Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 151

It’s over…
Yang Tianrui’s mouth was filled with a deep, bitter smile.
He never expected that his lifetime reputation would be destroyed by the fists of a few bodyguards.
After these four punches, I am afraid that my old life will have to be explained, right?
In Yang Tianrui’s mind!
At this moment, for some reason, someone thought of it.
Lin Fan!
I’m sorry, Mr. Lin, Yang Tianrui can’t work for you, and I can’t help you rescue Mrs. Lin…
Yang Tianrui has closed his eyes thinking about this, waiting for the four iron fists to fall!
Just at this moment!
Bang bang bang!
A dull voice suddenly resounded in front of him.
Not only that!
In this dull sound, there was a sound of broken bones.
Yang Tianrui was stunned, and he was stunned to find that he didn’t feel any pain.
This…what is going on?
Yang Tianrui couldn’t help but quickly opened his eyes and looked to the front. Only then was he stunned to see that the four fierce and burly bodyguards, as if they were hit hard by a galloping train, were all knocked out. .
One after another, they fell to the ground.
At this moment, all the sounds in the corridor on the 15th floor disappeared.
The backbones of the Bai’s group next to them have grown up with their mouths, almost able to fit a duck egg.
And Yang Tianrui saw that in front of him, at some point, a young man appeared!
That is… Lin Fan!
At this moment, all the backbones of the Bai Group couldn’t believe their eyes.
They didn’t even see exactly how Lin Fan made the move, and they saw the four burly and majestic bodyguards, like scarecrows, being beaten up for life, it made people unable to believe their eyes.
More than them!
The strong bodies of the four bodyguards smashed against the wall for life, and then rolled down.
Their faces flashed with deep consternation and disbelief. Everyone felt that their chest bones, as if they were about to shatter, were extremely painful.
“Little…boy, who are you? Don’t be nosy, we are grand people!” The headed bodyguard looked at Lin Fan with solemn eyes.
For some reason, he felt an extremely dangerous feeling from Lin Fan, as if the young man standing in front of him was not a person, but more like a beast monster.
“Shanda?” Lin Fan’s mouth was filled with a cold arc:
“What is that!”
He was too lazy to look at the four bodyguards, and walked towards the office as soon as he stepped on it!
“Damn! Stop him, don’t let him disturb the young master!” The head bodyguard was taken aback and hurriedly shouted to the three people next to him.
Heard this!
The bodyguard in the front sprang up first, like an arrow from the string, swinging an iron fist and hitting Lin Fan fiercely!
“Boy, die for me!”
This bodyguard is obviously a Lianjiazi, with a fierce face and extremely brave momentum.
With his punch, the board can be punched through.
Everyone saw that just when the bodyguard had just rushed in front of Lin Fan.
One of Lin Fan’s arm suddenly lifted.
At an incredible speed, grab forward!
The bodyguard didn’t even react, so Lin Fan grabbed his neck and lifted it in the air.
In this scene, Lin Fan’s thin figure, motionless, just stretched out a hand, pinched a burly and strong bodyguard, pinched his neck, as if pinching a little chicken, in the air.
The bodyguard was scared to pee.
He only felt that at the moment when Lin Fan pinched his neck, his whole body could no longer exert any strength.
Especially he can feel it!
It seems that Lin Fan only needs a finger squeeze to squeeze his neck.
“No… don’t kill me…” I’m afraid!
The bodyguard was so frightened that urine flowed, his face was full of horror and despair, and the look in Lin Fan’s eyes was more like a devil.
“Kill you? You are not qualified!”
Lin Fan flashed a cold light in his eyes, grabbed the palm of the bodyguard’s neck and waved suddenly!
As if swinging a stick, it suddenly hit the ground!

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