Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 115

how so!
Bai Hai and Bai Yifan couldn’t believe their ears at this moment.
Not only did Master Dao make people beat up his employer, he also lost his own money, and even asked his family to give up the inheritance rights of the Bai family, thus gaining the Bai Yi family for nothing.
What a…how could it be possible.
“What? Bai Hai, don’t you agree?” Dao’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his gaze toward Bai Hai was fierce.
Not only that!
The burly guys behind, all swept forward, in a posture, as if Bai Hai would definitely kill himself if he dared to refuse.
“I…I agree!”
After saying this, Bai Hai seemed to lose his strength and fell straight to the ground.
That’s it!
Giving up the inheritance right meant that everything in the Bai family had nothing to do with him.
Under the intimidation of Dao Ye and others, Bai Hai asked people to collect five million cash and delivered them in packages.
In addition, the person printed a letter of undertaking to give up the right to inherit property.
The three members of Bai Hai, Bai Yifan, and Zhu Hua signed the letters.
Until then, the three people’s complexions were as ugly as dead gray.
Especially Aunt Zhu Hua!
She just feels like a dream now. You know, just not long ago, she forced the Bai Yi family to sign a letter of promise to give up the property inheritance rights.
But I didn’t expect it to take less than half an hour.
The situation was completely reversed and the family gave up the right to inherit property.
It’s just more than that!
“Bai Yifan, don’t you want a leg of Mr. Lin Fan?”
With a wicked smile on the corner of Dao’s mouth, he stared straight at Bai Yifan.
Hearing this, Bai Yifan’s body trembled fiercely, and his face turned pale.
He already smelled a hint of danger:
“Knife… Master Dao! What else do you want? Our family lost money and signed, do you still want to…” A deep fear appeared in Bai Yifan’s heart.
But Master Dao interrupted his words directly, and said with a ferocious face:
“You have a vicious heart, and you want to hurt a good citizen like Mr. Lin Fan!”
“For the sake of eliminating violence and peace, I will stand for Mr. Lin Fan’s justice today! ”
This sentence made Bai Yifan almost scared to pee.
However, before he had time to continue begging for mercy, he saw Master Dao taking a baseball bat and then smashing it down against his arm!
When the baseball bat slammed on Bai Yifan’s arm, there was a cracking sound, Bai Yifan’s entire arm was completely deformed.
It was interrupted by a stick!
Bai Yifan screamed screamingly, rolling on the ground constantly.
But this is still unfinished!
“I want you one more leg!”
The baseball bat fell fiercely again, slamming on Bai Yifan’s right leg.
It was the sound of fragmentation again, Bai Yifan’s calf was like a dead wood, broken and deformed!
Seeing Bai Yifan rolling on the ground in pain, and the people around the Bai family core, Li Mingyi and others, their faces turned pale in fright, with cold sweat.
Who can imagine that the Bai family who was still arrogant and domineering just now broke his hand and leg in a blink of an eye.
Not only that!
What shocked everyone even more was that Lin Fan’s Crow’s Mouth was hit again.
From the genius doctor Lin letting Bai Yifan slap in the face, to letting Bai Hai kneel and kowtow, to when Bai Yifan broke his hand and his leg, Lin Fan would definitely hit him. It was like an unknown prophet.
For a while, everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a monster!
And just when everyone was confused.
I saw that Master Dao took the mourning dog and the others, walked straight forward, then bowed his waist to Lin Fan, respectfully said:
“Mr. Lin, you were frightened last time. These five million are your spirit. Loss fee!”

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