The Protector

Chapter: 1563

The language is not surprising and endless.

As soon as Ye Junlin’s words came out, the audience was deadly silent.

Not worthy of the 17 most powerful members of the Xishu clan?

Who else will match?

Li Zi, standing next to Ye Junlin, was trembling like a sinking ice cave.

She also didn’t expect Ye Junlin to say such words in front of these supreme beings.

That’s it!

I’m going to anger them!

Tang Beidao and others were stunned.

If it was the former Ye Junlin, he was fully qualified to say this!

But now he is just an ordinary person!

Dare to say they are not worthy?

“Ye Junlin, what do you mean? Are you provoking us? Or do you look down on the clan of Xishu?”

Everyone was angry.

“I really look down on you! You are really unworthy!”

“My daughter will do as long as there is my guidance, I don’t need you!”

Ye Junlin was determined.

Li Ziran was silly.

Is this offending everyone?

are you crazy?

“Ye Junlin, what qualifications do you have to say this? You are looking for death!!!”

“Believe it or not I killed you on the spot?”

A bit more grumpy, he locked Ye Junlin directly with murderous aura.

Anxious, they dare to kill!

In their world, there are too many constraints.

In an instant, Li Ziran was frightened.

“Ye Junlin really thought we didn’t dare to kill you? You have repeatedly provoked, really don’t take my Xishu clan seriously?”

Ye Junlin looked at everyone, and he smiled: “If you want to kill me, you have to have that ability!”

Seeing that the atmosphere of rattling swords is on the verge of breaking out.

Tang Beidao stood up and said angrily: “Shut up!”

“Ye Jun Linnian is in love, let you go today!”

“And your daughter is a bit talented, but this talent is so terrible that everyone can snatch it! She is not worthy!”

Others echoed: “Yes, she is just talented, but not the most talented!”

“Your child has missed the best opportunity! We don’t plan to accept her anymore! Blame you if you are to blame!”

Everyone couldn’t bear this tone.

Do not accept the king as a disciple.

In everyone’s opinion, it is not necessary for you.

But this is indeed their own mistake.

In other words, their ability and cognition are not enough.

It’s not enough to see Junjun’s true talent.

Jun Jun’s talent is said to be unparalleled!

At that time, when Junjun’s talent was truly revealed, the Xishu family clan was so regretful that their intestines were blue.

Of course, this is something!

“Hurry up and take your child! I won’t care about it next time!”

Tang Beidao looked cold.

This time he was really thinking about his old love, letting Ye Jun a horse.

Ye Junlin shook his head ridiculously.

Hold Junjun and leave.

Soon after, King Shu and Yan Longwei came to look for Ye Junlin in person.

Let him be the deputy instructor of Qianlong Project.

Ye Junlin looked indifferent: “Anyway, I’m teaching my daughter, so if they want, they can follow along! I only ask for this!”

Ye Junlin was really not interested in the chief instructor or the deputy instructor.

“Of course you can, as long as you serve as an instructor! We will arrange the rest!”

A few days later.

The 100 talented seedlings of Qianlong Project have been assembled!

There are a total of four instructors this time.

One chief instructor and three deputy instructors.

Each has a great background.

The chief instructor is hired from international.

He integrates all modern and ancient training methods, and can develop people’s potential to the extreme.

When Ye Junlin brought Junjun to the Qianlong Project base, everyone was stunned.

“What the hell is the little girl?”

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