Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 174

How could this be?
Bai Yan and Ma Hong could not have dreamed that this would be the result. However, before Ma Hong could ask questions, Yang Jinshui’s words hoarsely resounded again:
“Okay! What a Bai family! So you thought I was Yang. Today, Jin Shui came to Xingshi to make inquiries? ”
Yang Jinshui’s words made Grandpa Bai and everyone else bewildered.
What do you mean?
Didn’t Yang Jinshui come to Xingshi to inquire?
But Lin Fan is indeed true and abolished his son!
It’s more than that!
Yang Jinshui’s next words made all the Bai family members even more dazed.
“You Bai family know what a fart! I am not here to ask the teacher, but to repay my gratitude!” “Mr. Lin Fan, I abolished my son Yang Minghao, yes! But Mr. Lin Fan did it for my son. A little lesson, lest he make detours in the future, and he will be dead!”
“As Yang Minghao’s father, I am grateful for Mr. Lin Fan’s kindness! This has called on the four major groups to come to repay!”
Yang Jinshui’s heartbroken words made the Bai family completely messed up.
Nima, what’s wrong with this world?
When Lin Fan abolished Yang Minghao, he even moved Yang Jinshui to such an extent, even mobilizing contacts and calling on the four major groups to come together to repay him?
I mow!
Yang Jinshui didn’t care about the astonishment and awkwardness of the Bai family at all. His eyes swept across the Bai family one after another, with strong resentment and dissatisfaction:
“But I never thought that your Bai family would be so awkward! You fired Mr. Lin Fan, such a good person, from the group, and even dismissed Miss Bai Yi!”
“I, Yang Jinshui, announced here, If Miss Bai Yi is not the president of the Bai Group, then our Shanda Group will terminate all cooperation with the Bai family! In addition, the Bai family will become my Shanda’s number one enemy! ”
Number one enemy!”
Another enemy!
There was Tianlong Group first, and then Shanda Group!
This was really going to destroy the rhythm of the Bai family, and the old man was frightened suddenly, her body trembled, and the whole person fell to the ground with a dead face.
But something that made the Bai family more desperate happened.
Xu Yangsheng took a step forward with a green complexion, and also said loudly:
“The Bai family is a group of people who have eyes and no beads, and they are not worthy of cooperating with our group! Now, Xu Yangsheng announced that I will block the Bai family. All groups that cooperate with the Bai family are regarded as enemies of life and death. , Immortal endlessly! “The third one!
“I, Fei Yong, declare here that our Yongsheng Group will block the Bai family!”
“I, Zhou Shengchang, hereby declare that our Changsheng Group cuts off all orders with the Bai family, which is regarded as a vengeance!”
One big boss after another , Stand up and announce!
And the meaning of each sentence is almost exactly the same!
Block again!
For a while, the Bai family seemed to have become the common mortal enemy of all the chaebols in the entire Jiang City. Every large group issued the most cruel and brutal ban on the Bai family.
After hearing a sentence of banning, some of the senior leaders of the Bai family could no longer stand the stimulation and blow, and they all went black and fainted.
Even Bai Hai and Bai Yan were frightened and fell to the ground.
How could this be?
No one in the Bai family can figure out why Yang Jinshui and others scrambled to send super orders one after another, warm and pleased, but in a blink of an eye!
These people regard their Bai family as a great enemy of life and death!
Not only that!
In the minds of all the Bai family members, this moment unexpectedly appeared unknowingly, Lin Fan’s words before leaving:
“Next time, you come and beg my wife, everyone except the old lady…kneel!”

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