Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 171

Kneel down to apologize?
Trash son-in-law!
Damn… Damn it!
Hearing these words of the old lady, no matter it was Yang Jinshui or Xu Yangsheng and other big guys, their bodies trembled in fright.
Nima, who would dare call Mr. Lin a trash son-in-law in this city?
Isn’t that special, it’s obviously the ultimate BOSS, OK?
Right now, Yang Jinshui only felt his scalp numb for a while, and wanted to stop it.
But I don’t wait for him to speak!
Just listening to the trembling voice of the housekeeper outside the door, it came again:
“Tian…Xu Tianlong, chairman of Tianlong Group, and all Tianlong directors…here!!”
As soon as he said this, it seemed as if the mute switch was turned on, causing all the voices in the Bai family courtyard to stop abruptly.
Old Madam Bai, Bai Hai, Bai Yan and others were all dumbfounded at this moment, and could hardly believe their ears.
Xu Tianlong?
Nima, could it be a mistake?
Grandpa Bai, Bai Hai and others looked at each other.
If it is said that Xu Yangsheng and others were invited by Yang Jinshui, then they are still slightly able to accept it. After all, these people are either on the same level as Yang Jin, have a relationship with each other, or are not as strong as Yang Jinshui.
But who is Xu Tianlong?
That was one of the pinnacle existences in the Jiangshi business community.
The opponent waved a little, and there were first-rate and second-rate forces, and they were wiped out.
This is not a figure of Yang Jinshui’s level at all, can you invite it?
And now…
The other party not only came in person, but also brought all the directors of Tianlong to come together. This was completely beyond the scope of the Bai family’s understanding and acceptance.
Huh huh!
At this moment, one after another looked at the door excitedly and nervously.
Just under their sight.
A majestic middle-aged man walked in with a group of business leaders who can only be seen on TV.
It turned out to be… really Xu Tianlong!
The juniors and seniors of the Bai family were completely crazy, and each of them was incoherent with excitement.
“God…Oh my god, I actually saw Xu Tianlong, this legend, my idol!”
“Are our Bai family going to develop? Even Xu Tianlong came to the house in person, grazing, what happened? Who can tell? Me, what happened?”
Every member of the Bai family was excited and nervous.
And just under their gaze!
Xu Tianlong took all the directors of Tianlong and came to the front of the old lady:
“Old Bai, hello, I am Xu Tianlong!”
Xu Tianlong had a gentle smile on his face, but just a word, that aura, that majesty, So the scalp of the old lady and all the white family members were numb.
“Xu…Xu Dong, hello! I don’t know if you are here this time…” the old lady asked excitedly with a nervous body trembling.
And felt the puzzled eyes of everyone around.
Xu Tianlong chuckled and said,
“I’m here this time to look for… Mr. Baishan!”
Hearing this, whether it was the old lady or the white family around him, his head was stunned.
Looking for Baishan?
The Bai family knows that Baishan has a weak personality and no abilities, and how can a big man like Xu Tianlong come to Baishan?
Could it be that Baishan offended Xu Tianlong, so that the other party did not hesitate to come in person, and even brought all Tianlong directors to shock the audience?
should be!
Whether it is the old lady or the Bai family around, wanting to break their heads, they only think of such a possibility.
At the moment, Mrs. Bai’s complexion completely changed.
He stared at Baishan angrily, and shouted angrily:
“Baishan, don’t you hurry out and apologize to Xu Dong and the others!”
“I don’t know what you and your trash son-in-law did! That trash Lin Fan , Offended Dong Yang, and you provoke Dong Xu again!”
“Are you all broom stars in your family? Do you want to kill our Bai family?”

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