Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 134

Where did this lone fishing man come from?
When saying this, everyone noticed that Robert’s fists were clenched, and that old face was engraved with tension and anxiety.
As if he was inquiring about some terrifying big man.
“This painting is… it belongs to my son-in-law…” Bai Shan panicked.
He still couldn’t imagine that he would have a conversation with this kind of international boss.
son in law?
Robert was visibly startled, and then asked more excitedly:
“That…Mr. Bai, can I see your son-in-law?”
Hearing this, almost everyone looked at Lin Fan who was standing aside.
Even Baishan looked at Lin Fan beggingly.
After all, it was too difficult for him to talk to big guys like Robert.
See this scene!
Lin Fan couldn’t help but shook his head helplessly. He could only walk out slowly, and said indifferently:
“Old man Luo, are you looking for me?”
When they heard Lin Fan’s “Old Man Luo”, Bai Shan, Zhu Qing and others, they only felt their heads buzzing, almost shocked.
This is the curator of the Global Collection, an extremely respected collector in the world, and an international tycoon!
In Lin Fan’s name, instead of a trace of respect, there was a deep ridicule!
Is this guy crazy?
“Damn idiot!”
Lin Guangyao saw this scene, and a thick ridicule appeared in the corner of his mouth unconsciously.
He could have predicted that Robert would be furious.
The smile at the corner of Lin Guangyao’s mouth just appeared, and he heard it in disbelief. In the video, Robert saw a ghost-like voice!
“God… my goodness! It’s really you! Ouma Karma!”
Everyone can hear Robert’s emotional changes in his voice.
Instead of being furious for the title of’Old Man Luo’, he was in a state of ecstasy.
Baishan, Zhu Qing, Lin Guangyao, Li Zhenghui, and all the guests around them all looked like a ghost.
what happened?
Listening to this tone, Robert, an international tycoon, seems to know… Lin Fan?
how can that be!
But there is more to it!
After hearing Robert’s excited voice, Lin Fan’s expression was not at all happy, but rather cold:
“What the hell are you doing! Besides, my surname is Lin!”
“Ok…Okay, Mr. Lin, I’m just too excited, no I thought I would really see you!” Robert also noticed his gaffe at this moment, and quickly adjusted his expression, then said cautiously:
“That, Mr. Lin, this master Blood painting, I don’t know if it can be sold. Give us the Global Collection!”
“We can pay 300 million US dollars!”
When Robert’s words came, the surrounding Baishan, Li Zhenghui and others only felt their hearts twitch.
300 million dollars!
I… I grass!
Almost everyone burst out in their hearts. They couldn’t imagine that Robert was so impatient to get this painting, and it was such a shocking price.
However, it is surprising!
Lin Fan seemed to have noticed it, he rubbed his eyebrows irritably:
“Okay! Send someone to trade in a while!”
“Hang up!”
Lin Fan hung up the video call with everyone’s dumbfounded expression!

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