Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 180

The deep bitterness appeared in Bai Yi’s heart, and she knew how ridiculous she was.
Without herself, the Bai family turned into a turmoil in an instant, and the blow to her was almost devastating!
At this moment, Bai Yi’s body was trembling!
The whole person only felt dizzy and almost fainted.
And at this moment!
Lin Fan stepped forward suddenly, holding Bai Yi in his arms:
“Wife, you don’t need to listen to his nonsense! I tell you, the disaster of the Bai family is imminent and destruction is imminent!”
Lin Fan’s words not only stunned Bai Yi, but Zheng Xuechang in the back door was also stunned.
After reacting, Zheng Xuechang suddenly heard the funniest joke in the world. He leaned forward and closed his laughter and almost straightened up:
“Hahaha…Lin Fan, are you going to laugh at me to death? Bai’s is about to end? I think you are an idiot dreaming!”
“We Bai’s just got a tens of billions of orders, Feihuang Tengda is about to come, are you jealous, are you angry!”
“Haha, I tell you, you and your wife are both dead Star, as soon as you leave , we will make a fortune! Hahaha…” Zheng Xuechang and the senior executives laughed.
They looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at another idiot.
Not only them!
Even the Bai employees looked at Lin Fan one by one, full of contempt and sarcasm.
They will naturally not believe what Lin Fan said!
In their eyes, Lin Fan is simply a jumping clown, making people laugh.
Even Bai Yi has a trace of anger on Qiao’s face.
She couldn’t understand why, what happened to her husband?
In the face of the fact of tens of billions of orders, why is it still saying that the Bai family is imminent and its destruction is imminent.
Bai Yi broke free from Lin Fan’s arms, and immediately scolded him!
But at this moment!
Ding Ding Ding!
The cell phone of a famous senior rang instantly.
This is not a person’s cell phone, but a full five or six high-level cell phones. At the same time, it sounded harshly, like a series of urging bells, making everyone’s eyelids twitch.
It’s more than that!
Especially, when these five or six senior executives answered the phone one after another!
Everyone was shocked to see that the faces of these high-ranking officials went from smiling to momentary stiffness, and then, as if they had heard the sound of a life-death, their faces were instantly pale as paper.
The cold sweat smashed from their foreheads instantly.
Everyone, it’s like seeing a ghost.
This scene made Zheng Xuechang’s heart abrupt, and immediately asked:
“What’s going on? What did you say on the phone?” It’s not just Zheng Xuechang!
Bai Yi next to him, as well as the employees and backbones behind him, were also very curious about what kind of phone call could scare the cheerful seniors into such a frightened look.
“It’s over… it’s over! Our Bai Group is over. Just now, Yang Jinshui’s Shanda Group released a message! Cancel all cooperation with our Bai’s and attack all our businesses! Any group that cooperates with Bai’s, Will be listed as a mortal enemy by Shanda! ”
This sentence made Zheng Xuechang struck by lightning and could hardly believe her ears.
The rest of the people were also shocked and unbelievable.
after all!
Just now, Zheng Xuechang also said that Yang Jinshui’s Shanda Group gave Bai’s 3 billion super orders.
And now!
Just a minute later, how could the Shanda Group become enemies with the Bai family, and even kill the Bai family at all costs!
how can that be!
However, the nightmare has just begun!
On the other side, the senior executive said with a trembling face,
“I also received news that Xu Yangsheng’s Hongda Group also released a message at the same time that it will block the Bai family at all costs! Anyone related to the Bai family will be included. It’s on the banned list!”
“And I… I received the news that it is the Yongsheng Group of Mr. Fei Yong! They also released a message to block the Bai family !” “There is also Zhou Shengchang’s Changsheng Group that is also banning us. Shi!”
This sentence like bombs fell in the ears of Zheng Xuechang and all Bai’s employees.
Zheng Xuechang seemed to be drained of all strength, and even fell to the ground.
How… how could this happen!
He couldn’t believe it, he couldn’t believe it!
He found that there was another high-level man standing there trembling, his lips trembled, but he did not dare to speak!
“What about you? Is there anyone who wants to block us?” Zheng Xuechang asked with a pale face.
And hear this!
Everyone’s eyes swiftly focused on this high-level person.
I saw this person’s back clothes were completely wet with cold sweat, and he nodded dullly:
” Yes …”
“Yes…Tianlong Group Chairman, Xu Tianlong, together with all Tianlong directors, issued a banning order at the same time! Banned us…Baishi Group! Do not die, never stop!”

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