Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 135

That’s it?
When seeing the video call, Lin Fan hung up without hesitation, and the surrounding Baishan and others twitched their mouths.
That was the call of the curator of the Global Collection. There are not many people in this world who dare to be so arrogant. Hang up Robert’s call!
But Lin Fan…
Baishan swallowed fiercely and spit, until now, he still asked as if dreaming:
“Lin…Lin Fan, is it really 300 million US dollars?”
300 million US dollars, worth 2.7 billion Chinese coins.
This is almost more valuable than the entire Bai family.
Especially for such a big business, did Lin Fan get it done in a few words?
everyone just feels as if they have had a dream, an unimaginable dream.
Lin Fan nodded lightly.
After he saw Robert’s figure on the video call, he had expected that the old man would definitely grab his paintings.
If it was normal, Lin Fan would definitely refuse, and gave the old man a mouthful of fragrance.
It’s a pity that so many people are here now, if he did that, he would almost admit in disguise that he was Blood!
At this moment, after seeing Lin Fan nodding his head, there was a sound of cold breath in the surroundings.
Although many of the guests here are called upper-class people, all of their assets add up, I am afraid that there is no 27.8 billion Chinese currency.
And now!
Lin Fan sold one painting every minute, more than all their net worth combined!
This is really better than people, so angry!
“Lin…Mr. Lin!”
At this moment, Curator Zhu Qing walked up with a complicated face.
He looked at Lin Fan as if looking at a monster, full of awe.
Because he was the only one who faintly guessed Lin Fan’s identity, and it was this guess that almost scared him to pee.
In the sight of everyone, Zhu Qing bowed deeply to Lin Fan, and then said in awe:
“Mr. Lin, I used to be Zhu Qing who had shallow knowledge and did not listen to Mr.’s words. I am truly ashamed. I am here to tell you. Apologies!”
“From today, if Mr. Lin has any dispatches, I, Mr. Zhu, will not hesitate!”
Zhu Qing bowed to the ground.
Who can imagine that the extremely arrogant curator Zhu Qing admitted to his mistake and bowed and apologized to Lin Fan.
Not only him!
Da da da!
After Li Zhenghui reacted at this moment, he also filled his face with a thick smile, greeted him quickly, and said enthusiastically:
“Mr. Bai, Mr. Lin, it was all a misunderstanding just now. It was someone Li who was angry with me. I hope you two don’t blame it!”
Li Zhenghui said this, but his heart was bleeding!
To know!
This lone fishing man was originally meant to be given to him.
Missed three hundred million dollars in vain, and even missed a peerless treasure.
But ……
“total white, do not know the painting, whether reluctantly part with me! As long as you gave me, I promise to immediately open all sales channels Denon Group, Pak Group escort for you!”
Here !
Li Zhenghui looked at the painting in Lin Fan’s arms, his eyes were filled with enthusiasm and greed:
“Besides, if you have any conditions, you can mention it! I promise all!”
Everyone stayed.
They did not expect that Li Zhenghui was so shameless.
Not long ago, Baishan took this painting as a birthday gift and gave it away, but he rejected it and threatened to cut off all the sales channels of the Bai Group.
But now, knowing that this painting is so valuable, I can’t wait to get it, it’s too shameless.

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