The Protector

Chapter: 1790

With Junjun’s super talent, once the message of accepting disciples is released, everyone is afraid that everyone will be snatching it!

Whether it is Daxia’s power, or global power.

Everyone wants it!

However, the message of Jun Jun’s apprenticeship, the forces of Dong Dao did not spread out on a large scale.

Even secret to the extreme.

Will not put any messages out.

And what about the forces that want to accept disciples?

It was they who sent out invitation letters one by one.

The forces receiving the invitation, for their own benefit, naturally kept silent.

Therefore, except for the people or forces who are actively invited, the message of the monarch apprenticeship is not known at all.

Although the message is closed this time, there are still many people invited to participate in the apprenticeship meeting.

On an unknown island somewhere in the East China Sea, it is in the depths of the East China Sea, where storms converge.

This place happens to be in the restricted area.

Most of the time, even satellites cannot be detected.

Airplanes and ships generally avoid this area deliberately.

But the warriors of Toshima chose to accept the monarch on this small island.

Therefore, even if the Western Heavenly King has the strongest intelligence agency, it is difficult to find here the first time.

On the island.

The Samurai of Higashishima came here early.

A helicopter fell, and several masters brought Junjun here.

The venue has long been set up.

Jun Jun was locked up in the background.

Junjun blinked his big eyes without making a sound. There was no crying or sobbing.

Seeing her serious attitude looking around, she seems to be thinking of a way.

Although Junjun is young, she is a sensible child.

The experience that was different from that of other children since childhood has made her mind far more than ordinary people.

Jun Jun held his small hand tightly, and sighed that he was still not strong enough.

The only thing she was waiting for was Ye Junlin’s rescue.

But she also needs to do what she can.

Like remembering everyone present.

Even if they are all masked, she still has to remember the characteristics.

Even their own words, Jun Jun must remember all of them.

When the time comes, let Dad have more clues.

The leader of the Toshima Samurai, covering his face, sneered: “Let’s take a look at the first genius seedlings of the summer. How much value can it bring to us?”

“Hahaha, wait and see!”

Everything is ready.

Then wait for the forces that want to accept disciples to come.


Soon after, there was a rumbling sound over the island.

A helicopter arrived.

The first one entered.

From the ancient power of the Great Dragon Palace in Daxia, the lord of the mad dragon war god.

The strength is close to the eight heavens!

The nineteenth strongest in the summer!

One rank higher than Ye Junlin!

In fact, after the covenant of the gods and various disturbances, various ancient forces have emerged one by one.

But the stronger and more ancient forces are still in a state of seclusion.

Never appeared.

I don’t know where this group of East Island invited them from!

It is enough to show that they are great!


The second one entered.

Venerable Xuan Lei, the lord of Xuan Lei Palace.

The 15th strongest in the summer list!

The third entry.

The lord of Fenglei City, Fengleijian Supreme!

Thirteenth on the Big Summer List!

The fourth place enters.

The fifth entry.

Soon representatives of more than a dozen forces entered the venue.

Almost the eleventh to twentieth on the Big Summer Ranking are here.

“Enter the sixteenth place!”

“He is the Xuanming Sword God from Xuanming Hall, ranking twelfth in the Great Summer List!”

“The seventeenth person enters!”

“He is a Wulong Taoist from Wulong Mountain, famous for his spells! Ranked eleventh in the summer list!”

After the two entered the arena, everyone gasped.

Except for the top ten in the summer, all the others are here.

Half of the sky list, this is terrible!

Not only Daxia forces came.

Together with the neighboring countries around Daxia, dozens of powerful ancient forces have also arrived.

Most of the invited forces have come…

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