Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 122

In the Global Collection Expo Center, until now, there is still a piece of his’blood’ in the most dazzling position.
Known as the most valuable collection of peerless treasures in the new century.
“Dad, you don’t have to be so troublesome, wait for me!”
Lin Fan smiled and said to Baishan, then turned and walked into the study.
Bai Shan was taken aback for a moment, he didn’t understand what Lin Fan meant.
Do you want to get a calligraphy and painting from home?
However, there is no calligraphy and painting in their home.
But he didn’t know.
Walking into the study, Lin Fan locked the door behind him, and then took out a bag from a drawer in a corner.
In the bag, you have everything you need for paper and color pens.
There is also an engraved chapter, which is written in English-Blood!
If you see this engraved chapter by the world’s top painters, you have to be scared.
This is definitely a legendary name in the world of calligraphy and painting.
Every piece of work can be called a peerless treasure, and the auction has reached sky-high prices, and collectors around the world have rushed to buy it for collection.
“I haven’t painted for three years! I don’t know, have the hands been born?”
Lin Fan smiled slightly, then took out the colored pens and paper, and started painting quickly.
Top painting is an art!
It is not only a test of the precision and strength of the fingers of a painter, but also the imagination and creativity beyond ordinary people.
Only by thinking what others can’t think can you paint what others can’t.
Just about fifteen minutes.
A painting has appeared in front of Lin Fan.
This is an old man in the painting, sitting alone on the riverside, while fishing and drinking, while on the surface of the river, the waves are surging, and the fish has been hooked.
This painting is not Lin Fan’s first creation.
Six years ago, Lin Fan created a “Lone Diao Weng” in the name of Blood, which was purchased by the Global Collection at a price of over 100 million U.S. dollars. It was placed in the most dazzling position of the Global Collection. Until now.
It can be said!
This work is a peerless work that made the world’s top painters worship.
After finishing the painting, Lin Fan took a closer look and nodded in dissatisfaction. Then he picked up his engraved seal and pressed it down at the bottom.
Finish these.
Lin Fan put away the painting, and then walked out of the study.
“Xiao Fan, what are you holding in your hand?” Bai Shan saw what was in Lin Fan’s hand at a glance and couldn’t help but asked curiously.
“Dad, this is a painting in my collection!” Lin Fan smiled. He didn’t say that he painted it himself.
Otherwise, Baishan will definitely be treated as a lunatic.
“You collected it?”
Bai Shan was dumbfounded, and he knew for the first time that his son-in-law would also collect calligraphy and painting.
“Do you want to give this painting to Li Zhenghui? But is the value of this painting high? Can someone look at it?” Baishan hesitated at this moment.
It is not that he does not believe in Lin Fan, but in his eyes, Li Zhenghui is a big figure in Jiangshi, the second in command of the Tianlong Group.
This kind of person would never put ordinary paintings in his eyes!
“Dad, don’t worry! Being able to get this painting is the greatest luck in his life for Li Zhenghui!” Lin Fan smiled slightly, but his tone changed:
“However, if he does not have long eyes, this painting may also be his biggest nightmare!”
For Lin Fan, the global boss.
Li Zhenghui is just a small subordinate, nothing more.
What I gave is his glory.
If you don’t open your eyes, it’s his grave!

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