Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 132

This value, like a bomb, made Zhu Qing’s body tremble and almost fainted!
Lin Guangyao’s work does not match the values ​​at all.
On the side, everyone around also found something wrong.
One by one only feels his own heart, it is like jumping out!
They have already recalled that before Lin Fan said that the real value is 13.78, while the value of this work is 12.31!
This shows what!
It means that Lin Fan can see the exact value of Lin Guangyao’s Eiffel Tower at a glance, and there is no difference in the slightest!
This is so accurate than measured, how is it possible.
But it’s more than that!
Robert did not notice the weird atmosphere here, but went on to say:
“Numerical value is the first method of identification!”
“The second method is deep sea blue ink! That kind of color ink, which does not fade or deform, can make this Sub-work, keep the original state for a hundred years! ”
Exactly the same!
After hearing the second point that Robert said, everyone’s bodies trembled.
Because Lin Fan’s second point actually fits perfectly with Robert’s second point.
“How about… the third point?”
Dense sweat rushed down Zhu Qing’s forehead.
But he still asked without giving up.
Not just him!
Lin Guangyao, Li Zhenghui and others nearby also stared at Robert in the video with pale faces, waiting for the judgment of the third point!
“The third point is the engraved chapter! Master Blood’s engraved chapter is difficult to imitate. The letter L will be hooked 30 degrees, and the authenticity can be seen almost at a glance!”
After listening to the third point, Zhu Qing only felt that his whole body was relieved, and the whole person fell to the ground.
It turned out that what he believed to be genuine was a fake!
What’s even more ridiculous is that Lin Fan pointed out it earlier, but he took the other party’s words as air.
He even got the appraisal from the curator of the Global Collection.
This made him, completely, a joke in everyone’s eyes.
And the other side!
Lin Guangyao was also completely confused.
After doing it for a long time, his own authentic product is fake?
Next to him, Li Zhenghui was angry and slapped Lin Guangyao’s face fiercely with a slap:
“You little beast, you still want to lie to me with fakes!”
“Hello! You, very good!”
Li Zhenghui gritted his teeth with anger. .
And Lin Guangyao was covering his hot face, trying to explain something, but it was difficult to say what he said when he reached his lips.
What else can he say?
He is the curator of the Global Collection, and the identification made by him is beyond doubt.
His calligraphy and painting are undoubtedly fakes.
“No! I don’t believe it!”
Lin Guangyao’s eyes were flushed red with a flick, and he shouted: “Curator Zhu, Mr. Robert, even if my calligraphy and painting are fake, but I don’t believe Lin Fan’s calligraphy and painting, they are genuine. !”
“His lone fisherman, apparently hung in the global collection hall, could appear here? Moreover, his paintings are obviously just painted not long ago. The fake ones can’t be faked anymore!”
That’s right!
Lin Guangyao’s words made the eyes of Curator Zhu Qing also bright.
He identified Lin Guangyao’s calligraphy and painting as genuine, but the result was fake.
But he didn’t believe it. He identified Lin Fan’s calligraphy and painting as fake, and he could make mistakes!
Thought of this!
Zhu Qing quickly got up, and then showed Lin Fan’s calligraphy and painting before the video, and asked Robert to appraise it:
“Mr. Robert, I know that this painting of the Diaoyu Weng is in your collection!”
“And now, we There is a fake here, please come and judge! ”
This sentence first changed Robert’s expression.
You know, they used to bid for solo fishermen, but they spent sky-high prices, how can they tolerate fakes, spread outside and deceive the world!
A trace of anger appeared on Robert’s face, and now he hurriedly looked at this’lone fisherman’ carefully!
But under this look!
Robert is dumbfounded!

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