Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 183

Lin Fan’s words are domineering and arrogant!
And after hearing this!
The expressions of the old lady, the uncle Bai Hai, and the president Bai Yan were ugly to the extreme in an instant. In their minds, they couldn’t help but recall the words that Lin Fan left Bai’s house: “
Next time, when you ask my wife again , I want you all… to kneel! ‘
At the time, almost everyone thought that Lin Fan was an idiot, and he was stupid.
But who could have imagined that in just an hour, his words would truly be fulfilled.
Could it be…he had expected everything?
Think of this possibility!
Whether it is the old lady, or every Bai family around, there is a feeling of thinking and fear.
If Lin Fan had expected the present from the beginning, then this kind of thought, this kind of method, had reached a terrifying level.
“Uncle, for the family, for all of us, you should also kneel down!”
“Bai Yan, what are you doing in a daze! Didn’t you hear what Lin Fan said?”
“Kneel down, it’s all your bad ideas! Otherwise, how could we have fallen to such a situation!”
“…” At this moment, seeing Bai Hai and Bai Yan still in a daze, the high-level Bai family around them all began to speak.
Or complain!
Or persuade!
But everyone’s intention was to make Bai Hai and Bai Yan kneel down and plead with Bai Yi.
Hearing this sentence, the expressions of Bai Hai and Bai Yan almost dripped with gloomy expressions.
They couldn’t even dream of it.
One day, it will be in the hands of this little door-to-door son-in-law.
“Oh…Boss, Bai Yan! Just do what Lin Fan said!” The old lady looked complicated.
And heard him speak.
Even Bai Hai and Bai Yan were reluctant and helpless.
The two can only obediently kneeling in front of white Iraq, opening begged:
“!! White Iraq, before a senseless uncle, uncle now know is wrong, we beseech you as Pak Group, as president Please,”
“cousin , I was wrong, I was unable to serve as president, this position is still yours, please agree! ”
At this moment, Zheng Xuechang only felt her heart beating wildly, almost reaching the eye of her throat.
There were dozens of people, all of whom were senior members of the Bai family, and they all knelt down and pleaded.
This kind of scene was the first time he saw this in his life:
“I…I’m over…”
What made Zheng Xuechang regret breaking his intestines was that he had previously humiliated Bai Yi and completely tore his face. Expected his sad end.
“Uncle! Bai Yan! And dear uncles, you…hurry up! I can’t afford it, Bai Yi !” Bai Yi panicked at this moment.
After all, many of the people kneeling in front of her were her elders, so how could she bear it.
No matter how she tried to persuade him, Bai Hai and others could not kneel down.
In this scene, Bai Yi could only bite the bullet and said:
“Okay! I promise you, you guys get up quickly!”
Hearing this, Bai Hai and others let out a long sigh of relief, but they still didn’t stand up, but instead looked at Lin Fan together.
They have already done what they should do, so they really want to know how Lin Fan can persuade Xu Tianlong and other big men.
“Don’t worry! As long as you keep Bai Yi as president, make it public to the media! Then people like Xu Tianlong naturally know what they should do!”
Lin Fan’s words were flat and indifferent.
When hearing this, everyone was taken aback.
It’s that simple?
Although it still feels incredible in the hearts of every Bai family, they can only bite the bullet and believe in Lin Fan.
at this time.
When Lin Fan’s eyes turned, he looked at Zheng Xuechang and the others, and a sharp curve appeared in the corner of his mouth:
“However, before solving the crisis of the Bai family, we must first solve some wolves!”
This sentence, like a blast of thunder, slammed into the hearts of Zheng Xuechang and those high-level officials, causing these people to instantly become bloodless and fall to the ground.
That’s it!
They are completely finished!

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