Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 179

Everything at the gate fell in the eyes of the rest of the onlookers.
And these employees couldn’t help but their complexion was extremely complicated: “Oh…President Bai Yi is really pitiful, and he was resigned by the waste Lin Fan!”
“Yes, if President Bai does not resign, how dare Zheng Xuechang? So rampant!”
“Standing on such a husband is also a bloody mold for eight lifetimes!”
At this moment, the voices of many employees are one after another.
Especially this voice also reached the gate, and suddenly the smile on Zheng Xuechang’s face became more brilliant.
He stared at Lin Fan, as if looking at a clown:
“Lin Fan, did you hear that? Everyone is scolding you because you are tired of Mr. Bai!”
“Hahaha…but I also want to thank you You guys!”
Zheng Xuechang cleared his throat, and then shouted to all the staff onlookers:
“Now, let me announce to everyone! President Bai Yi, resigned! From now on, there will only be one president of the Bai Group, that is, President Bai Yan!”
Hearing this, those onlookers were not surprised.
Because they also received the news of Bai Yi’s resignation more or less through some calls from the Bai family’s core.
Zheng Xuechang smiled slightly and was very proud:
“I announce the second good news! I learned from Bai’s family that just after Bai Yi resigned, Mr. Yang of Shanda Group, Mr. Xu of Hongda Group, Mr. Fei of Yongsheng Group, and Mr. Changsheng Group Weekly All in all! The four top-tier business giants and the top ten second-rate business giants went to the white house together! ”
This news shocked all employees.
Not only them!
Even Bai Yi couldn’t believe his ears!
Four first-rate giants, ten second-rate giants!
How could these big guys go to the Bai’s house together in one go?
Seemed to feel the crowd’s shock, Zheng Xuechang more and more full-bodied laugh together:
“You know, these chiefs to the White House to do it?”
“Ha ha ha …… I tell you now, we Pak Group glory is at hand!”
“Young A total of 3 billion sky-high orders have been sent, Mr. Xu has sent a huge order of 1 billion U.S. dollars, as well as the sum of fees and the total value of Zhou, and other big-name orders, the total value is tens of billions!”
As soon as this remark came out, the audience was shocked.
Ten billion orders!
My God… God… At this moment, all of the onlookers could hardly believe their ears.
You know, the Bai Group’s accumulation of so many years has only one billion in assets, but now, tens of billions of orders have come all at once. This is definitely a windfall. It is too difficult for the Bai Group to not rise. .
However, the things that shocked them still remain!
“Is it shocked! Now I tell you, what is even more scary…”
Zheng Xuechang smiled vigorously:
“With this tens of billions of sky-high orders, our Bai Group’s profit will be as high as…90%!”
After hearing this news, all the employees of the Bai Group went into madness.
In other words, this time the business is done, then Bai Group’s profit is likely to reach eight or nine billion?
This… This is simply unimaginable.
Every employee was stunned by the news at this moment.
Not only them!
Bai Yi was also horrified at this moment, covering her small mouth, unable to believe her ears:
“Ten…10 billion orders! The income is 90%…”

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