Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 170

Fei Yong, Zhou Shengchang and other big brothers also stepped forward and said enthusiastically:
” My grandfather , our Changsheng Group has just received a large order worth 2 billion yuan, and we also want to seek your Bai’s cooperation! ”
And me, I have a group super project under the name of Fei Yong, and I plan to develop it together with the Bai Group, and the profit will be nine!”
sentence after sentence!
Constantly resounding within the Bai family.
And every sentence carries a super order.
This also made the hearts of Old Madam Bai and everyone else beating violently, almost reaching the throat.
In particular, the value generated by the order!
From more than two billion, soaring to seven or eight billion, and after that, breaking through ten billion!
From the old lady of the Bai family to the servants of the Bai family, at this moment, all of them were shocked by this huge order.
They can completely believe that if it is the Bai family, all these orders will be completed!
Then, the Bai Group will completely break away from the second-rate forces and become a first-class top consortium, or even a giant consortium!
Thought of this!
Bai Hai, Bai Yan and others were so excited that it was difficult to hold on to themselves.
Only Grandpa Bai!
For some reason, his heart beats fiercely at this moment, and the anxiety and worry in his heart become more intense.
How could it be like this… Mr.
Bai has seen countless big winds and waves, and at this moment, he has not been dazzled by the pie falling from the sky, but is full of endless doubts.
Still 90%!
These big brothers who came to send orders, almost every cooperation with their Bai family, Bai family accounted for nine, they accounted for one!
This is definitely not a normal business cooperation, but it is more like these big bosses who are in favor of the Bai family and please the Bai family!
It seems that the Bai family has someone who makes them fear and awe.
“Ahem ……”
moment, the old man hastened to bite the bullet and white, water for Yang asked:
“…… Yang Yang Dong, I ask the old man trouble, so much character, that you got all of it?”
White old man not I believe that a big man like Xu Yangsheng will come personally.
After all, his Bai family is only second-rate, but the other party is first-rate.
Here comes a big guy who is stronger than the Bai family, how could he take the initiative to come.
The only possibility is Yang Jinshui!
“Yes!” Yang Jinshui did not conceal it, admitting it openly, and said with a smile:
“Xu Dong and them, I invited them! I just briefly explained the stakes to them, and they came one by one. !”
“This is not what I forced!”
The old lady became more confused.
He couldn’t figure out what interest his own little Bai family could have against a big boss like Xu Yangsheng?
Could it be for… Lin Fan?
Yang Jinshui didn’t want to destroy the relationship with the Bai family, but wanted revenge.
Then only give the Bai family a sweet date, and then let the Bai family take the initiative to hand over Lin Fan?
Although Mrs. Bai couldn’t understand a little, for him, there was only such an unreasonable explanation.
“Baishan! Get out of here!” At this moment, the old lady Bai had a sharp face and sternly shouted at the corner.
Yang Jinshui’s complexion changed when he heard this name.
This is Mr. Lin’s father-in-law!
Before, Lin Fan almost killed himself because he threw a ball of toilet paper into Baishan’s bowl.
And now…
Almost subconsciously, Yang Jinshui wanted to greet Baishan.
It’s just that the next sentence from the old lady made Yang Jinshui like a lightning strike:
“The third child, you still don’t give Mr. Yang kneel down to make amends! It’s all a good thing your trash son-in-law did!”

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