The Protector

Chapter: 1791

It can be said that the strong are gathered.

One power is greater than one power, and one is older than the other.

Most people in the world have never heard of it.

But all of them are terrifying to death.

Especially half of the big summer list has come.

Think how terrifying Jintianwang is?

But here is someone who ranks above him!

They are so scary!

After another half an hour, all the disciples to be accepted finally arrived.

A grand gathering of apprentices is about to begin.

Only Jun Jun is to be accepted.

This is clearly the conspiracy of the Samurai Toshima.

The specific conspiracy is still unexplained.

Jun Jun’s talent is too high.

Known as an unparalleled genius.

Even the top players in the sky list want to bring them back to train and become the cornerstone of their power in the future.

So Junjun was mentioned in the invitation letter, and half of the summer list came one after another.

“I want to take away this little baby to accept a disciple. What are your conditions?”

Venerable Xuan Lei, the master of the Palace of Xuan Lei, said coldly.

This sound came out as if thunder was roaring.

It shook everyone’s ears buzzing.

“Hello, Lord Xuan Lei, the conditions for accepting this little baby as a disciple are very simple, it depends on what you can change? Everyone present is the same! Whoever exchanges the most value, who belongs to this child! “

“And we guarantee that after accepting this child as an apprentice, we can leave this island safely!”

After hearing the explanation of this group of forces, everyone gradually understood.

Many people are also relieved.

Some are slightly weaker, afraid that they will be robbed directly by the strong after taking the emperor as a disciple.

But with the promise of the East Island forces, they were relieved.

After accepting the apprentice monarch, they can leave safely.

Because so far, everyone does not understand the power of this arresting Junjun.

But the other party has all the information about them.

So everyone is sure that even the most powerful Wulong Taoist will not easily challenge this mysterious force.

Therefore, after accepting the monarch as a disciple, it is absolutely safe.

In this way, the apprenticeship gathering is the most fair.

After they formulated the rules, everyone began to think, what on earth should they take to accept the monarch as a disciple?

The people present are all super-big people, and there are certainly not few treasures in their hands.

It depends on who has the greatest value.

The apprentice-receiving conference is about to begin here.

Ye Junlin and the others still didn’t find where the island is.

Especially the Western Heavenly King they are looking for like crazy.

Ye Junlin was anxious like an ant on a hot pot.

During this period.

Many people have looked for him.

For example, if Li Zi dyes them, let him hand over the child, don’t coax anymore.

Yan Longwei also approached him and asked him what’s going on.

The more this time, the more people asked, the more annoying Ye Junlin was.

If there is a provocative person like Xuan Lang, Ye Junlin guesses that he will really kill.

However, Tianlong’s request for support is already in place.

The masters of Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan had already arrived on the road.

They still stared at Ye Junlin.

Whenever there is a turmoil, they will act first to stop Ye Junlin.


The cold sweat on Ye Junlin’s forehead!

Knowing a little clue, but can’t find it, how anxious this is.

At the same time he blames himself very much.

At the beginning, he shouldn’t be softhearted, and he shouldn’t let Ye Jun come to Tiance Mansion, otherwise this stall happened.

This also blames these guys in Tiance Mansion.


Ye Junlin roared angrily.

If Junjun made any mistakes, he would never forgive himself in his life.

Jun Jun was obviously lost, and many people wronged him and hid him.

But at this time, Ye Junlin didn’t care about all of this.


Anxiously, Ye Jun couldn’t hold back at the end, and blood shot out with his mouth open.

“Check, I found it! Wang, the island has finally been found!”

At the moment of despair, the message of the Western Heavenly King came.

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