Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 126

In an instant, many guests around were talking and pointing to Lin Fan.
That appearance is full of contempt, disgust, ridicule and sarcasm.
As if they had predicted that after the Shengshi Group discovered it, Lin Fan would end up sadly.
Not only everyone!
Even Baishan’s complexion sighed and was pale with fright.
How… how is it possible!
How can my son-in-law have the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card of Shengshi Group? This is incredible.
“Xiao…Xiao Fan , do you really have the Super VIP Supreme Membership Card of Shengshi Group?” Bai Shan looked at Lin Fan with horror.
And around!
One after another, they all fell on Lin Fan’s body.
Seeing this scene, Lin Fan’s expression did not fluctuate at all, but he nodded faintly.
Seeing Lin Fan admit that he really has the Shengshi Group Super VIP membership card, everyone around him is thoroughly fried.
This guy even admitted himself.
It’s over…At this moment, everyone’s eyes on Baishan and Lin Fan have all changed.
In their eyes, Lin Fan was stabbing the sky, and it was only a matter of time before the Bai Group was finished.
Even the high-class people who greeted Baishan with enthusiasm before dodge one by one, as if there was a plague on Baishan and Lin Fan.

Huh !” At this moment, Li Zhenghui couldn’t help but feel fortunate, and secretly wiped his cold sweat.
Originally, he did have plans to cooperate with the Bai Group, but now it seems that if they really cooperate, then they will be affected by the Tianlong Group.
Thinking of this, Li Zhenghui looked at Lin Guangyao’s eyes and became more grateful:
“Guangyao , thank you for reminding me this time, otherwise, it would be a big mistake!”
Li Zhenghui turned his head to look at Baishan, his eyes suddenly indifferent:
“President Bai, you have also heard that your Bai group has caused such a disaster, our Tianlong Group will not cooperate with you!” In one sentence, it was like a thunderstorm. Baishan’s complexion was completely ashen.
The corner of his mouth was full of bitterness.
He knew that this time not only did the sales channels of the Pill of Resurrection collapse, but even the Bai Group was afraid that it would collapse.
After all, once the news spreads, no company will be willing to cooperate with them.
And at the moment!
Li Zhenghui was too lazy to look at Baishan and Lin Fan. He couldn’t help but said to Lin Guangyao : “Guangyao, hurry up! Let me take a look at Master Blood’s masterpiece!”
Seeing this scene, Lin Guangyao looked at Zhu Qing. The curator nodded.
Suddenly, Curator Zhu Qing opened the painting again in front of everyone.
This is a painting of the Eiffel Tower.
Above it, the iron tower towers into the clouds, unattainable, giving people a first-sighted visual shock, extremely strong!
It seems that the real iron tower stands in front of everyone, which is fascinating.
“Mr. Li, look, this Eiffel Tower should be the one made by Mr. Blood five years ago!”
“Whether it is sketched or portrayed, it contains the rich style of Mr. Blood, especially in the inscription, it has the personal style of Mr. Blood!”
“This painting, after our appraisal, is a treasure, and it is conservatively valued. It can reach 13 million U.S. dollars!”
Curator Zhu Qing admired this painting.
And hear this!
In the crowd, there were also uncontrollable praises.
A painting, conservatively valued, is nearly 100 million Chinese coins!
This is simply unimaginable.
Everyone sighed:
“Oh my God, it’s worthy of Master Blood’s work. It’s simply too magnificent, especially at this price. It’s unimaginable!”
“Yeah, Master Blood has disappeared for three years, every year, The value of his paintings will soar to a level. In the future, this painting may be worth several hundred million, and it is no exaggeration!”
The high-class figures around, looked at the painting as if worshipping a god.
These words of sigh also made the arc of Lin Guangyao’s mouth more obvious.
Just at this moment!
An indifferent word came from the crowd, making the smug smile on Lin Guangyao’s face instantly stiff.
“Tsk tsk…the imitation is very good, but unfortunately, no matter how imitated it, the fake will always be fake!”

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