Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 175

In the Bai family, the depressive atmosphere is suffocating.
Xu Tianlong, Yang Jinshui and others have all left, but their banning order still echoes in the ears of every Bai family.
“No… Our Bai family is over! Tianlong Group, Shanda Group, Hongda Group… These behemoths are going to block us, we are over!”
“I’m not reconciled! Why is this, Yang Jinshui and the others are clearly here to give it. Did we send the super order?”
“Ma’s! Which bastard made Bai Yi’s idea, must let Bai Yi resign! If Bai Yi did not resign, then it is not only Yang Jinshui and others’ super order, but our Bai family! Even Xu Tianlong has sent tens of billions of orders to our Bai family!”
“Yes! Bai Yan is a broom star! Which bastard is blind and made her the president?”
“…” At this moment, Bai The core and high-level members of the family slammed their chests one after another, resentful.
after all!
If Bai Yi did not resign, then the Bai Group would receive nearly 20 billion astronomical orders.
With these orders, their Bai family can definitely develop into a giant family in Jiangshi.
But now…
the 20 billion orders of the Bai family have not only turned into a waste, they have even been banned by the entire Jiangshi chaebol, and their decline and even bankruptcy have become a foregone conclusion.
Hear the curses.
The corners of Mrs. Bai’s mouth twitched again and again.
Bai Yi’s resignation was approved by him.
When Bai Yan took office, he also accepted his fate.
But now, the reality has given him a resounding slap, making him regret it.
“Dad! I…what shall we do? Xu Tianlong must have gone back to arrange it. By tomorrow, all cooperation with the Bai Group will be bloodbathed, and it will be completely finished by then!”
Bai Hai was completely panicked at this moment.
When the Bai family fell, it would definitely be the fall of the tree, and the uncle, he would also become a joke in everyone’s eyes.
Not just the White Sea!
Bai Yan looked at Grandpa Bai with a pale face.
Even the gazes of other high-level officials and backbones all looked at the old lady.
Now, perhaps only the old lady can save the Bai family.
The old lady’s gaze is full of complexity, looking at a person in the corner!
That is… Baishan!
At this moment, all the Bai family members completely reacted from panic.
That’s right, Baishan!
He is the savior of the Bai family.
At the moment, almost all the senior leaders and elites of the Bai family rushed to the front of Baishan. One by one, they knelt on the ground and kept begging:
“San Ye, you know Xu Tianlong, you must be able to say it. Words! I’m kowtow to you, please persuade Xu Tianlong to let him take his life back!”
“San Ye, I used to be a scumbag, I am a scumbag, now I’ll kowtow to you, please help the group, save Save the Bai family! I can’t lose this property!”
“San Ye…”
At this moment, there are more than a dozen senior members of the Bai family kneeling in front of Baishan and Shen Yumei’s wife.
Especially everyone was crying and begging for sadness.
See this scene!
The hearts of Bai Shan and Shen Yumei are extremely complicated.
It was these people who humiliated themselves, mocked themselves, and even forced themselves to kowtow to Yang Jinshui before ten minutes.
And now…
One by one kneeled in front of him, kowtowing like garlic.
“Is this human nature?” A wry smile appeared at the corner of Baishan’s mouth. He became more and more disappointed and chilling towards the Bai family.

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