Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 172

It’s not only Grandpa Bai!
Bai Hai and others next to him were also gloomy and almost dripping with water.
Their Bai family has just received super orders from Yang Jinshui and others.
If it is because of Baishan that Xu Tianlong is offended, let alone making a fortune, whether their Bai family will perish will be caused by Xu Tianlong’s wave.
Thought of this!
Bai Hai and the others also yelled at Baishan:
“Youngest, what are you doing in a daze? Hurry down and apologize to Dong Xu and others!”
“Yes! Sanshu, you have to kneel down for Dong Yang. After all, that trash in your family has offended Dong Yang!”
“Hmph! And that Bai Yi, it is really stupid to step down as president at this time! Are all this family idiots?”
At this moment, almost all the Bai family members showed their greatest malice towards Baishan, Lin Fan, and Bai Yi!
When the shouting of these Bai family members gradually stopped, they were surprised to find that the atmosphere here seemed a bit wrong.
That’s right!
Many Bai family members saw that the smiles of Xu Tianlong, Yang Jinshui, Xu Yangsheng and other big men disappeared. Instead, they were all green, and they all looked like they wanted to choose people and eat them.
This…what’s wrong with this?
The old man, Bai Hai and others could hardly believe their eyes.
After all, Xu Tianlong and others were mild in the last second, and so hostile in the next second!
What happened to this?
But, I haven’t waited for the old lady to ask!
Xu Tianlong suddenly snorted:
“Okay! Very good!”
“What a group of people who have eyes and no beads, what a family of wolf-hearted people!”
Xu Tianlong’s voice, with endless icy cold, instantly sent all the Bai family members into an ice cellar, shaking with cold.
Everyone felt that something was wrong!
Especially when Xu Tianlong’s next words uttered, suddenly all the Bai family members were struck by lightning!
“Xu came here this time to discuss cooperation with Mr. Baishan! However, he did not expect to see your Bai family, so humiliating Mr. Baishan, Mr. Lin Fan, and Miss Bai Yi!”
He…cooperation ?
All the Bai family members were dumbfounded.
How, how is it possible!
A big man like Xu Tianlong personally took all Tianlong directors to come to Baishan to discuss cooperation?
This is really like a fantasy.
“This morning, our Tianlong Group was almost shut down by our BOSS because of one thing!”
“In the end, it was Mr. Baishan who saved our group!”
“So, our Tianlong Group has already negotiated with Mr. Baishan! , Will open all sales channels under the group free of charge to escort the sales of Baishi Group’s drugs!”
“And this time, in addition to bringing a cooperation agreement, we also intend to send a tens of billions of orders for the Bai family! ”
In Xu Tianlong’s words, every word seemed like thunder, bombarding the hearts of all the Bai family members.
Make all the faces of the Bai family pale as paper.
this moment!
They couldn’t help but remember. Bai Shan said before that they had reached an agreement with Xu Tianlong and were not afraid of Yang Jinshui’s revenge.
At that time, all the Bai family sneered and ridiculed Baishan!
But they couldn’t even dream that it turned out to be…really!
The nightmare of the Bai family has just begun!
Xu Tianlong’s tiger eyes, like a sharp sword, swept across the bodies of Bai family members, with coldness and chills:
“I just heard that some people abused Mr. Lin as rubbish and some people abused Miss Bai Yi as an idiot! Even, your Bai family expelled them from the group!”
“Okay! Very good!”
“So today, Xu Tianlong will put the words here! Tianlong Group once again announced that it will mobilize all forces to block all businesses of the Bai family! Anyone who cooperates with the Bai family will all be included in the Tianlong Group’s revenge blacklist!”

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