Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 163

Good words, don’t persuade you to be an idiot!
When this indifferent word resounded in the Bai Family Hall.
In an instant, the complexion of all the Bai family members changed.
Everyone turned around one by one, and suddenly saw the door, a man and a woman, walking in, it was Lin Fan and Bai Yi!
“Lin Fan, what are you talking about? Who is an idiot?”
“Lin Fan, you have caused a big disaster, do you know? You still have the face to swear an idiot here, right?”
“Stupid Do you know what a big man you have offended! What a catastrophe you have caused!”
The moment he saw Lin Fan, all the senior officials of the Bai family exploded in an instant.
One after another humiliation and verbal abuse, Lin Fan almost flooded Lin Fan.
Especially Bai Yan.
The moment she saw Lin Fan, she suddenly remembered her father and husband who were in prison.
When the enemy met, they were extremely jealous.
Bai Yan suddenly went crazy, and rushed towards Lin Fan with her teeth and claws:
“Lin Fan, you bastard, you trash, you idiot! You killed my father and my husband! My old lady tore your face today!”
While shouting, Bai Yan severely tore away Lin Fan’s face.
See this scene!
The faces of all the Bai family members showed a gleeful look. They had long seen this door-to-door son-in-law not pleasing to the eye, and now Bai Yan tore his face, just like the hearts of many Bai family members.
Just when Bai Yan’s sharp nails were about to touch Lin Fan’s face!
Snapped! ! !
A clear and loud slap suddenly resounded.
Many Bai family members were stunned to see that Bai Yan was slapped in the face and stumbling back a few steps.
In particular, when all the Bai family members saw clearly and the people who shot, they were all confused.
Because that person turned out to be… Bai Yi!
At this moment, all the Bai family could hardly believe their eyes. After all, they knew that Bai Yi belonged to the most well-behaved and virtuous girl. In normal times, she rarely argued with others, let alone beat others.
It can be said that Bai Yi has never beaten a person since childhood.
And now, she actually beat her cousin for a trash.
“Bai Yi, you…”
Bai Yan held her hot cheeks, his face also full of incredible.
She once humiliated Bai Yi again and again, but even though Bai Yi was angry, she never spoke abusively to herself, but now…
“Shut up!!!”
Under the shocking sight of everyone, Bai Yi seemed to be a small Like a tiger, guarding Lin Fan’s body, her beautiful eyes swept across Bai Yan and everyone angrily:
“What are you guys, what right do you have to humiliate my husband!”
“You scold him for trash? But he did Dare to abolish Yang Minghao and scold Yang Jinshui for me!”
“And you… dare?”
Bai Yi’s words were sharp and sharp, like a slap in the face, slamming the faces of all Bai family members.
They look down on Lin Fan and think he is just a door-to-door son-in-law who eats and waits to die, but they have to admit that Lin Fan abolished Yang Minghao and annoyed Yang Jinshui. This was definitely any Bai family, and he would kill him. Things not.
At this moment, even the old lady Bai felt hot on her face, and instantly became angry from anger, staring at Bai Yi fiercely, and shouted:
“Bai Yi, you are too much!”
Too much?
When Bai Yi heard this, a deep sneer appeared on that flawless pretty face : “Grandpa, is it me who is too much? Or are you too much!”
“My husband was humiliated by you for three years, but he sent him Resurrection pills!”
“My husband was insulted by you for three years, but he invited Master Yang Tianrui!”
“And what did you do?” He said!
Bai Yi took out her cell phone, and the missed calls appeared on it, one after another, humiliating text messages:
“A total of seventeen calls, 54 text messages, all are for me and Lin Fan to go back to the family to apologize!
” Unfortunately, I am not guilty! My husband Lin Fan… is not guilty!”
Bai Yi’s words punish the heart every word, and the old lady and others instantly became more and more embarrassed.
Just after that, something that shocked them even more happened.
“Sorry, my husband and I didn’t come to plead guilty, but to…resign!”

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