Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 182

“Lin Fan, I beg you, save the Bai family!”
When all the high-level voices sounded in despair!
Zheng Xuechang and others, as well as the onlookers, including Bai Yi, almost fell in shock.
Zheng Xuechang and others could not believe their eyes.
But they all know that on weekdays, these high-ranking Bai family have eyes above the top, and they look down on people at all, and the one who looks down the most is Lin Fan.
But now…
their awesome bosses actually kneel down for the door-to-door son-in-law, Lin Fan, begging, this…how is it possible!
Let Lin Fan save the Bai family?
This is even more like a fairy tale.
And under Zheng Xuechang’s unbelievable sight, he even saw the uncle Bai Hai and the president Bai Yan, one left and the other, supporting the old man, and they also walked to Lin Fan.
“Lin Fan, maybe we were wrong before, but this time, you must help the Bai family!” Uncle Bai Hai’s face also had a strong imploring meaning.
And Bai Yan, even if she resents Lin Fan again, but now the Bai family is on the line of life and death, she can no longer control so much:
“Lin Fan, as long as you can save the Bai family! Then, your grievance with our family will be wiped out. , Bai Yan promises that I will never trouble you again!”
Zheng Xuechang and others couldn’t imagine that even the uncle Bai Hai and the president Bai Yan asked Lin Fan.
Zheng Xuechang was completely dumbfounded as if struck by lightning.
Especially, when he saw the old lady’s face uncertain, hesitated for a moment, and then spoke, he was completely frightened.
“Lin Fan, in any case, you are also a member of the Bai family. My old man hopes that you can come forward to persuade Xu Tianlong, Yang Jinshui and others to revoke the ban on our Bai family!”
The words of the old man made Bai Yi, Zheng Xuechang and others couldn’t believe their ears.
Can Lin Fan persuade big men like Xu Tianlong and Yang Jinshui?
This… how is this possible.
How could characters like Xu Tianlong be accessible to ants like Lin Fan?
As for Yang Jinshui, he and Lin Fan have a feud hatred!
This is even more incredible.
Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan blankly. At this moment, in her eyes, her husband seemed to be more mysterious and unpredictable.
Can he predict the crisis in the Bai family, and can he expect the Bai family to ask for each other?
This is simply something a god can do.
At this moment, Lin Fan did not admit or deny. Instead, with a pair of eyes, coldly sweeping every Bai family member, then he said:
“Sorry, I think you are asking for the wrong person!”
Asking the wrong person?
This sentence stunned everyone in the Bai family.
And when they saw Bai Yi next to Lin Fan, many senior Bai family members instantly understood what Lin Fan meant.
The senior leaders of the Bai family turned around and knelt in front of Bai Yi, begging:
“The Bai family, I was the elder wrong before! You are the right candidate for the president! I beg you, continue.
Be the president of our group!” “Yes Bai Yi, we are a family, as long as you are willing to continue to be president, we will listen to what you say in the future!”
Many high-level officials looked at Bai Yi, full of pleading.
Before Bai Yi panicked to answer, Lin Feng next to him had cold eyes:
“It seems that you still don’t have a long memory!”
“I said, when you ask my wife again next time, I want all of you, except Apart from the old lady, everyone…kneeling!”

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