Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 209

At this moment, everyone in the entire banquet hall looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.
Looking at his slightly worn casual outfit and the buttons one after another on it, many guests felt a tingling scalp.
what is a local tyrant?
This is so!
On this guy, a button is worth two to three million, and a dozen buttons are worth thirty to four million!
It’s almost like carrying a vault on his back, and it’s utterly stunned.
But they don’t know!
In addition to the buttons, Lin Fan’s clothes alone are worth more than 100 million yuan, and the dozen or so buttons are even more expensive than the imperial outfits, worth more than 100 million US dollars, equivalent to nearly one billion Chinese coins!
If they knew!
Lin Fan’s clothes alone are already more than most of them have fortune. I’m afraid everyone will go crazy.
At this moment, not just them!
Even Bai Yi had a numb scalp.
Although Lao Yang had said before that Lin Fan’s God King costume was worth more than 100 million yuan, Bai Yi had always been skeptical and did not delve into it too much.
But now, after Zhang Lao, a senior jeweler personally appraised, every button is millions, which makes Bai Yi believe that Lin Fan’s clothes are worth hundreds of millions.
“This bastard…”
Beads of sweat flowed down Bai Yi’s forehead.
She couldn’t imagine just how prodigal it was to wear such an unimaginable piece of clothing, buy vegetables and cook, and mop the floor to wash clothes.
It’s just different from Bai Yi.
On the other side, above the theme of the Shen family, there is dead silence.
All the Shen family members only felt their hearts throb and thump, beating wildly.
Shen Jian tremblingly called out to Shen Taigong.
It was just this sentence that immediately caused Taigong Shen to blow his hair up:
“What’s your name! Shen Jian, you bastard, what are you doing in a daze, hurry up to arrange the guests to sit down! The VIP will be here soon!”
Taigong Shen became angry, at this moment. Change the topic deliberately.
He didn’t want to think about it anymore. After all, he missed it, but Dragon Shark Fang, thinking about it, his heart was bleeding.
“Yes… Dad!”
Shen Jian could only bite the bullet and started to stand up, helping many guests to arrange seats.
When Shen Jian arranged everyone, he said directly to Bai Yi and Lin Fan:
“You two come with me!”
The attitude of the younger uncle, Shen Jian, was extremely indifferent. He looked at the two of them as if they were unfamiliar. People are average.
Especially in the face of Lin Fan, Shen Jian only hated it at all.
This bastard has simply embarrassed his family.
Not only did he beat his son-in-law Zhou Xian, but even with a button, all the Shen family face was lost, which was extremely hateful.
Thought of this!
Shen Jian immediately took Bai Yi and Lin Fan to the most remote table:
“Okay! You guys just sit here!”
“We don’t have time to greet you, do it yourself!”
Shen Jian was too lazy to look at Bai Yi and Lin Fan before leaving.
This scene made Bai Yi and Lin Fan’s complexion slightly ugly.
Their location can be said to be the worst one.
Half of the table is in the banquet hall, while the other side is exposed outside, apparently placed temporarily.
Not only that!
Especially with the unevenness of the banquet hall and the ground outside, the entire table shook.
And sitting here is more not like a guest coming, but more like a guardian.
“The second time!” Lin Fan’s eyes were gloomy.
He remembers that at the last engagement banquet of the Shen family, the Shen family also arranged their family in the worst position at the door.
And now!
It was the second time.

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