Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 191

It turned out to be true?
When Lin Fan confessed personally, Shen Yumei next to her still felt like a dream, unbelievable.
This is the most popular Chinese and Western hospital in Jiang City.
Countless people in Jiangshi squeezed their heads, all wanting to come to the medical sanctuary for healing, but now, is it their own home?
This makes Shen Yumei’s mood, almost mixed.
More than her!
The family members of the patients and the young nurses next to them looked at Lin Fan’s eyes, splashing with hot and shocking luster.
As if looking at an idol.
They finally understood what Lin Fan said to Zhou Xian before.
“It has nothing to do with me, but it has something to do with my assets!” It turned out that this place turned out to be his assets.
“Dong Lin, please! We have prepared a super VIP nursing ward for Lingtang!” Gao Zhiyuan greeted Lin Fan and Shen Yumei.
Super VIP ward!
There is only one in the entire Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital!
The basic daily expenses are tens of thousands.
At the moment, many big men in the hospital crowded Lin Fan and Shen Yumei towards the upper floors.
Until Lin Fan and others leave!
Everyone in the lobby of the hospital completely exploded the pot, and the faces of everyone were full of excitement and amazement.
“Oh my God, it turns out that this is the real boss, low-key and unassuming!”
“Yeah, this is obviously someone’s own private hospital, and they still take the initiative to register in line! This kind of character is really impressive!”
“It’s ridiculous that Dr. Zhou was so complacent and arrogant! There was a good show to watch!”
All the family members and patients in the lobby, as well as the young nurses, all looked gloat. They seemed to have Expected the sad ending of Doctor Zhou Xian!
At the same time!
In the senior nursing ward.
Zhou Xian had just checked for his mother-in-law Cuiping, but at this moment, he heard loud noises coming from outside.
Zhou Xian was taken aback, and then hurriedly stopped a head nurse who was in a hurry, and then asked:
“Mr. Li, what’s wrong? Seeing your hurrying appearance, what happened?”
The head nurse Obviously he didn’t know about Zhou Xian and Lin Fan.
She said to Zhou Xian excitedly:
“Doctor Zhou, don’t you know? The super VIP ward upstairs has just been admitted to the first patient. Now all of our head nurses are ready to take care of it. Yeah!”
This sentence shocked the three Zhou Xian.
They know that the super VIP ward is the best in this hospital, luxurious and expensive.
Ordinary people, no matter how hard the relationship is, they cannot be open.
But now…
“Mr. Li, who is it that can live in the super VIP ward?” Zhou Xian became more and more curious.
The mother-in-law Cuiping and his wife Shen Ling also had their ears erected one by one. They wanted to know what a big person they were and could have such rights and relationships.
“It’s the boss of our hospital-Lin Dong!” Head Nurse Li smiled slightly, with a look of reverence on her face:
“This time Lin Dong’s mother-in-law came to the hospital. The dean, deputy dean and several chief physicians were all there to greet me!”
“Ah…I just didn’t expect that Dong Lin would be so young, in our early twenties Looks like! If I were ten years younger, I would definitely chase him! It’s too awesome! ”
Dong Lin!
These two words shocked Zhou Xian.
He had heard that the owner of this hospital was that Dong Lin, and he heard that he was a big-time figure with a mysterious and terrifying identity.
Even the dean and the deputy dean talked about that person with a look of worship.
Zhou Xian never thought that it was the boss’ mother-in-law who was admitted to the hospital.

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