Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 169

Da da da!
At this moment, in the eyes of everyone in the Bai family, there was no pressure, and big men in suits and leather shoes stepped forward.
Everyone, in ordinary hours, is definitely not something that the Bai family can easily see.
And now that it appeared, there were as many as a hundred people.
“Oh my god, Xu Yangsheng, my idol, he came to our Bai’s house. It’s incredible!”
“Yes, and Fei Yong! Last time, the uncle Bai Hai went to their group and waited for three hours , In the end I couldn’t see one side!”
“What happened, when will our Bai family attract so many bigwigs!”
Many Bai family members talked a lot, everyone’s face , All shone with excitement and excitement.
Especially Bai Yan!
She is now, but the new group president, just a 3 billion sky-high order from Yang Jinshui is enough to give her a rich resume and glory.
It can be said that the first beneficiary of the big gift Yang Jinshui sent was her Bai Yan.
At this moment, Bai Yan’s pretty face flushed with excitement.
And Bai Hai and others next to him also expressed envy and complimented them:
“Hahaha…big niece, you are so lucky, you just took office and got the largest order in the history of my Bai Group! Congratulations! Congratulations! ”
Bai Yan, sure enough you are the daughter of my Bai family’s destiny! As soon as Bai Yi left, you immediately made our Bai family prosper!”
“Haha…that Lin Fan, he said without embarrassment that we would ask for help.” Yi? How? I think Bai Yi is begging now, and he can’t enter our group!”
“…” That’s it!
Bai Yan, Bai Hai and other high-level officials burst into laughter.
In their eyes, Lin Fan’s words were completely a joke.
It’s more than that!
The next scene made them even more excited and almost fainted.
“Hahaha…Old lady, Xu Yang was born to give you a gift!” The big brother Xu Yangsheng took the lead in front of the old lady. He kindly held the old lady’s hand and said excitedly:
“Oh…I really didn’t expect , Your Bai family still hides such a giant dragon!”
“If I had known that the last time Bai Hai went to our group, even if I was busy, I would have to spare time to meet up!” As he said, Xu Yangsheng was full of face. Ashamed color.
Not only that!
He also looked at the uncle Bai Hai, nodded, and seemed to apologize for his previous actions.
Bai Hai trembled with excitement.
This is Xu Yangsheng!
Even apologizing to myself, this… this is simply unimaginable.
However, the old lady was sensitive to hear the word’dragon’, and couldn’t help being taken aback, then curiously asked:
“Xu Dong, I don’t know what the dragon you are talking about is…” The old lady was completely confused at this moment.
Why didn’t he know that their Bai family still hides a giant dragon, and this giant dragon can cause Xu Yangsheng so much attention and awe, and even let such a big man and his unsuspecting son nod their heads and apologize.
“Hahaha… can’t say, can’t say!”
Xu Yangsheng smiled, but didn’t directly say’Mr. Lin, but directly changed the subject and said:
“Old lady, this time, our group intends to talk to you Bai, Form a cooperative alliance!”
“This is an overseas order, valued at 1 billion U.S. dollars! Bai’s profit will be 80%, and we will take 20%!”
Xu Yangsheng’s words made everyone in the Bai family tremble again.
One billion US dollars, this is more than seven billion Chinese coins.
Eighty percent is more than five billion!
Hiss…At this moment, both the old lady and the people around him took a breath, almost unable to believe his ears.
But the shock has just begun!

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