The One & Only

Chapter: 606

Xu Guangchao saw the Eighteen Horses in the North and took the initiative to kill them, his face changed drastically again.
He recovered for the first time, and shouted in a deep voice: “Xu Jiajian, prepare to fight, kill a knight, and reward five million.”
Under the reward, there must be a brave man!
At the scene, the members of the Xu family who were a bit shocked by the strength of the Eighteen Horsemen in the North, heard the words of Master Xu, they were all beaten up instantly, pulling out their weapons one after another, and slammed out.
At this time, in their eyes, the Northern Territory Eighteen Horses was not a terrible enemy at all, but bundles of banknotes!
More than 900 subordinates of the Xu family greeted the Eighteen Cavaliers in the Northern Territory with murderous aura.
However, they seriously underestimated the strength of the Northern Territory Eighteen Cavaliers.
In other words, they have no idea what they are facing!
Eighteen riders in the north are like eighteen sky thunders and eighteen tornadoes, rushing toward everyone in the Xu family.
As soon as the two sides met, the subordinates of the Xu family were directly killed by the Northern Territory Eighteen Cavaliers.
Both Xu Guangchao and his son Xu Haodong were taken aback by the terrifying scene in front of them!
They finally realized the horror of Eighteen Horses in the North!
No matter how strong you grow, you can’t withstand Wanjun Thunder; no matter how many you have, you can’t withstand the tornado storm.
I saw the Eighteen Cavaliers in the Northern Territory easily tore through Xu Jiajun’s defenses and plunged deeply into the enemy’s clumps, obviously wanting to pierce Xu Jiajun.
Xu Guang looked towards his father and son at the eighteen riders in the north as if entering an uninhabited state, wherever they went, the Xu family’s men fell in pieces, their faces pale for a while.
Even Leng Jianfeng couldn’t help frowning!
Leng Jianfeng said to the blood demon, red-eyed and eighteen arhats beside him: “Chen Ning’s group of knights don’t know where they got it. They are very powerful. I think the group of Xu family will be killed soon.”
“We can’t sit down, just do it, and take Chen Ning’s head first.”
The blood demon, Crimson Eye, and eighteen arhats all said together: “Good!”
Leng Jianfeng looked at Chen Ning not far away, and said solemnly: “Let’s do it together and kill him!”
The Blood Demon and Crimson Eyes and others immediately rushed towards Chen Ning with murderous aura.
However, a group of people suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking their way.
This pedestrian is Dian Chu and Bahuwei.
“If you want to be rude to our young master, pass us first.”
Dianchu’s feet were halved, shoulder-level, and his waist straight, standing with his arms folded, and the Eight Tigers lined up behind him.
Leng Jianfeng and the others opened their eyes wide, wondering where these guys came from?
Leng Jianfeng shouted: “The one who stands in the way is dead, kill!”
The Blood Demon and Crimson Eyes immediately rushed towards Dian Chu, and the Eighteen Arhats killed the Eight Tiger Guards.
The two sides fought close together and fought together in an instant.
Leng Jianfeng noticed that although Dianchu had twice as many people as his subordinates, Dianchu had one enemy and two, and they did not fall under the wind at all. Instead, they seemed to have an advantage.
He was shocked again!
You know, the blood demon, the red eyes, and the eighteen arhats were both the old department of Wuzhongtang.
These people are all skilled and used to be masters in the military.
It’s just that these people were a little arrogant and untrained, often violated military discipline, and were all expelled from the navy.
Wu Zhongtang raised these old ministries, and these people became the vassals of the Wu family.
Leng Jianfeng also didn’t think that they were not opponents of Dian Chu and the others when they still had an advantage in the number of navy ace masters!
At this moment, the sky was rolling in his heart, and he thought: Oh my God, how come Chen Ning’s subordinates are so terrifying, where did these top masters come from?
Bang bang bang…
Many of the eighteen arhats were knocked down by the eight tiger guards and screamed to the ground.
In the distance, Xu Jiajun was also killed by the Eighteen Horsemen in the North.
Leng Jianfeng acted decisively: “Don’t entangle them, everyone will follow me to Chen Ning and take Chen Ning’s life.”
The remaining ten or so Arhats heard this and gave up their lives to entangle Dianchu and Bahuwei.
The blood demon and the red eyes, like two gusts of wind, swept towards Chen Ning.
Leng Jianfeng followed the Blood Demon and Crimson Eye!
When Song Qingsong saw the three masters approaching Chen Ning, he couldn’t help but whispered carefully. Everyone couldn’t help but sweat for Chen Ning.
Chen Ning said indifferently: “Laughter!”
After speaking, he lifted his foot and kicked out his feet like lightning.
Bang bang!
Chen Ning kicked the blood demon and Crimson Eye in the chest with both feet.
The bones of the two people’s chests shattered instantly, blood spurted from their mouths, and they all flew out.
Falling on the ground, there are already two corpses.
Cold sweat on Leng Jianfeng’s forehead suddenly burst out!
The two masters, Blood Demon and Crimson Eyes, were kicked to death by Chen Ning’s random feet.
Oh my God, this guy’s combat power is too terrifying!
Although Leng Jianfeng was shocked in his heart, his speed at Chen Ning did not stop.
He drew out a soft sword and flicked his wrist. The soft sword pierced Chen Ning at a very tricky angle like a poisonous snake.
Chen Ning snorted coldly and flicked his finger, which happened to hit the soft sword’s face.
Leng Jianfeng’s soft sword was directly shattered as if glass was hit by a violent blow.
Seeing this, Leng Jianfeng’s pupils suddenly dilated, revealing an expression of horror.
He didn’t have time to react, and Chen Ning had already punched him in the face.
Leng Jianfeng received a punch and moved his head back, and then his body moved back, flying out in a “backstroke” posture.
When Song Qingsong’s family saw this, they were all shocked.
It is not the first time that they have seen Chen Ning take a shot, but they will still be shocked every time.
at this time!
Dian Chu and the Eight Tigers have defeated all eighteen Arhats.
In the distance, Eighteen Cavaliers in the North also killed more than half of Xu Jiajun’s casualties.
The Xu family’s men were like bereaved dogs, crying and screaming throwing away their weapons and fleeing.
Xu Guangchao and Xu Haodong stood where they were, stared coldly by the Eighteen Horsemen in the North, their faces pale and afraid to move.
At this moment, the crisis encountered by the Song family can be said to have been lifted.
Song Qingsong’s family looked at Chen Ning gratefully. If it weren’t for Chen Ning, their family would be out of luck this time.
Chen Ning took Dianchu Bahuwei, Song Qingsong and others, and walked in front of Xu Guangchao and Xu Haodong.
Chen Ning said coldly: “Now, do you still want to kill me and destroy the Song family?”
Both Xu Guangchao and Xu Haodong had ugly faces, their feet trembled slightly, and they couldn’t say a word.
Song Qingsong was also filled with righteous indignation at this time. He pointed at Xu Guangchao’s face with his crutches and cursed: “You bastard, it’s because our Song family made your Xu family a friend of yours, and I usually call you old brother with respect.”
“You actually coveted my granddaughter’s business, and even wanted to destroy our Song family. Are you a thing?”
Song Qingsong became more and more angry as he spoke, raising his crutches, and knocking down towards Xu Guangchao and Xu Haodong and his son.
Soon, Song Qingsong beat Xu Guangchao to his father and son with a bruised nose and swollen face.
Xu Guangchao and Xu Haodong have always looked down on the Song family and Song Qingsong, but now they are beaten but they dare not evade or fight back. They feel aggrieved in their hearts!
Song Qingsong severely beat Xu Guang towards the father and son, and the anger in his heart was slightly reduced.
At the end, he pointed to Xu Guang and cursed his face: “You are blinded by your dog’s eyes, and want to move our Song family. I don’t know if our Song family has a real dragon, is there a good son-in-law like Chen Ning?”
Everyone in the Song family couldn’t help looking at Chen Ning at this time, and everyone was proud of Chen Ning at this time.

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