Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 206

When Lin Fan’s words were uttered, everyone was shocked instantly.
No matter it was the Shen family or the guests around, they couldn’t believe their ears.
A button!
It’s a gift!
When the reaction came over, all the Shen family and guests exploded, and there was noisy discussion.
“Does this kid have a problem with his head? He actually tore off his buttons and made a gift for Taigong Shen?”
“Humiliation! I think this is his humiliation to the Shen family! What an idiot!”
“Hahaha… See! I have lived for most of my life, and this is the first time I have seen someone give such a gift!”
“…” A series of ridicule and contemptuous voices roared around.
The expressions of Taigong Shen and all the Shen family changed instantly.
“Lin…Lin Fan, are you humiliating the old man?”
Shen Taigong’s muddy eyes stared at Lin Fan, with boundless flames of anger flashing within.
And the rest of the Shen family also looked at Lin Fan at this moment, as if they were looking at a madman.
Just heard the questioning sound.
Lin Fan’s complexion was still extremely indifferent. He said to Shen Taigong with deep meaning:
“You’d better find an appraiser to make a special appraisal before making a conclusion! This button is much more expensive than you think! ”
When Lin Fan said these words, the whole banquet hall was in an uproar in an instant.
Nima, how valuable can a button that I took off my clothes with me?
Still looking for an appraiser, special appraisal?
This kid is not crazy and what is it!
“Asshole! Take your buttons away! Do you want to piss off the old man ?” Shen Taigong felt even more that Lin Fan was humiliating himself.
After all, if he really finds an appraiser to appraise a button that he took off with him, then he and the entire Shen family will completely become the laughing stock of everyone.
However, Lin Fan is not angry at all!
He said with a playful face:
“Are you sure you don’t want this button gift?”
“No!” Shen Taigong was furious. When he was angry, he picked up the button from the table, and then turned to the side and threw it fiercely. :
“What garbage thing, I dare to use it to humiliate the old man !”
Ding Ding Ding…The button was thrown three or four meters away by the old man, and fell to the ground with a creak.
However, when he heard this crisp sound, at a position next to the button, an elderly man with him suddenly let out a surprised sound.
This old man, looking fifty or sixty years old, is wearing a pair of reading glasses.
At this moment, he bent down and picked up the button on the ground.
Blow at the button!
Suddenly a buzzing sound like the sound of the wind came from the buttons.
Hearing this sound, the old man’s body shook fiercely, as if he had seen a ghost, and he constantly looked carefully at the material of the button.
The more I looked, the old man’s forehead, beads of sweat appeared.
This scene stunned everyone in the banquet hall.
“Lao Zhang, what do you study this button for? You make jewellery. Isn’t this button made of diamonds? Hahaha…”
“Yes, Lao Zhang! You won’t really believe that kid’s nonsense Right? Who would use precious gems to make buttons!”
“…” The surrounding guests laughed.
They naturally know the identity of this old man.
He is one of the most famous jewelers in Jiang City. This time he came to seek a joint venture with the Shen family in the jewellery business.
Just now!
Facing the ridicule of everyone around, the old man named’Lao Zhang’ didn’t care at all, but shook his head:
“No! This is not a diamond or a jewel!” As expected!
Hearing the firm result of Zhang Lao, not only the people around him, it was not surprising.
Even Shen Taigong, as well as all the Shen family’s faces, were full of ridicule and ridicule.
But at this moment!
The trembling voice of Zhang Lao came again:
“Yes! This is indeed true, not jewelry and diamonds! The value of this button is a hundred times more expensive than diamonds!”

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