Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 125

Master Blood’s paintings!
When Li Zhenghui’s words came!
There was an uproar in the entire banquet hall.
There are many high-class figures around, but they all know Master Blood, and they understand the expensiveness and rarity of his paintings.
And now…for an instant, almost everyone’s eyes turned towards Lin Guangyao, one by one, with heat, expectation, envy, etc.
It seems that Lin Guangyao has become the protagonist of the entire banquet hall.
Not only the people around.
Even Baishan’s complexion changed.
A painting by Master Blood?
That’s it!
Bai Shan’s heart sank in an instant. If Lin Guangyao really had the precious paintings of that master, plus the hatred between him and Lin Fan, then he and Li Zhenghui would discuss the sales channel almost 100% of the time.
But Baishan didn’t notice. Lin Fan next to him, after hearing the words of Master Blood, suddenly turned a strange face.

Ah …” Lin Guangyao sensed the hot gazes around him, his vanity skyrocketed, and he said triumphantly:
“Uncle, that’s right, I did get a pair of Master Blood treasures! I have passed by Zhu Qing. Curator, personally appraise! ”
After hearing the confirmation news, Li Zhenghui’s body shook, and he was ecstatic to the extreme, as if he had obtained a rare treasure. He couldn’t help but couldn’t help but:
“Okay! My God, it’s great!”
“I didn’t expect Li Zhenghui to get it in my lifetime. Master Blood’s treasures, it really doesn’t disappoint me!”
Li Zhenghui’s complexion flushed with excitement, he quickly looked at Lin Guangyao, and then excitedly said:
“Guangyao, you said, what reward do you want this time! Uncle, I will satisfy you!”
Sure enough!
This sentence made Lin Guangyao extremely ecstatic.
He paid so much for this sentence.
At the moment, Lin Guangyao quickly said:
“Uncle, I want to join Tianlong Group again and continue to be the manager!”
“No problem!”
Li Zhenghui waved his hand, and promised very happily:
“This time, I will not only let you re-enter. Tianlong Group even wants to promote you to be the general manager! ”
Lin Guangyao was startled, and after reacting, he was overjoyed.
He did not expect that he not only succeeded in re-entering the Tianlong Group again, but even got promoted and raised to become the general manager.
Thought of this!
Lin Guangyao couldn’t help turning his head and glanced at Lin Fan. The sneer at the corner of his mouth made him more playful:
“Besides, uncle, I want you to refuse sales cooperation with the Bai Group!”
This sentence made Li Zhenghui stunned.
He looked back at Baishan and Lin Fan, then looked at Lin Guangyao and asked:
When he heard this, Lin Guangyao immediately stretched out his finger, pointed at Lin Fan, and said sarcastically:
“Because this person is a man. Liars and thieves!”
“He doesn’t know where he stole the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card of Shengshi Clubhouse and scammed them at Shengshi Clubhouse! Now Shengshi Group has not found out yet. Once discovered, Bai’s Group will be scammed by this thief. , And instantly perish!”
When Lin Guangyao said this, everyone was shocked.
Shengshi Group!
That is one of the giants in the province.
The Shengshi Club is just a small asset under the Shengshi Group.
Someone dared to steal the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card of Shengshi Group. This… is simply impatient.
To know!
That kind of card, I am afraid that only a few big names in the province may be eligible to have it.
And Lin Fan… almost wanted to die.

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