Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 208

“The material of this button is 100% Dragon Shark Tooth! Although the button is very small, it is only a small part of the Dragon Shark Tooth, but with this production process and material, the absolute value is nearly two or three million!”
Two or three million!
Listening to this number, looking at this button the size of a fingernail, everyone around only felt their heart beating wildly.
It turned out to be true, the tooth of the dragon shark, worth millions!
The impact on all the guests around is absolutely violent.
Especially the Shen family!
Uncle Shen Jian, second aunt, Shen Ling and others swallowed one by one and spit.
They naturally would not suspect that Zhang Lao lied. After all, the other party was well-informed, but one of the most famous jewelers in Jiang City.
The eyesight is extremely vicious!
In other words, Lin Fan’s buttons are really worth millions, which is hard to imagine.
And Shen Taigong, at this moment, he only felt his heart, almost jumping to his throat, as if he would have a heart attack at any time.
His palm trembled, he quickly took out a bottle of medicine from his arms, poured out a few pills, and swallowed it suddenly.
This was a long sigh of relief.
“The teeth of the dragon shark! The teeth of the dragon shark!”
His mouth was constantly muttering, and the expression in his eyes was full of regret.
It is worth two or three million, and for him, it will not have much impact.
But that is the tooth of the dragon shark!
There has only been one in the world.
Its collection value is simply unimaginable, and it is absolutely possible that it will be worth tens of millions or even thousands of years after a few years.
At the moment, Grandpa Shen wanted to slap himself severely.
Who makes him cheap and throws away the buttons, who makes him cheap, don’t want this gift.
Just now!
No amount of regret is useless!
Da da da!
Under the shocking eyes of everyone, Zhang Lao held this button in both hands, as if holding a holy object, and walked towards Lin Fan.
It wasn’t until he came to Lin Fan that he carefully handed the button over.
Then, he glanced at Lin Fan’s clothes curiously, and immediately asked with hot eyes:
“Little sir, can I confirm to you again, is the button on your clothes also the tooth of the dragon shark that was auctioned back then? ”
Heard this!
The people around, heart after heart, once again raised it.
Yes, the button that Lin Fan broke off was the Dragon Shark’s Teeth. What about the other buttons on his clothes?
He has more than a dozen buttons on his body, are they all?
Heard this!
Lin Fan nodded, but shook his head again.
Nodded because the buttons of his clothes were indeed made of dragon shark teeth.
And shaking his head, it was because his dragon shark tooth was not the one that the Americans got.
Because he obtained these from a deep-sea dragon shark that he personally beheaded in the Caribbean Sea.
At the beginning, Italian top designer Catherine designed an imperial outfit worth hundreds of millions, but suffered from no button materials that could be matched.
Lin Fan handed all the teeth of the dragon shark to Catherine.
There is another point, perhaps Zhang Lao and everyone can not imagine.
Each of his buttons, although it looks small, is not part of the dragon shark’s teeth at all, but a whole dragon shark’s teeth.
This is the button formed after a dozen dragon shark teeth were polished for a long time!
In other words!
If the tooth of a dragon shark in the United States is worth tens of millions of dollars, then Lin Fan is worth more than 100 million dollars just for the buttons installed by the emperor.

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