Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 123

The Li family is located in the south of Jiangshi city.
Although the Li family is not a distinguished family in Jiang City, the head of the family, Li Zhenghui, is a man in Jiang City.
In Tianlong Group, the power is second only to the chairman Xu Tianlong, which also makes Li Zhenghui’s influence reach an extremely terrifying level, and coming to please people who are fond of courtesy is like a Qing Jiang.
Today, it is the fiftieth birthday of Li Zhenghui, and the Li family also held a grand banquet to entertain all distinguished guests.
These guests are almost all upper-class figures in Jiang City.
Only among the crowd, there was a limping young man who looked extremely dazzling.
If Lin Fan is here.
You will definitely know him. This person is Bai Yi’s classmate-Lin Guangyao.
“Steward Zhang, please tell my uncle again, saying that I brought a calligraphy and painting that he dreamed of, and he must see me!” Li Guangyao said pleadingly to the housekeeper of the Li family.
Yes, Li Zhenghui is Lin Guangyao’s uncle.
At the beginning, Lin Guangyao’s success in the Tianlong Group was also the credit of Li Zhenghui.
It’s just a pity.
Since the last incident in the Shengshi Club, Lin Guangyao was kicked out of the Tianlong Group by Xu Ziheng, a young man, and even Li Zhenghui avoided him.
The end was extremely dismal.
Today is his best opportunity for Lin Guangyao. As long as he meets Li Zhenghui, he will have the opportunity to re-enter the Tianlong Group by virtue of his relationship.
Seeing Lin Guangyao’s pleading appearance, the housekeeper Zhang couldn’t help shook his head and said coldly:
“Guangyao, don’t worry, Mr. Li has already said that he will come to see you when he is finished!”
Steward Zhang couldn’t help but asked curiously:
“In addition, what calligraphy and paintings did you bring? Why are you so confident that President Li must like it?”
But Mr. Zhang knew that his patron Li Zhenghui was extremely critical of calligraphy and painting.
Few of the great painters in Huaxia can catch his eyes.
Lin Guangyao smiled slightly, with a confident expression on his face:
“Steward Zhang, let’s tell you, this time I picked up a leak, and asked a friend to collect a blood treasure from a foreign market!”
Blood treasure?
Manager Zhang was taken aback.
He naturally also knows Blood. He is the most famous artist in the world. Every treasure, at least for a price, started with tens of millions of dollars, and even hundreds of millions of dollars.
Almost every calligraphy and painting enthusiast is proud of collecting treasures from Master Blood.
Especially Li Zhenghui!
But Steward Zhang knows that what Li Zhenghui thinks about day and night is to be able to own a painting by Master Blood.
“Guangyao, aren’t you kidding?” Steward Zhang’s complexion instantly became solemn:
“You have to be clear, if you lie to your uncle, then President Li will never spare you!”
Steward Zhang stared directly at you. Lin Guangyao seemed to want to confirm the authenticity of what the other party said.
But Lin Guangyao smiled slightly, but didn’t explain much, instead he called an old man from the side.
See the old man!
Steward Zhang was also refreshed, because he recognized the old man, who was Zhu Qing, the curator of the Jiangshi Collection Museum.
“Curator Zhu, let you introduce to Steward Zhang!” Lin Guangyao smiled slightly.
And hear this!
Curator Zhu Qing did not have any dissatisfaction. Instead, he took out the calligraphy and painting in his hand and spread it out:
“Steward Zhang, Mr. Lin’s statement is true. After my appraisal, the texture, color, and style of this painting are consistent. The lines are all made by Master Blood! Don’t worry! ”
Hearing the appraisal of the curator Zhu Qing, the butler suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, and then said with enthusiasm:
“Okay! That’s great, Guangyao, you and curator Zhu Qing will sit down first, I will go right now. the Lee invited! ” ”
he knew the elderly, some overjoyed, after all, this is the most precious fiftieth birthday presents! ”
Steward Zhang hurriedly went to invite Li Zhenghui.
Seeing this scene, Lin Guangyao smiled more brilliantly.
He seemed to have seen that he won Li Zhenghui’s favor and thus once again entered the Tianlong Group.
“Huh! Lin Fan, you wait for me. When Lin Guangyao rises again, I will definitely trample you under my feet!”
Lin Guangyao thought viciously, and a thick grudge appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Just at this moment!
The shout of welcoming guests at the door came:
“The Bai Group—Baishan and Lin Fan, come to celebrate your birthday!”

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