Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 181

Tianlong Group!
Never die!
After hearing the words of the last high-level executive, Zheng Xuechang only felt that his eyes were dark and almost fainted from fear.
If the four major business forces, including the Shanda Group, block the Bai Group, then they still have a silver lining.
However, if it is a giant force like the Tianlong Group, then there is only one end waiting for the Bai Group.
It is destroyed in minutes!
“Why… how could this happen? Obviously those big guys sent orders to the Bai Group? How come they all turned into enemies and became mortal enemies?” Zheng Xuechang’s eyelids jumped wildly, and he couldn’t imagine what happened.
Not only him!
Bai Yi covered her small mouth in horror, and a deep horror and disbelief flashed in those beautiful eyes.
“Lin Fan…how did he know?”
Bai Yi kept recalling at this moment that Lin Fan had said more than once on this journey that the Bai Group would be destroyed soon.
In her eyes, Lin Fan’s words were simply a joke.
But now… it happened!
And in a way that no one can believe, it truly pushed the Bai Group to the end.
It’s more than that!
Bai Yi still remembered that Lin Fan said a word.
That is,’The Bai family will come and kneel, please take the post of president’!
“This…Isn’t this true? Impossible, this…how could it be possible!”
Bai Yi’s eyelids jumped wildly. At this moment, he looked at her husband, as if looking at a monster, full of incredible.
And at this moment!
He only heard the buzzing of the engines, and then everyone saw that from the east of the road, there were a lot of luxury cars galloping in.
There are as many as twenty or thirty vehicles, forming a luxurious fleet.
In particular, this team seemed to have something urgent, and every car was driving extremely fast.
“It’s the Bai family’s car!”
Zheng Xuechang saw the twenty or thirty luxury cars, and suddenly he saw hope. The whole person quickly got up from the ground, and then shouted to the security guard:
“What are you doing in a daze! It’s the president.” Here comes, quickly open the door! Quick…” The security guards did not dare to neglect, and quickly opened the door.
And Zheng Xuechang led a group of high-level officials and greeted them quickly.
The rapid braking sound resounded suddenly.
Everyone saw that all the luxury cars belonging to the Bai family stopped at the door, the doors opened, and familiar figures continued to walk down from the luxury cars.
“Uncle is here! And the president!”
Zheng Xuechang was delighted.
He not only saw the uncle Bai Hai, but also the new president Bai Yan, as well as the senior members of the Bai family one after another.
It seemed that the core of the Bai family had arrived.
This is more than that.
When the door of the last luxury car opened, and an old figure walked out of the car, Zheng Xuechang and all the high-ranking staff all lifted up together:
“It’s the old lady! My God, it shocked his old man too!”
Thought of this!
Zheng Xuechang and others hurried to the direction of the old lady, Bai Hai and others, and greeted them:

Old lady ! Uncle! President!” Zheng Xuechang respectfully greeted the three.
The thing that made him bewildered happened. The old lady and the three didn’t seem to see them at all. They didn’t even answer a word, but walked past them.
The smiles on Zheng Xuechang and others’ faces instantly froze.
This is more than that.
Things that made him even more unbelievable happened.
However, he saw that the arrogant and arrogant senior Bai family members, at this moment, looked like panicked rabbits, and ran toward Bai Yi two with pale faces.
Until they ran to Lin Fan!
They knelt down one by one.

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