Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 124

This sentence made Lin Guangyao’s expression transient.
He didn’t expect to say that Cao Cao arrived.
When he hated that person the most, this guy came to him again.
At the moment, Lin Guangyao quickly turned his head to look around, and suddenly saw that an old and a young came in from the door.
It is Baishan and Lin Fan.
The Bai Group has just annexed the Huang Group some time ago, and its reputation has skyrocketed.
This also made that after Baishan came in, the upper class people stood up one after another and greeted Baishan.
As for Lin Fan!
But there was no one at all, just look at it, after all, in the eyes of many big men, Lin Fan is just a small door-to-door son-in-law, and he is not qualified to let them take a look.
Baishan responded with a smile all the way.
However, when they were just looking for a seat, they suddenly saw a limping young man walking over.
“Lin Fan!!!”
As soon as the young man approached, he stared at Lin Fan, almost bursting into flames.
Lin Fan frowned and saw Lin Guangyao here, he was also a little surprised, but then, the corner of his mouth curled up, he swept Lin Guangyao’s legs, and said playfully:
“Yeah! Isn’t this the class leader? He looks pretty recovered. Come on, this broken leg can walk!”
As soon as these words came out, it seemed as if he had stepped on Lin Guangyao’s tail, and the resentment in his heart suddenly burst out.
“Lin Fan, you don’t need to be arrogant, this is in Li’s house, my uncle’s house!”
“You are a little door-to-door son-in-law, arrogant!”
Lin Guangyao stared at Lin Fan.
When he saw a painting in Lin Fan’s hand, he was taken aback for a moment, and instantly understood the purpose of Baishan and Lin Fan, his face could not help but a thick sarcasm:
“Oh? I see, Lin Fan, Are you here to beg my uncle?”
“Your Baishi Group is developing a drug, and it will definitely be sold through my uncle’s channel!” That’s it!
Lin Guangyao seemed to have found an opportunity to retaliate, and the look on his face suddenly became more and more ferocious:
“I tell you, you are dreaming! With me, my uncle will never help you Bai’s group and sell a bottle of medicine! Hahaha ……”
Lin Guangyao laughed wildly.
He has decided that today, no matter what, Lin Fan must pay the price!
Familiar with his uncle Li Zhenghui?
Pure dreaming.
Lin Fan squinted his eyes slightly, without the slightest anger, but laughed playfully and sarcastically!
It’s more than that!
Lin Guangyao’s smile became more sinister and vicious. He stared at Lin Fan’s legs and said sternly,
“Also, this is the Li family! Wait, I will let you stand in, limp out, let you taste Taste the taste of being interrupted by someone!”
As soon as this remark came out, Baishan’s complexion changed drastically.
He didn’t expect that when he came to Li’s house, he would encounter Lin Fan’s enemy before seeing Li Zhenghui.
Especially looking at Lin Guangyao’s appearance, it seems that Lin Fan’s hatred is not in common with the sky.
Baishan suddenly regretted it and shouldn’t bring Lin Fan here.
And at this moment!
Da da da!
There was a sound of footsteps, but everyone saw that Li Zhenghui and a group of big men walked out of the main hall one after another.
Although Li Zhenghui was fifty years old, he was still handsome and majestic.
As he walked along, countless high-ranking figures in the city greeted him.
It’s just that he didn’t even look at it.
In a hurry, he ran to Lin Guangyao, and then eagerly said: “Guangyao, but what Mr. Zhang said is true? Did you really get Master Blood’s paintings?”

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