Chen Ning has already chuckled softly: “Long Haiping has been arrested, and the gang of pirates in the Devil Palace have been overthrown.”
Song Pingting was stunned when she heard this!
A group of senior executives of Ningda Group at the scene were all stunned.
The infamous pirate Wang Long Haiping was really caught, and all his men were overthrown?
After everyone was shocked, they all shook their heads and said it was impossible.
In the past, many small countries in Asia declared in the news that they would find Long Haiping and wipe out the pirates like Long Haiping.
However, in the end they all came back to no avail.
How could Chen Ning let Long Haiping and the gang of pirates overthrow the entire army!
Song Pingting was also skeptical, and asked Chen Ning in a low voice: “Husband, is what you said is true?”
Chen Ning said with a smile: “Your husband lied to anyone, he won’t lie to you!”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, he looked at the time of his watch, then turned to look at the senior executives of the Ningda Group, and said lightly: “If you don’t believe what I said, then you can turn on the TV news now and see it with your own eyes! ”
watch the news?
Everyone was stunned again!
Lin Wei, Song Pingting’s assistant, was the first to react and picked up the TV remote control and directly turned on the TV on the wall.
It was just after seven o’clock, and every TV station was broadcasting news network.
I saw the host on the TV bluntly said: “Today, a group of pirates named Demon Temple that has been endangering the waters around Asia was attacked by the Jiangnan Navy Fleet. As a headache, this group of pirates was wiped out…”
In the TV screen, a group of pictures immediately appeared, showing the soldiers of the Jiangnan Navy Fleet landing on a pirate ship, capturing pirates and rescuing hostages.
Song Pingting and a group of executives were shocked when they saw this scene on TV.
Then, the picture turned, the background of the TV picture turned out to be the familiar Longwang Resort in Zhonghai City.
A large number of special fighters with guns and live ammunition kept order at the scene. The leader of the Devil Palace, Long Haiping, known as the Pirate King, was dragged out by two burly fighters!
The pirate Wang Long Haiping was also arrested by the military.
At this moment, Song Pingting and the executives of Ningda Group were completely stunned.
Soon, everyone couldn’t help cheering excitedly!
“Wow, really, the pirate Wang Long Haiping was really caught.”
“It’s exactly the same as what Chen Ning said. As expected, Long Haiping and the gang of pirates will be wiped out before noon tomorrow.”
“Oh my God, the Chinese Navy is mighty, and the Chinese military is domineering.”
Song Pingting and others, while being proud of the Chinese Warriors, soon turned their attention to Chen Ning.
They remembered that Chen Ning had vowed before and confidently that the pirates would be wiped out.
How did Chen Ning do it?
Song Pingting was also full of suspicion on her pretty face, looked up and down Chen Ning with a pair of phoenix eyes, and asked: “Chen Ning, how did you do it?”
Lin Wei and others couldn’t help but say: “Yes, you really got it right, how did you do it?”
Chen Ning looked at Song Pingting and said with a smile: “My wife, I won’t hide it from you. In fact, I am the young commander of the North. It was me who mobilized the army and wiped out the pirates…”
Chen Ning’s words were not finished yet, so Song Suanting gave him an angry look, and said, “Stop talking nonsense to me, you are the marshal, then am I the marshal of the marshal?”
“Hurry up and be serious, how did you do it?”
Lin Wei and the others also said one after another: “Yes, Mr. Chen, don’t make a fuss on our appetite, you can talk about how you did it?”
Chen Ning couldn’t laugh or cry, how could he not believe it when he told the truth!

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