Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 173

Revenge on the blacklist!
When I heard that Xu Tianlong wanted to activate all the contacts and relationships, after completely banning the Bai family.
Old Madam Bai, Bai Hai and the others only felt that their heads were struck by lightning, causing their bodies to tremble fiercely, and they almost fainted.
How… how could this happen!
At this moment, all the Bai family members had their heads blank.
They couldn’t believe that Xu Tianlong led all the directors of Tianlong, actually came to Baishan to discuss cooperation.
They couldn’t believe it even more, just because of the verbal attack on the Baishan family by themselves and others, Xu Tianlong sent such a thunderous anger.
This is so…
Suddenly, the Bai family members were silent.
Especially Bai Yan!
As the newly appointed beauty president of the Bais Group, if the group is blocked by Tianlong, then she will suffer the most.
At the moment, Bai Yan anxiously said to her male-in-law Ma Hong:
“Dad! Quickly, please help me beg Mr. Yang. Our Bai family treats the third uncle’s family like this because of Mr. Yang!”
“Now, only Mr. Yang, Mr. Fei and the others are able to talk to Chairman Xu! Please ask them to be sure and help us Bai family!” In Bai Yan’s voice, there was a deep eagerness.
She couldn’t just watch the Bai family be blocked.
But now, only big men like Yang Jinshui and Xu Yangsheng are qualified to talk to Xu Tianlong and persuade the other party to take their lives back.
Before Yang Jinshui and others, they gave the Bai family one super order after another. Bai Yan believed that these people would not stand by.
Heard this!
Ma Hong also felt his scalp numb for a while, but he was already struggling to ride a tiger and had to stand up with his scalp.
After all, if the Bai family fell, his life would not be easy, and he would suffer death.
Thought of this!
Ma Hong hurriedly arrived in front of Yang Jinshui carefully, and then whispered:
“Mr. Yang, can you and Mr. Fei, together persuade Chairman Xu to let his old man take his life back! After all, this is because of this. Lin Fan’s trash has destroyed Young Master Yang, so I arranged for the Bai family to bow down and apologize to you!”
Ma Hong pleaded with a full face.
Just heard this!
Yang Jinshui only felt his knees soft, and almost fell on the ground.
“Ma…Ma Hong, did you arrange Baishan to kneel and apologize to me?”
Yang Jinshui’s eyes widened and stared at Ma Hong with a look of ghosts.
“Yeah! Manager Yang!”
Ma Hong was puzzled. He didn’t understand why Manager Yang had such a surprised expression.
Lin Fan abolished Yang Minghao, and Yang Jinshui naturally hated the Baishan family the most.
In particular, Yang Jinshui was so inspiring and mobilizing people and leading so many bigwigs to come here, isn’t it just to punish the Baishan family?
“Yang, what is wrong with it? After all, Lin Fan that waste, waste Young Siu, although it is no way to put that waste to You, but let his father in law Hakusan, for him to be punished, allowing you to vent ah!”
Ma Hong explained in a hurry.
And hear this!
Yang Jinshui suddenly felt his scalp burst.
Call Lin Fan waste?
Let Baishan kneel?
Woof! Woof! Woof!
Yang Jinshui was almost frightened by Ma Hong’s words. He was furious, and the look on his face instantly became savage!
Snapped! ! !
A loud slap in the face slapped Ma Hong’s face severely, and immediately slapped Ma Hong’s eyes with gold stars, and fell to the ground.
“Ma Hong, Wocao Nima!”
“You were fired! Laozi Shanda Group, there is no such eyeless dog as you!”
Yang Jinshui’s words almost hoarse!
And hearing this, Ma Hong was stunned, Bai Yan dumbfounded…

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