The Protector

Chapter: 1598

The light in his eyes was Zhan Ran, and his body showed the aura of a king looking at the world.

The temperament on his body changed, and everyone was taken aback.

Ye Junlin looked at the crowd and said, “I don’t care what your background is, and you will be obediently arrested! Otherwise, your other two sons will be buried here too!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

Ye Junlin said this.

Thoroughly stimulated Tuoba Zun Wan and his sons.

When did their group of supreme-level powerhouses be so provoked by an ordinary person?

Or kill his son’s enemy!

This tone cannot be tolerated anyway!


Tuoba Longfeng couldn’t help it.

A palm slapped Ye Junlin like a stormy sea.

Half a mountain can be shattered with this palm.

Let alone ordinary people.

Tuoba Longfeng cultivates strength.

With a fist at every turn, there is the force of a mountain pressing down.


In the next second, a dull loud noise resounded.

Ye Junlin blocked the palm of Tuoba Longfeng with a finger.


Above the fingers, a burst of energy shot out, and instantly penetrated Tuoba Longfeng’s palm.


Encountered such a heavy blow, Tuoba Longfeng flew out.

The corners of the mouth were overflowing with blood, and the eyes were filled with inevitable shock.

One finger defeats the supreme-level powerhouse…

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

“He… he is not an ordinary person! He, he, he… the strength is still there!”

Tuoba Zunwan exclaimed.

“We were all deceived! He is Daxia’s real powerhouse!”


Tuoba Longyuan roared wildly.

The whole person burst out like an arrow from the string.

His speed is too fast!

It is so blurred that no instrument can capture it.

It can only be afterimages!

This is the ultimate speed of the supreme-level powerhouse!

Beyond a lot of concepts!

It is impossible to explain with conventional ideas!

It can even match the speed of a bullet…

Tuoba Longyuan instantly appeared behind Ye Jun.

Time seems to be gone.


He slapped Ye Junlin’s head with both palms.

He had imagined Ye Junlin’s head like a watermelon exploding.


His two slaps slapped together fiercely.

There was a thunderous sound.

Like a bolt from the blue.

It’s just that the madness and smile on his face quickly solidified.

Because Ye Junlin disappeared before his eyes…

Disappear out of thin air!


Faster speed!

Ye Junlin is faster than him!


Sure enough, Ye Junlin avoided his violent blow faster.

And appeared behind him.

Hit it with a punch.


Tuoba Longyuan splashed blood on the spot, and fell straight to the ground.


Very shocking!

The two supreme-level powerhouses were in Ye Junlin’s hands, and couldn’t even handle a single move.

Than power?

He is stronger.

Than speed?

He is faster.

At this moment, Tuoba Zunwan and the others knew why the three groups of people sent out one after another disappeared for no reason…

It wasn’t that Ye Junlin had strong people around him protecting him.

He himself is the strong!

Ye Junlin caught Tuoba Longyuan’s two brothers at his feet.

“Don’t you help me less behind the Black Dragon? Do you harm Daxia, kill!”

Ye Junlin picked up the knife and fell.

The two brothers Tuoba Longyuan were killed on the spot.

“Longyuan, Longfeng!!!”

Tuoba Zunwan let out a mournful roar when he saw his two sons were killed.

“Kill! I must kill you!!!”

Tuoba Zun roared with red eyes.

He led three thousand army to fight to Ye Junlin.

Ye Junlin was also excited.

This is his second battle after his rebirth.

You can test how strong he is!

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